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  1. Did not have much of a problem with mine but I would suggest finding the correct type cross head screwdriver so it does not round out, think it is probably a JIS type When a Phillips Is Not a Phillips! : 30 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables
  2. Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on or has been brave enough to investigate These cheap refactometers
  3. Probably should have taken some more before I assembled it, afraid its a bit late now, however I will try and describe the steps to making it. In order to fit the manometer to one of the elbow fittings I cut the thread off one side of the elbow fitting, then filed the remaining stump flush, you then open the hole up with a 5mm drill to about half way into the fitting which can then be tapped with a M6 tap ready to fit the manometer with a bit of PTFE tape on the thread. With the other elbow fitting remove the nuts and olives before drilling through one of the orifices with a 3.2mm dr
  4. No mods to machine required modified a couple of 1/8 OD elbow fittings and a meat thermometer Fittings Thermometer You will also need a 3mm thermocouple tube but they appear to be unavailable at the moment, got mine last year HERE and a short length of 1/8 OD and 6mm OD SS tube which I had to hand.
  5. Sorted a solution to the problem of not being able to monitor the temp of my Isomac millenium as well as using the manometer with the flow control with a few fittings and a bit of drilling and tapping. Initial test with blind basket
  6. Think I would be tempted to try it with the Octopus funnel mod, see if there is any improvement.
  7. There are a couple of relays inside those controllers and with the fault you have I would suspect that the contacts on the single pole one are starting to fail, probably would not be to hard to repair at component level, you should be able to source a new relay for a few quid. I have read about the transformer failing in them but I would of thought that would cause a permanent fault not a intermittent one like yours.
  8. So far the only answer I have found involves drilling into the grouphead Here and a lot of modification, but I may have come up with a more non evasive idea using a couple of compression pipe fittings and a bit of machining, Will post back if I ever get it to work
  9. Thanks Dave So there is no right or wrong setup, it is just down to what you determine as your own best method, think I will leave original spring in for the moment as I am running without the pressure gauge so i can leave my group head thermometer in place,I am trying to figure out a method of obtaining temperature and pressure readings simultaneously. If i do decide to obtain the longer spring do you know anyone in the UK that stocks it?
  10. Just got hold of and fitted a coffee sensor flow control device to my isomac millenium. I have not got the stronger lower spring that disables the lower pre infusion chamber and was wondering if there is any advantage to locating and fitting one. I get the impression that they where not supplied with the original version and it does not look like the ECM kits come with them either. So far have not had much of a play but tried with a medium dark roast (Extract Rocket Espresso) left valve open initially so pre infusion chamber took care of the intitial slow ramp up and ramped dow
  11. Received promptly and all as described, many thanks
  12. Hi Would you accept £90 posted ?
  13. Unless you live in Wales, tried it only valid in England, think we are still on group 6
  14. Did you manage to avoid a large customs bill
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