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  1. I guess the differences in tastes from coffee that is 2 weeks old to a few month depends on the beans themselves? Some beans are affected by age more than others?
  2. Had my first couple of espressos this morning from the gift bag which was dated 16th August. I needn’t have worried as it tasted pretty good evening though it’s not been dialled in yet. Should steam through that and on to the main bag! Can’t see these lasting long
  3. Just what I was after! It’s just every other order from other roasters has been roast to order but I’m sure it’ll be fantastic coffee
  4. Don’t want to name the roaster but I bought some beans from an online shop (they also have a coffee shop too) and they’re on the higher end of what I normally spend (£9 per 250g - did included postage). I’ve received them today with a generous first order gift but the 250g bag were roasted on the 28th August. Bit disappointed that they weren’t roasted to order but thought more on it and think it’s actually timed well for me as I can use them straight away given it was 7 days ago and I normally don’t open the bag till now anyway. Wondering whether to email them or just let it go? Had I been really organised and order ahead of finishing my bag I would have ended up waiting 7 days from now till I open this bag. Also to add there is nothing on the website stating they would be roasted to order but I would assume at this price and the way the company is presented on the site that this would be a given? Your thoughts would be appreciated!
  5. Hi all, I've been looking for some good cakes/cookies/biscuits/etc recipes with either fresh espresso or freshly ground coffee. Most seem to have espresso powder or instant coffee. Any one got any suggestions for either recipes or how to adjust a recipe with espresso powder/ground coffee to espresso/ground coffee? Thanks!
  6. Take it off and attach it to someone else’s vehicle onsite! [emoji23]
  7. Thanks to Glen I’m the proud owner of a temp tag and cannot be happier with it. I was overheating the milk prior to having it and now within a week I can (sort of) create some latte art! My flat whites also taste much better too. Cheers Glen!
  8. I find the weighing therapeutic! Much more consistent since I weighed in and out. Can also play around with the brew ratio to change the flavour (as mentioned in the video). I just treat it, as previously mentioned, like a good recipie. Well worth the effort
  9. You freelance? Will have to find some work for you on one of our sites so I can get flat whites for £1 [emoji51] good work!
  10. Rave coffee do them so will get my next bag of coffee from them, plus get a 20% off first order so not all bad
  11. Rave coffee do them so will get my next bag of coffee from them, plus get a 20% off first order so not all bad
  12. Would be in budget if companies didn't charge ridiculous postage for a sticker!!
  13. Thanks Dave, as usual looks like patience in key.
  14. Thanks for the tips Dave! I'm currently struggling to get good microfoam using my classic (with PID for brew/steaming). Thought it would take temp out of the equation by accurately measuring and also so I can calibrate my finger! At the moment I've managed to get a single cup in about 30 tries where I have got something that resembles proper microfoam. Mostly either getting hot milk or mostly thick foam. I know I need to keep practicing but also wanted to measure the temp so I can change from the 'chirping' noise where I'm creating the bubbles to then dropping the wand a little deeper and start incorporating the bubbles into the milk. Have also been studying lots of youtube videos too but everyone seems to use a slightly different method. I feel I'm pretty close, think to nail it I need an evening spend texturing water with a drop of washing up liquid in it. Although I am quite fond of a hot milk before bed
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