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  1. Would there be any benefit in changing the steam tip on my isomac millenium, I currently have the original two hole tip. steaming is quite good, although however i try i cant seem to ever get a whirlpool effect when steaming, the milk just tends roll to the back of the jug. Would a change of tip make any improvement.
  2. That will be fine I will send you a pm
  3. Yes price does include the doser setup and I could re-install it if required, I also have the portafilter holder. I am located near Caernarfon in north wales.
  4. Fiorenzato Doge 63 grinder for sale. Got hold of this a couple of years ago, fitted new burrs, egg timer mod done, lens hood fitted and my own step less mod done. Never really got much use off me as I just could not get it passed the kitchen police, and have recently ended up getting a Niche. I have all parts to bring it back to dosered if required and original adjustment retainer. Asking for £70 collected from North Wales or £90 posted.
  5. Must be back in stock, just ordered 1kg
  6. Is there any reason not to use this, Link
  7. Thanks, group head fully rebuilt now although I found most of the original springs where actually stronger than the replacement so used originals. Machine now back together and working well, the only thing I have noticed is that I can only get about 16.5g of coffee into a 18g vst basket before it touches the shower screen. IMS competition screen and 8.5mm gasket instead of 8mm now on order hoping that that will cure the problem
  8. Thanks for the advice decided to use citric acid crystals in the end and they worked a treat. Inside of boiler went from this. To This.
  9. New pump arrived today, fitted and everything appears to be working as it should and no leaks. Only problem was the anti vac valve was hissing slightly so took it apart to clean it only for the internal O ring to split when removing it so have to wait for new O ring to arrive before I can do much more. So far everything I have removed not showing much sign of scale so looking good. Will the generic E61 group head service kit from bella barista Here be OK for the my machine.
  10. I was thinking of citric acid but i also have read in some places that you should use a dedicated coffee machine descaler not sure if that is just so they can sell the stuff, also I believe the boiler is nickel plated copper so will need something that is safe to use on that. Think I will get hold of a cheap usb endoscope to have a inspection inside the boiler without taking the element out.
  11. Just got my hands on a isomac millenium that was sold as faulty. Boiler was not filling so disconected element to give it a test and have found after disconecting pump output pipe that the pump is not drawing any water, so new pump already on order. The plan after that is to give it a good descale and service the grouphead. Is there any advantage to giving everything a full stripdow to descale or would a full fill descale be OK along with a grouphead stripdown. Also what descaling solution would people recomend.
  12. No problem so are we ok to go to pm for £44.50 posted first class signed for.
  13. Can I take this at asking price please, assuming postage cost is around £4 extra (according to royal mail site)
  14. Starting to enjoy the CC one now i have got the extraction better by pulling the shot a bit longer, think I am going to have to get hold of some foundry soon to compare.
  15. Sorry not ordered any foundry yet thought I would give them a try with my usual CC order.
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