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  1. Finally received the accessories I had ordered; they had spent 10 days getting to Heathrow (I was told they travel via a process/route different from that used for the espresso machines) and then rested there for a further 5 days; one good thing was that no duties were payable. Impressed with the finish of the articles I ordered, which only serves to whet my appetite for the main machine's arrival
  2. My accessories have taken much longer than that. The plane must be on its 45th refuelling stopover at least or has simply fallen out of the sky (perhaps the tracking should identify what sort of plane is being used).
  3. Ah, yes, I have seen such small changes in the position. I will only start to get excited when it gets into the top ten. What sort of delay have people seen in between being notified of dispatch and arrival/delivery in the UK? A small pack of accessories I ordered just after placing the main order appears to have been sent by Sopwith Camel airways.
  4. At least once per day, especially now I know what I am looking for! I am impressed with the customer feedback Decent provide. An order placed at around the same time for a Lagom grinder has elicited just a single reply (a thanks for your order); the status of that order is utterly opaque.
  5. Thanks and now I can check on progress. So, slot 101 and they are making around 10/day. Will be interesting to see how quickly the queue moves.
  6. Thanks for that - so I am one of 6, 42, 101 or 131. It would be nice to be no 42, even if only momentarily! No 191 looks to be a happy person. Or is that my personal identifier? Got a helpful reply from Decent. They had had a number of anxious customers.
  7. Where do you find details of the queue? It is my previous orders receipt that is showing the delay from April to September, which roughly aligns with the FB message today (perhaps I should respond to that?). I have emailed asking whether I could upgrade to the XL version, if there really is a build delay. Just after ordering the machine I ordered some other items as some of the tools I had are now gone with the ECM. I got all excited this morning when I had an email from Decent with "it's shipped" in the title; but that was just the additional minor bits and pieces order. Never before have I spent so much effort on pour-over coffee, as it is either that or a cafetiere for my caffeine fix. I had forgotten how much I dislike cafetiere coffee. Now for a suitable grinder.....
  8. Disappointing news on their FB page today that orders for the DE1Pro have been delayed 26 weeks (my delivery date has slipped from 02/04 to 02/09) but orders for the XL versions are still 'within 4 weeks'. Bother, my Synchronika was sold last week and is being collected today by the courier!
  9. It is descaled every 3 months, but has been used on bottled (the lowest carbonate on I could find) and then softened water. Backflush every week or more frequently. Thanks for the thread link, I did not spot that on my search. I will get the m/c out of the utility room do I can take a few photographs and then post it in the for sale section.
  10. Better than being 'one of them', whoever they are!
  11. I bought this machine in late 2017 (from BellaBarista) and it has been in continual use ever since, serving 3 or 4 espressos every day. It has worked flawlessly and faultlessly. I have cleaned it regularly, even though I have only ever used soft water in it. Indeed I am about to clean it again. I have ordered a new machine and this one will be for sale. What do people think it is worth?
  12. Ah well, succumbed and have ordered one. I will have to get the ECM serviced and made ready for sale.
  13. Many thanks, the barriers to ordering are being knocked down like so many Nasty Party promises in a mild breeze
  14. Ah well, had better get onto the website and get it ordered. Now, what is a less than 3 year old ECM Synchronika worth? I might even throw in the Eureka Mignon, which has lain unused for some time. I see the website quotes a declared value of $500 for the device, which seems to be cheating the system???? What extra VAT/duty have people been charged for delivery to the UK?
  15. Thanks for both replies. I have absolutely no interest in a Niche Zero; it looks ugly to me and has received far too much hype (in my mind I see it as the Ford Focus/Fiesta car; probably as much as one needs but incredibly dull, dull, dull and I could never be persuaded to own any Ford). I roast my own beans (1kg at a time) so tend to use the same bean for a few espressos, we anyway get through 250gm in a day, so chopping and changing between beans is not an issue. Moving from the eureka Mignon to the Olympus was a revelation. A friend has just bought a Weber, so perhaps my best approach is to buy the Decent to exploit all of its potential over the ECM and when all this other nonsense is over go on a visit, with machine, to try the Weber. Oh well.....
  16. I am teetering on the edge of getting one of these machines (I currently have an ECM Synchronika partnered with an Eureka Olympus 75SE grinder). Is it so much better than the (non-profiling ECM) and/or too good for the Eureka. Would I be better off buying a new (better) grinder. The cost to change is similar, but not sure (as a pensioner) I could justify upgrading the ECM and the grinder. Whatv are people's thoughts?
  17. I agree that Kenyan, bought by Batian, of which I had 40kg (so a lot to look forward to), is very good. I thought the Tanzanian Elton Farm had been pretty good, but this is replacing that coffee in my list of favourites. A key to your graph would be really helpful. I assume the red line is the nominal bean temperature and the black the air temperature, but what is the blue line, please?
  18. Please explain why? I offered a view on the lack of concentricity, but that would have been a problem from the word go. But in general terms I would always follow the mantra of replace as found, even to the extent of bolts/screws.
  19. An adjustable nozzle works perfectly, on both the mullered old nipple and, rather more importantly, on the new nipple. Not sure whether it really is that important to locate the front bush in the same orientation. Any lack of concentricity will either be irrelevant or ground down after a few 10s of hours.
  20. I was pointed to this thread by a fellow member, who just over a year ago came to see my machine, bought one himself and now provides the link to coffee suppliers for a small group; an all round good egg, in other words. Many thanks, Batian I have now undertaken 197kg of roasting, which means that with the 3 sacrifice roasts I have reached the 200kg mark. A small spot of maintenance seemed to be in order. My rear bearing nipple is at the 12 o'clock position and the lateral spacing does not permit a grease nozzle to be attached. First task was this to replace that nipple, many thanks (again) to Batian who had found the correct ones. I await my new grease (the one recommended by Dave C). Despite the video evidence (page ? earlier) the front bearing was not a simple removal. It appeared to be stuck on. A judicious tap on a metal rod angled into one of the flange plate holes freed the bearing. There was some evidence of coffee oils (or perhaps very old grease) on the shaft and around the mating face that might have been the cause. Cleaned, re-greased and spun up, the machine is now totally quiet (it had been a little squeaky before). 200 roasts represents (at an average 2kg per roast session) around 200 hours use/rotation. My judgement is that I probably left it too long to service the front bearing and should aim to maintain the front bearing every 100 hours, but I will check to see whether it is stuck again after another 50 hours or so.
  21. Looking back over my roast logs (just over 100) temperatures at first crack all lie in a 184 to 190 region (Amazon roaster), with the majority centred on 184 to 186. The 190 appears to be the norm for Brazilian coffee.
  22. Good man. That was a faster result than I was expecting. How do you want to pay? I am now away for the weekend, but will be available via email. I will send you a PM with my contact details
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