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  1. if she's had a concussion, don't muck around, get her to a walk in centre and get her checked out. Hopefully you'll just waste a couple of hours waiting but don't take your GP's word for it. regarding medicine, my wife finds that Stugeron 15 travel sickness pills can help with vertigo symptoms.
  2. No it certainly isn't. In my defence, I had no expectation of such a difference as all I used to drink was instant so I'd expected to be able to drink 'real' coffee just the same, but its not a scientific test by any stretch.
  3. I love these programmes about industrial food production. Some amazing ingenuity to scale up to these levels and the machinery is hypnotic. Not seen this programme yet (didnt show on iplayer when i looked the other day) but I'll look out for it. The curry sauce one was great, adding a thimblefull of lemon essence to a huge vat of curry, Greg Wallace tries a bit (of the lemon) and turns his face into a good impression of a cat's arse I can end up drinking quite a bit of instant through the day at work, and it rarely has any noticeable effect, whereas two cups of the proper stuff is very noticeable. Shows how much gets lost in the freeze drying process.
  4. pgarrish


    three shots an hour??? no wonder you were doing daft things.
  5. pgarrish


    Yep, if you are going to fluff your speech, turning it into one of the most memorable phrases ever isn't a bad mistake to make Regarding the calmness, that's common to test pilots and to many pilots. If you ever hear the cockpit voice recorder from the tornado that crashed at blackpool, or there's one of an f16 that hits the deck, they talk as if they're discussing the shopping - the F16 one is especially freaky as he calmly narrates a fatal crash. The tornado one is quite funny as the navigator realises the pilot has ejected and he's not noticed
  6. pgarrish


    today's nerd info, apparently it should have been "One small step for A man" 😎
  7. Man on forum claims to have 'reached the end' of his equipment journey..... 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  8. reminds me of this from discussions of a coffee grinder to a childrens book about an animated rabbit.... thread derail skill level: NINJA !
  9. Amateur - internet forums are for spreading lies, trolling and ignoring everything you don't like until you occupy a tiny, self-contained little bubble with like-minded folk who won't tax your brain with anything that might upset you.... oops More importantly, please go back to different avatars, I'm getting confused who's who now
  10. pgarrish


    Have you discovered a new drink? How did it taste?
  11. Maybe it's that curious British trait of beating down the successful guy?
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