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  1. so the process for steaming is to turn the control to the steam setting and let it run into the drip dray until the wand is producing dry steam, no water and not in fits and starts. Then you turn it back to 12 oclock, put the wand into your milk and turn to the steam setting again. It may stop then start again, it may 'thump' straight away or not. The steamwand is the first thing to play up if you need to descale, the steam power will be much reduced. When you say horrible noises, are you just putting the wand a bit too deep in to the milk and getting the 'screaming' noise
  2. just unplug it, you dont want your nipper around live electrical kit if you dont have to.
  3. that looked gorgeous.... coffee pron!
  4. its a cheaper way to handle your crisis than buying a porsche Go for it
  5. I dont have a DB, I have the DTP. If you are drinking from the cup you brew into, why not run a blank shot into that cup to warm everything up, dry the portafilter with a towel and pop the coffee in - with a Niche you should have no need to weigh out of the grinder, just trust you get out what you put in. Tamp, brew and then do your milk. Since it has an auto shot, you could be filling your milk jug and/or grinding whilst the blank shot is running. I think it takes me about 5 mins from turning on the DTP to having an espresso, and then another minute or so to do milk (depends how m
  6. General view is singles are harder to get right than doubles - you can always only use half or share with a friend after lunch I know it has few fans, but to gauge the right weight, maybe use the Razor that came with the machine - if 21g means half is getting scraped away, try a bit less, it the razor is nowhere near, use a bit more... if you get about 2x out what you put in and it takes around 30 secs or so, you're in the right ballpark (you're not using cafetierre grinds or turkish) but you're drinking it, so if 15g to 40g in 20 seconds is nice, thats fine. maybe ask for so
  7. I think you were unlucky. I still have my old EC155 and it works fine. It'll steam until the boiler runs dry as far as i remember....
  8. £25 at CoffeeBeanShop will get you a selection of 4 or 5 bags of beans delivered to your door. Chuck all bar one or 2 bags in the freezer, leave the first bags for a few days or so and away you go. They deliver quickly too. If you want to spend more, of course you can, but they're pretty nice in my book.
  9. Its spot on for a single drink's worth of milk, and the supplied jug is nice too. If you can manage a DTP and a Niche you could be set for a good while... and the Niche will be good enough if (when) you fancy a bigger and better machine. John Lewis stock Sage gear and do a 5 year warranty on it (I think) or Lakeland do 3 years. I think both will price match. I'm sure you'll get better coffee with a DTP and Niche than with a Dual Boiler and Sage/Mignon type grinder.
  10. Its more the time you have to wait between brewing, steaming and back again. Its not particularly long but it does become a bit of a faff when doing several drinks. Plus whilst the DTP can steam 2 drinks worth of milk at a time, but it'll struggle with a bigger jug. Thinking about it, I suspect a DB wouldn't actually be much quicker given the time to grind the beans and get more milk, but it feels frustrating and that's a good enough excuse to look at new toys
  11. get the little bodum battery milk whisk. Seems daft buying a full machine just to do the milk...
  12. that machine looks like one of the cheaper Delonghis with a different cover. The really basic Delonghis aren't too bad if you can remove the pressure disc in the porta filter and you use fresh beans. They frequently pop up on gumtree and the like for £20-30 for a cheap trial before you succumb to shiny machines
  13. For softies like me who find it too hot to touch before the milk is up to temp, a thermometer can be a good way of learning how the jug should feel when it is actually hot enough. I've found if I rest my pinkie on the double thickness bit where the handle is attached, thats the ideal place for me, but the thermometer was vital in finding that out.
  14. Most of the delonghis are aimed at using pre-ground coffee, a complete no-no for anyone on here as it goes stale within hours. Some of the delonghis let you remove the pressure device and use freshly ground coffee but not all (do some googling on the dedica and see what you find). My old delonghi (EC155) could have the pressure device removed and with a grinder and fresh coffee it actually doesn't do too bad a job. But something like a gaggia classic or Sage DTP would be a much better machine. Just remember you'll need to buy a grinder.
  15. i'd second the set your budget approach. You'll go over it of course, but if you really only want to spend £500, theres no point dribbling over £5,000 setups, or v-v. The good news is you can get a decent setup for either end if you go used (less still if you dont mind great big ex-commercial grinders in your house). Probably the single most important thing is to NOT scrimp on the grinder... no machine can make up for a poor grinder, but even a basic machine can make a decent fist with a good grinder.
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