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  1. Does this still apply I was looking at getting a Kilo of Dr. Strangelove later this week but would like it to last at least til the end of Feb, however I don't see the note on the website now?
  2. Just answered my own question there, it appears aliexpress are now adding the vat at checkout so looks like we no longer get the £8 royal mail custom fee, have also found out the no vat £15 limit has been abolished so better for anything above £15 and worse for anything less, this has also been applied in the EU as well
  3. Ok here is a question, lets say I bought a item from the likes of aliexpress or similar for say £50, according to the rules here it is the online marketplaces responsibility for charging the VAT, so does that mean royal mail no longer have the responsibility of passing the items to customs for the VAT additions and charging you the extra £8 for the privilege of doing so, also what is likely to happen if aliexpress do not addd the vat in the first place.
  4. Thought I would post this to help out anyone else who has experienced the same problem with these scales. After purchasing a set of black mirror scales from china via aliexpress, when I received them to my disappointment I found their accuracy much to be desired, differing by almost 1g depending on where object was placed and drifting by a couple of grams during brewing. Anyway after having to pay a extra £11 to get them through customs I did not really want the hassle of returning them for a refund only to get part of my money back so I decided to open them up to see if they where f
  5. Before spending any money on a safety valve I would replace the original one with plenty of PTFE tape round the thread and see how it behaves, once the cup gets cracked like your one it causes a poor seal on the OPV thread, the pic of your valve looks as if you have had steam escaping round the thread, same thing happened to mine and it gives the impression of a leaking OPV valve.
  6. Surprised you had any water coming out from the safety valve, I have a isomac millenium which has the same setup, if you disconnect the fill up sensor and overfill the boiler water will eventually pour out the anti vac valve which for some reason does not have a cup round it, safety valve should only release if you have over pressurised the boiler. If you have a leak from round the thread of the safety valve you can cure that with plenty of PTFE tape on the thread.
  7. Thanks, made it myself, drilled and cut out of a sheet of stainless.
  8. Ok great, i will have a look for packaging materials and check costs I have a gaggia box but it won't fit without removing PID, or you can pick up, I am situated near Caernarfon in North Wales, the choice is yours.
  9. 2004 gaggia classic 1425 watt model I purchased this in 2017 and gave it a full strip down clean and de scale and fitted xmt7100 PID controller wired for brew temp control. Fitted with rancillio steam wand and OPV set to 9bar. Working perfectly with the only exception being the usual very slight occasional dribble from the steam wand. Asking for £220 preferably collected from north wales although may consider postage by negotiation.
  10. I got to order with Kisinga and Ibanda only to find when it arrived kisinga was out of stock and got substituted for san jose. Not going to complain as I got a further 20% voucher for next purchase, Just hope I like the San jose bit worried it might be a bit too light a roast.
  11. Would there be any benefit in changing the steam tip on my isomac millenium, I currently have the original two hole tip. steaming is quite good, although however i try i cant seem to ever get a whirlpool effect when steaming, the milk just tends roll to the back of the jug. Would a change of tip make any improvement.
  12. That will be fine I will send you a pm
  13. Yes price does include the doser setup and I could re-install it if required, I also have the portafilter holder. I am located near Caernarfon in north wales.
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