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  1. Based in West Sussex / Surrey border - near Gatwick - How does that work for you?
  2. Based in West Sussex / Surrey border - near Gatwick
  3. I am selling my Vesuvius machine purchased direct from Paolo just under 3-years ago. If collected to save the hassle of delivery £1150, I would consider dropping off to someone local (price agreed dependent on location) and £1250 delivered via a courier. I have enjoyed the machine and as previous posts will show and would say the machine is in good condition. I am not the most technical, just love good coffee at home so please see specific technical information online or on forum posts. I have included images taken this morning and the machine has just had a service by an authorised La Marzocco specialist.
  4. Appreciate it's a LM/LM you are looking at however I may be selling my Vesuvius if of any interest - If not please feel free to ignore the post. All the best
  5. I hadn't come across Girl Who Grind before, I'm interested to try them now!!
  6. @kennyboy993 If anything falls through with the OCD please let me know!
  7. I thought as much, thank you for the confirmation
  8. Does anyone have discount code for Square Mile? The checkout gives you an option for one so thought I would see if anyone knew of such a code!
  9. Can someone send me a code for the discount please @MildredM are you the keeper of such codes?!
  10. Further to purchasing these I have to say they are a great bit of kit, well made and easy to use. I picked up the portafilter weighing plate as well so I am using the Lunar's for weighing in and out. I appreciate they cost a few quid but I love them!
  11. I have just received mine as well, thank you again @MildredM
  12. I have succumbed to the temptation and I am now the owner of Acaia Lunar scales - Mainly due to the Mrs being very generous over the festive period ? mainly due to me constantly going on about which to buy haha
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