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  1. What Dave said. The pucks come out so dry that they always knock out in one go and leave very little residue in the basket. A few seconds later that residue is dry as a bone and can be wiped/brushed out. My general rule about the machine being up to temp is if the metal just below the lever handle is warm.
  2. They look lovely IMO but they have been asked a lot about some sort of pricing estimate and have been completely silent on it. I imagine they are going to be monolith money. Perhaps more.
  3. I think the problem is that currently the vocal minority are dictating policy to the majority. When the loudest voices and the most outraged voices are the ones listened to there is a problem. I am neither a fan of Brexit nor Donald Trump but you can't tell me that the current woke rhetoric in the mainstream media actually reflects the opinions and views of the majority of society. This isn't related to the forum issues of late but I'm just saying that there is very much a section of society that is perma-offended and instead of being laughed at and ignored, they are being pandered to.
  4. Its too much money for me but £2k on a mountain bike... maybe thats OK...
  5. Getting a monolith is really hard. Their pre-orders sell out within minutes usually. Its like any hobby, some people consider £500 for a bike expensive and some people consider £6k reasonable. Some people spend £4k on their car and others spend £40k to do exactly the same thing.
  6. Can you tick multiple boxes?
  7. Ahh its fine, intent is hard to judge online. I would say the lines between bigotry and hate speech are very very blurred right now in a lot of ways. Thats the reason those words have lost a lot of their strength for me. The number of times I have seen someone accused of anti-semitism because they said something about someone Jewish (not related to their ethnicity or religion) or accused of racism because they dare to question anything BLM related. I think the problem with the idea of calling people out on these things is that unless its a very cut and dry case, you just make them
  8. I am honestly not sure of the intricacies of what happened. I'm not trying to minimise anything as I don't know exactly what transpired and all that is drifting around is suggestions and implications so its very hard to have too strong an opinion from the outside. What I am very aware of is the current trend within society to deem anything that is directed towards any minority as hate speech and for the word bigot etc to be thrown around rather loosely. Calling people such tends to get their hackles up as well. Just to clarify; there is no excuse for bullying or general nasty behaviour
  9. This is all really sad to be honest. I have found DaveC to be a really valuable member of these forums and although I might not agree with some of his personal views or politics he has always been very helpful whenever I have had issues. He has gone above and beyond on many occasions. That being said, Mildred has always seemed lovely and although I have never had dealings with her personally, her positive contributions to the forums have always been very much noticed and I have never heard a bad word against her. I feel like if you put all the parties involved in this together in a room they w
  10. Its funny you say that because thats one of the reasons I love my lever. I have to re-grease the bore every so often and eventually I will have to replace the piston seals but beyond that its the easiest machine to use. I had an E61 before this and there was far more crap behind the screen, I had to backflush with cleaner etc regularly. With a lever like the LR you literally just pull a shot, move the cup out of the way at the right weight of espresso and either let it go into the drip tray or into another container. Wait another 20s for the lever to finish, knock out the dry (always) puc
  11. Nah you're right, you don't need that silent operation or the tasty new stamped logo.
  12. Im not jealous, you're jealous! Have you got your eye on one of the LR24's Mildred?
  13. If you get a new machine you will want to factor in the cost of supplying treated water to it to avoid this happening to the new machine. As a quick aside, the Sage Dual boiler and those type of more complex modern machines will suffer from scale more than the classic style of machine. I had a Sage DB and it was a good machine but descaling it was a bit of a PITA when it went wrong. I don't know if they have fixed it but a common issue with with the descale port clogging. The actual process of descaling it is super easy but it was definitely hit and miss.
  14. Perfect timing. Thanks for the heads up @MinesAbeer Went for the Unkle Funka of course
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