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  1. The royal runs at a slower RPM, so heats up your coffee less as it’s ground. The royal is also more powerful and comes with Ti burrs which last a lot longer than standard burrs. Not too sure if you can get OEM Ti burrs for the major.
  2. Meet me in the middle at £625 and it’s yours. I’ll throw in the pesado precision basket, a tamper and spinning distribution tool.
  3. I should also note if someone wants this grinder but is unable to collect before the lockdown comes into effect I will hold it for you until you are able to collect.
  4. Unfortunately not as I have no way to box it up and would prefer someone collected it so there’s no way it could be damaged by a courier. If someone did want to buy this though I’d keep it for them until they were able to collect (after lockdown or earlier).
  5. The time has come to finally sell my ACS Minima Dual Boiler PID (Beta model). Purchased in October 2018 directly from ACS this machine has been nothing short of an absolute workhorse for me. The performance of these machines has been well reviewed by @DavecUK and most are familiar with the quality of ACS machines in general. This machine has worked perfectly from the get-go and has never missed a beat, it is a no frills large dual boiler PID machine, if you want something that can consistently pump out excellent espresso regularly this is the machine to go for, it is a workhorse. The ste
  6. Here for sale is my Mazzer Royal, purchased from @coffeechap in April 2018. It is in very good condition, basically the same condition I bought it in, it came with a few small chips to the powder coating near the back shoulders and the doser is a little bit scratched (as to be expected after 2 years of use) but other than that its looks and performs excellently, producing absolutely stellar(!!!) shots when dialled in. It comes set up for single dosing, with a camera lens hood hopper which is extra small and can be puffed to blow remaining grinds through the grinds chute. It also comes wit
  7. Rakesh

    SWAP Londinium L1

    Could you post some pics of the L1.
  8. After a bit of rest def getting more boozyness and a bit of cherry and stone fruits aswell as lovely floral notes. Now am definitely leaning towards natural processing.
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