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  1. 1. Jony 2. agentb 3. ashcroc 4. AmandaH 5. Filthynines 6. Bainbridge 7. EricC 8. 9. 10.
  2. @lake_m Cheers. Fingers crossed. 🤞 😊
  3. Yes, that is correct. I agree but this is how it is shown in the exploded diagram that i have. Here it is in real life, so i must agree that it does indeed appear to be glued on somehow.
  4. @lake_m The part is screwed on from the rear / inside of the grinder head. and connected to the rest of the grinder via a ribbon cable. Eric
  5. @Rhys Here is the motor on Bodines' Web Site .. https://www.bodine-electric.com/products/dc-motors/33a-series-permanent-magnet-dc-motor/6034/ The motor is apparently used in industrial situations, mine has never missed a beat. First look at the Versalab M4 here : http://www.meticulist.net/blog/versalab-m4-grinder-first-look The Versalab M4 still uses the same motor as the M3.
  6. My apologies, that will teach me to read all of the posts before responding. 😊 It's a good job one of us is on the ball.
  7. Hi @Rhys, why not just get Versalabs' own solution, the M4 drive belt system : https://files7.webydo.com/92/9211413/UploadedFiles/13B3B20D-1BD8-65DB-98B8-421A57E60BC2.pdf
  8. Don't worry @Rhys You will be the first to know if i fancy a change. 👍😊
  9. Yes I realised as soon as i had posted my reply. Cheers
  10. 1. Filthynines 2. Jony  3. AmandaH (Hoping this one is as good as the current one!) 4. MildredM 5. MinesAbeer 6. Bainbridge  7. Salty 8. Fez  9. AgentB 10. Abs 11. Snakehips 12. EricC 1 fatboyslim reacted to this
  11. @Rhys Yes, you could always put both PID's into ECO mode and then try with your Meross plugs once again and see if that makes any difference. Of course, the machine would only heat up to the ECO / Standby temperatures and not full temperature.
  12. @Rhys Morning, In answer to your question your Speedster has not had any adjustments or modifications to the heating elements that i know of, also far as I know it is not possible to alter the way the heating elements operate other than using the actual PID Controller for each individual boiler to put it into ECO mode.
  13. Mine arrived earlier today, they are now sitting in the freezer. 👍
  14. My eldest daughter is cooking dinner for me later with help from her sister at her house later.👍😁
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