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  1. IggyK

    Rwanda Appeal

    Ditto Rwandan coffees are legit! Hope we can make a difference.
  2. For fellow coffee lovers, please donate what you can. I thought I'd spread the word. https://www.rawmaterial.coffee/ 🙂
  3. I used one ones these: https://smile.amazon.co.uk/Dexam-Vintage-Turkish-Coffee-Black/dp/B01ER4QE0O/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1547382062&sr=8-4&keywords=ibrik
  4. IggyK

    Coffee bean storage

    I’ve got the coffee vac to store store my beans, might want to try that. Or just store jar in cupboard.
  5. This has got to the best tasting SSSS so far I take back the Kenyan it’s good but this is an another level IMO. Maybe the best Hasbean beans I’ve tasted. Been using the AeroPress 13 -15g/250 possibly the upgrade of grinder from Hario Slim to Commadante has helped to unlock mor flavour from the beans.
  6. So temped by the niche, need a new grinder hario mini mill has packed up keeps going out of alignment no matter how I fix it so maybe...
  7. My favourite so far! Kenyan in the clever dripper 12mintute brew, basically Hoffman’s French press method.
  8. Just had an AP this morning creamy chocolate. Third Bolivian in a row was expecting a different region.
  9. I mostly do Aeropress at work and grind fresh, while most lap up their Kenco instant.
  10. I wouldn’t rate workhouse at all. Went in yesterday ordered a filter. Chipped cup and dirty splattered rim and the coffee tasted rubbish like cheap robusta. Plus the customer service is none existent nobody tells you if your coffee is at the bar. Plus if you have a card expect a minimum order of £5.00. Also at the window was the SCA logo what a joke. Rant over! Tamp and Cup are my favourites, shame Tamp is only a cart.
  11. My list Quarter Horse Faculty Waylands Yard Steam Room only due to location neighbourhood cafe. Quite like Box Brownie when in Stratford Upon Avon.
  12. Wow just had these beans through Aeropress, could see exactly what people on about fruit mix. Defiantly one variable I never really considered was temperature I think these beans required a lower than rolling boil or off the boil, either this or I dialled in my grind.
  13. I bought the Sumatran ones, Cuban is next on the list. To be honest I was a bit apprehensive as the flavours were spice, tobacco and fresh fig, surprisingly quite nice. Less so with filter coffee?
  14. What’s your method? Not having that much sucess. I regret selling my Hausgrind I think my Hario mini is letting me down.
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