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  1. Starting to enjoy the CC one now i have got the extraction better by pulling the shot a bit longer, think I am going to have to get hold of some foundry soon to compare.
  2. Sorry not ordered any foundry yet thought I would give them a try with my usual CC order.
  3. Going through some coffee compass rocko mountain at the moment, not quite made my mind up about it probably a bit funky, boozy for my liking. Has anyone compared these to the foundry rocko mountain.
  4. As a guide last one on here went for £420 posted.
  5. Do you find it necessary to run a few grams of beans through to purge when changing grind type or am I just wasting beans by doing this.
  6. Just after a few opinions, Got my Niche a couple of weeks ago initially intended to use it just for espresso and continue with the aergrind for V60 but have been trying it out for V60 also. Owing to the fact i will be continuosly changing settings and coffee if I carry on using it this way is it worth persuing or would i be better of sticking with the aergrind for brewed. I usually make about one single V60 a day and three to four espresso
  7. Spent a fair amount of time and effort on this only for it to be rejected by the kitchen police, see this thread. Anyway Niche now on order so it is time for it to go.
  8. ken0062

    Doge 63

    Mods please delete posted in wrong section
  9. Thanks for the replies, getting more tempted to go for a niche now, although my personal preference would be a mazzer major refirb project but i cant see that being accepted.
  10. Trouble is these machines will have the same physical prescence as the doge which will then be banned from the kitchen. So it is still looking like the niche or leave things as they are unless i can persuade the missus to let me use the doge for a trial period.
  11. So are you saying a mignon would not be worth the upgrade over a preciso.
  12. Currently I have a PID modded gagia classic and a baratza preciso. After spending a lot of time and effort sorting out a doge 63 grinder (see this thread for details) I just cant get it past the kitchen police long enough to even give it a proper try out. Not sure if i should be looking to upgrade my grinder for a better but more aesthetically pleasing model i.e. mignon, or upgrade the espresso machine to a small second hand e61 head based machine if i could find one. I know a few people will suggest going for the niche grinder but to me £500 seems a lot to spend on a grinder and I have always been a buy second hand and fix it type of person. Trouble is whatever i go for cant be to huge or ugly to be refused entry into the kitchen. Any suggestions welcome.
  13. ken0062

    Expobar DB

    Is this tank only or can it also be plumbed in
  14. Having a look at parts diagram for major E it does not utilise a contactor but uses a high power relay (the smaller black box on the cct board where the brown and blue cables are connected to) I would suspect that it is this that is burnt out. If you get the part number off it you may be able to source one for a few quid from RS components or somewhere and de-solder the old one and swap it.
  15. Thanks, glad to hear as I bunged a couple of 500g bags in the freezer last week just before going on holiday, will probably bring them out in a couple of weeks or so.
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