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  1. Please explain why? I offered a view on the lack of concentricity, but that would have been a problem from the word go. But in general terms I would always follow the mantra of replace as found, even to the extent of bolts/screws.
  2. An adjustable nozzle works perfectly, on both the mullered old nipple and, rather more importantly, on the new nipple. Not sure whether it really is that important to locate the front bush in the same orientation. Any lack of concentricity will either be irrelevant or ground down after a few 10s of hours.
  3. I was pointed to this thread by a fellow member, who just over a year ago came to see my machine, bought one himself and now provides the link to coffee suppliers for a small group; an all round good egg, in other words. Many thanks, Batian I have now undertaken 197kg of roasting, which means that with the 3 sacrifice roasts I have reached the 200kg mark. A small spot of maintenance seemed to be in order. My rear bearing nipple is at the 12 o'clock position and the lateral spacing does not permit a grease nozzle to be attached. First task was this to replace that nipple, many thanks (again) to Batian who had found the correct ones. I await my new grease (the one recommended by Dave C). Despite the video evidence (page ? earlier) the front bearing was not a simple removal. It appeared to be stuck on. A judicious tap on a metal rod angled into one of the flange plate holes freed the bearing. There was some evidence of coffee oils (or perhaps very old grease) on the shaft and around the mating face that might have been the cause. Cleaned, re-greased and spun up, the machine is now totally quiet (it had been a little squeaky before). 200 roasts represents (at an average 2kg per roast session) around 200 hours use/rotation. My judgement is that I probably left it too long to service the front bearing and should aim to maintain the front bearing every 100 hours, but I will check to see whether it is stuck again after another 50 hours or so.
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