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  1. I have definitely noticed a difference with consistency when loading up the hopper, 200g + seems to keep it consistent for me
  2. Thank you for the information, much appreciated
  3. Thank you @DavecUK, I wasn't aware of the above so it sounds like it is more aesthetics then... Out of curiosity what signs will I see that indicate the cam needs replacing?
  4. These were the two machines I was contemplating prior to buying the Vesuvius so I'll be interested to hear what you decide on!
  5. Good to see more Vesuvius owners - I love the machine!! One thing I noticed after 2-weeks of using was the lever (brew leaver?!) won't stay in the down (plush to machine) position - any ideas? @DavecUK
  6. Where are you guys sourcing the chutes from to fit accurately?
  7. As a present I was going to buy someone a 3 month subscription of coffee. Does any one have some suggestions that are cost effective for a 3 or 6 month sub, can be 500g or 1kg p/m? Cheers
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