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  1. Thank you. I will check that out.
  2. Please clarify the reference to VST. Is that the basket supplied with my machine?
  3. I read about the Torr Ti tampers. Where can I see them online
  4. Good day. I'm waiting for a VBM HX machine to arrive. Now thinking about my current tamper (Reg Barber 58mm) and if I should stick with the RB or buy a 58.4/58.55mm. Any views from members with experience please? I have seen from posts here that 58.55 is the best fit. Many thanks.
  5. So, I have the intent to buy a Gaggia Classic (latest) subject to scratching the tickle I have that having used one of those (earlier version) quite some years ago I ought to stretch a little to a better spec machine. I am using my La Pavoni lever (professional) exclusively since the Kitchen Aid Artisan died. There was a VBM (dual boiler) that I toyed with the idea of; too big a machine. Looking for a more compact size I cam across the Rocket Appartamento. I use a Kitchen Aid Artisan grinder which suits me currently. Questions: Is the Rocket a compact machine (I do not have space for a large domestic machine)? I have a deal on the VBM at a couple of hundred less than the Rocket but am worried that it will dominate my small space Is the Rocket (as I believe from my research) a fine domestic machine? Will I experience differently with it's coffee making ability compared to my dual boiler Kitchen Aid? Whilst my grinder is doing fine for espresso grinds with the KA and the La P do I really need to improve the grind reliability with the Rocket or VBM? Should I stick with the original idea of the Gaggia Classic as a truly compact machine until such time as I have more space? Any guidance either answering the above or answering questions I haven't but should have asked would be appreciated. Thank you
  6. Thanks Deidre for your replies. I can do simple stuff (fixing a sticky steam safety valve on the La Pavoni) but I’m not an inveterate tinkerer. Maybe I should take a course [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  7. AmandaH yes you’re right about asking for help and learning from others. Thank you for your response. The lever experience makes me concentrate on getting it right. When I do I can produce great shots with the La Pavoni. Downside is time input and preparedness not to rush. I find that i know that a good shot has happened as I am pulling it. The lever action and the look of the crema to me says it all. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  8. Ratty, many thanks for your info, please send further info when you’re ready. I’d be concerned about the age but know that properly maintained and modded machines do go on and on. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  9. Hi all, I am a coffee lover (mainly espresso). Shortly to complete my 6th decade. More time on my hands (semi retired). Have been an espresso machine user for 3 decades and have fun with using machines, as well as experimenting with different beans and grinds. Have experience with lever and electric pump machines.I've done the foundation barista course with Artisan Coffee in London but have not yet progressed to intermediate. Went through 8-10 years of Kitchen Aid Artisan espresso machine ownership (two replacements from KA when faults developed) but now that machine is discontinued and repair not possible. My other machine is La Pavoni Professional (also some years old) post millennium that is working just fine. I'm reconciled to door stop status for the KA so I'm looking to replace it with either a new Gaggia Classic or a well selected used machine. With that in mind I began to take an interest in the for sale forum here and will continue to do so. I was semi tempted by a Vibiemme that is on The Espresso Shop site. Is that a good machine? It's beyond my budget but I can dream. The Kitchen Aid abandonment of the machine I have used for so long is hurtful and expensive but nowadays I believe not an uncommon story. I was with James from Cricklewood Coffee Roasters earlier today who related a similar abandonment tale for Sonos Audio products. My Kitchen Aid Artisan grinder is still functioning but if that conks out I will examine my options. My last coffee maker is a Kitchen Aid pod machine (the one with the big lever at the side) which thank goodness is working well ............ for now. Anyway hello from me and looking forward to a new (or new to me) electric pump machine in the not too distant future. All the best, Robert
  10. Morning all. Good wishes to members. I am Robert “old bean” a new member here. I have had since my distant past a love of coffee and making it. Over 50 years in my regular work has now ended and new challenges are being seized by me. Led by love of an interest instead of the expectations of others coffee has come to the front. Could I survive in a commercial coffee environment? A challenge. So I'm going to enrol on an SCA training course(s) to see how I get on. If any member has experience of them or can give me any tips that would be appreciated. I’m London based and have selected the Artisan School to learn from. All the best OB
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