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  1. I agree that Kenyan, bought by Batian, of which I had 40kg (so a lot to look forward to), is very good. I thought the Tanzanian Elton Farm had been pretty good, but this is replacing that coffee in my list of favourites. A key to your graph would be really helpful. I assume the red line is the nominal bean temperature and the black the air temperature, but what is the blue line, please?
  2. Please explain why? I offered a view on the lack of concentricity, but that would have been a problem from the word go. But in general terms I would always follow the mantra of replace as found, even to the extent of bolts/screws.
  3. An adjustable nozzle works perfectly, on both the mullered old nipple and, rather more importantly, on the new nipple. Not sure whether it really is that important to locate the front bush in the same orientation. Any lack of concentricity will either be irrelevant or ground down after a few 10s of hours.
  4. I was pointed to this thread by a fellow member, who just over a year ago came to see my machine, bought one himself and now provides the link to coffee suppliers for a small group; an all round good egg, in other words. Many thanks, Batian I have now undertaken 197kg of roasting, which means that with the 3 sacrifice roasts I have reached the 200kg mark. A small spot of maintenance seemed to be in order. My rear bearing nipple is at the 12 o'clock position and the lateral spacing does not permit a grease nozzle to be attached. First task was this to replace that nipple, many thanks (again) to Batian who had found the correct ones. I await my new grease (the one recommended by Dave C). Despite the video evidence (page ? earlier) the front bearing was not a simple removal. It appeared to be stuck on. A judicious tap on a metal rod angled into one of the flange plate holes freed the bearing. There was some evidence of coffee oils (or perhaps very old grease) on the shaft and around the mating face that might have been the cause. Cleaned, re-greased and spun up, the machine is now totally quiet (it had been a little squeaky before). 200 roasts represents (at an average 2kg per roast session) around 200 hours use/rotation. My judgement is that I probably left it too long to service the front bearing and should aim to maintain the front bearing every 100 hours, but I will check to see whether it is stuck again after another 50 hours or so.
  5. Looking back over my roast logs (just over 100) temperatures at first crack all lie in a 184 to 190 region (Amazon roaster), with the majority centred on 184 to 186. The 190 appears to be the norm for Brazilian coffee.
  6. Good man. That was a faster result than I was expecting. How do you want to pay? I am now away for the weekend, but will be available via email. I will send you a PM with my contact details
  7. Machine is the 2013 model, not sure whether it has been updated by Expobar since. I am pretty confident it is the same model that BB are currently selling for around £1200. Machine never saw our tapwater (very hard in Suffolk). BB (Jordan) reported that the machine as very clean, but every 3 months or so it was always de-scaled according to the BB manual. It is a laborious process but gets the job done.
  8. A timely reminder that I have allowed your latest email to get buried in my email folders.
  9. Yes it has a PID. It will be better when I have some pictures to post. But in the meantime
  10. This is an advert for my recently replaced espresso machine. I bought it new from BellaBarista on Jan 4 2013 (I still have the receipt). It suffered a leaking relief valve in 2015, which was replaced and throughout its life has been regularly de-scaled and cleaned. Otherwise I have had no problems with it. It has delivered around 3000 espressos in its time with me and provided an excellent follow-on from a Gaggia that I had used before treating myself to a retirement present. A slippery slope. Initially I used (Brita) filtered water and then moved over to Volvic bottled water. The item has had a thorough service and inspection at BB, there is a receipt for all the work carried out, which will transfer to the new owner. The pump was replaced, alongwith the group head gasket and the shower screen plus a full service of the group head itself. It is now as-new, minor wear from use excepted. It comes with The (somewhat amusing) Expobar instruction manual, plus the excellent BB-written detailed instructions on use and maintenance. A single portafilter with double and single baskets and a blind filter for backflushing A tamper Cleaning brush I will accept offers based on £600, which will include P&P (UK ONLY, I am afraid) from BB in Wellingborough. The purchaser could collect from BB if preferred. BB cannot demonstrate the machine though. Here are the pictures (apologies for the odd orientation, it was hard to double guess what the uploader was going to do)
  11. I bought my GC in 2013 and it has worked without any operational fault for nearly 500 roasts. One small chaff smoulder (entirely my fault, a failure to empty the chaff collector) the only blemish and even them it was an easy machine to clean. A friend with an older but less well-used GC has had a T/C and heater failure. 500 roasts at a price of around £350 plus about 150kWh (about £20) or less than £1 per 220g bag. I think it has earned its keep. Mine continues the cool-down cycle until 60C is reached. A good introduction to a more controllable roast, it replaced a HotTop that was starting to die. Judging when to finish the heating cycle is a bit of a challenge as the beans continue to roast whilst cooling air is introduced. It is now used to roast trial batches as I use an Amazon; rather inexpertly.
  12. Nearly 50kg of roasting to date. I am not sure I am getting the best out of this machine, but am trying to get a session with DaveC organised, or rather I need to get organised, as DaveC has offered me a session! I can easily better any roast I did on the GC (and I did over 400 on that), so I must be doing something correctly; DaveC's manuals were/are invaluable.
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