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  1. 6-8week leadtimes on black ones at blackcat
  2. It’s a bit different 😂. It takes a little longer to warm up but not long (10 mins max). Obviously it’s got button push brewing but being able to steam at the same time is great, as is the massively more powerful steaming. it’s funny that the kids are both keener to use the Greta than the sage. plus it’s got lights👍 the coffee is different. Not sure if it’s better as yet, and not sure if it’s the change to a 58mm basket and/or the change in dose from 17 down to 16 and/or the brew ratio. I think the Greta has been set to brew larger shots (the seller set it al
  3. Bit of a change from the Sage DTP - the drip tray on the Greta weighs about the same as the whole sage machine 😂
  4. Cheers but I’ve bought a new machine. I’ll probably try and sell the sage, certainly the accessory kit and portafilter
  5. It must depend on your tap water. The instructions say to run one tank (5 let) through and that was ok for us after ours got delivered today.
  6. 😁 coffee corner and ‘kettle’
  7. Cant comment on the DB, but my DTP has just failed after just over 3 years. I had the 3 year Lakeland warranty so i've missed out. Mine snapped the plastic fitting that holds the steamwand so fairly major. Regarding replacements at your budget. Blackcat will sell you an ACS Minima within budget (colour dependent). I have just bought an Astoria Greta for £1500 from Calypso Coffee (I'm impatiently awaiting delivery). There are a couple of other machines on my 'what next' thread in the lounge. Part of the problem is the Sage looks good, and to me most of the traditional machines
  8. My DTP was a good little consumer product this weekend and 3 months out of warranty (3 year Lakeland warranty) it popped the steam wand off... the plastic fitting sheared The top (blurred) pic is the underside of the machine. The bottom pic is the top of the steam wand. I’m guessing heat fatigue???
  9. I dont think the ultimate ability of the machine will make much odds to the coffee I make. As long as it's 'good enough' it's more how nice it is to use and look at The coffee from the DTP was lovely, but it was slow, especially if we had visitors. I'm hoping the Astoria (or any machine of that price range) will outlast me (especially with an Osmio feeding it). Wish I'd checked the weight before ordering though.... 38Kg - best get some weetabix!
  10. Thats very nice, but I've already pulled the trigger on the Astoria.
  11. That was my thinking. Spending £400+ on a water machine for a £300 coffee machine.... nah. Not spending it on £1500+ machine would be self defeating. The Greta might even make my Santos grinder look a bit smaller too Coffee corner is going to be quite large with the three bits of kit
  12. And an Osmio will be following right behind it to keep it in great nick Expensive bleeding day this
  13. I missed out on Adam’s Astoria so after much deliberation with the distributor (45, maybe 60 seconds) I’ve ordered a red one 🤣🤣
  14. That age old question again - what machine next.... My sage DTP has popped its steam wand and the fitting appears to be plastic. We've been debating upgrading for a while to something that will do 2 (or more) lattes a lot quicker than the sage. Top of the list was the ACS minima having dual boilers and passing (in black) the looks test with my wife. Looking at lots of other machines, the La Spaz S1 mini is also acceptable looks wise. All the Rocket type machines with pipes and shiny stainless have been vetoed. Ditto the Lelit boxes, so we're not left with much. I'm waiting to hear i
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