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  1. It wasn't DOA so I doubt you have any leg to stand on with regards to buying something secondhand that was working when it arrived.
  2. Disclaimer: I have never worked in a cafe but from what I can tell, good cafes tend to clean their grinders on a regular basis. I owned the Compak E8 and ended up selling it because cleaning the damn thing was an absolute nightmare. Coffee grounds seemed to get everywhere and after you managed to get it back together you had to dial it in all over again. I now have a battered old Mythos Plus (basically a mythos one) and I can remove the top burr, clean it and have it back running in about 5 minutes if its a quick clean. No need to recalibrate. The E8 took me about 45 minutes, wasn't as clean and I had to waste a load of coffee dialing it in again. No idea about the specialita but the E8 was just baffling in its awful design. Good at grinding coffee but very frustrating to clean.
  3. I wasn't very clear, sorry. It worked out of the box. The digital PI module wasn't working in so far as I couldn't change any of the settings as one of the buttons on the control panel wouldn't work until the jumper was fitted. Not a show stopped but coupled with the other issues has me questioning Fracinos QC.
  4. Yeah, I was somewhat miffed despite Reiss getting parts sent out next day via expensive courier. Honestly, I haven't learned much because outside of the electronics, they are simple machines and replacing the jumper was an easy job once I got it open. I'm quite handy so this sort of thing isn't a concern. I have heard bad things about Fracino and their attention to detail but I think almost all the LR owners on here haven't really had any issues (apart from the wireless dongle being held in by the owners prayers and a slight amount of friction.) Hopefully I have just been unlucky.
  5. I assume it will be manufactured by Fracino like all their other machines. Have to say, as much as I love the LR, I have not been impressed with Fracino. LR arrived missing a jumper for the Digital PI module that rendered it useless. Had to get that sent out to me and had to take apart the PI module to install. Went through 2 anti-vac valves before I got one that worked and didn't leak (probably just a bad batch rather than fracino). Nut behind the group head was leaking and oozing sealant. Took the steam wand tip off the other day to find that they had cross threaded it. I wondered why it needed a wrench to get it all the way off. Reiss has been great about solving these problems but Fracino seem like their quality control is honestly crap.
  6. When did dave change his avatar. I can't pick out his posts anymore. Where was the consultation on this?
  7. I would perhaps question how likely a cheap tamper is to actually be the tolerance that it claims. I might be wrong but that is generally where manufacturing can save costs.
  8. Seems identical apart from the innards being 24V DC. The pump seems almost silent vs reasonably noise in the R. Beyond that there doesn't seem any real differences. Glad I got mine before this. Paid £2550 ish and got the stirrer and funnel as well. Saved about £800 over the R24
  9. Wow! Thats going for a lot of money!
  10. I imagine there might be a fair bit of commercial grade equipment changing hands as some coffee shops don't survive all this. Beyond that there will probably be a slight uptick in people selling their coffee gear if they end up back in the office full time.
  11. Unsurprisingly when I went to adjust the pressure it wouldn't work. It had been offline since the 13th may apparently so very soon after it was installed. Why you ask? Because it is held in by the words weakest metal to metal friction connection and it had simply fallen out of the socket. Its pretty poor that the reason your wireless device isn't working is because its fallen out of its socket.
  12. I don't expect that either but we are entitled to our opinion on subjective matters and I think that for the most part his content lacks any real depth or value. The truly good channels don't always have great production, material or insight but they have something. For me, his channel doesn't. Its just a channel trying to get in on that youtube money.
  13. What do you think he is trying to achieve with them. Hes not adding anything to the conversation and is basically just another youtube coffee "person". The best youtubers are doing something different or putting a different spin on a topic.
  14. Have you watched many of his videos?
  15. Hes one of those "influencers" who are a very quick to promote something they like or think and don't really have to worry about whether they are promoting crap or talking crap. The epitome of the modern idea that you should have an opinion on every topic and be willing to publicly express that opinion no matter how stupid.
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