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  1. I've been doing this for a few years and I still don't make really good micro foam every time. Very small changes can make a big difference. I find there does come a point where too little milk is almost impossible to texture as the power of the steam either absolutely hammers it and adds too much air or it simply heats far too quickly. The smallest amount of milk I usually get away with is usually 150ml in a 350ml jug.
  2. Haha, I never thought you were being rude, I just assumed you knew they were grindz. I they weren't you would be right! Very Anaemic! That being said I have seen some beans on here that look like they have been shown a roaster and then bagged without ever feeling its warm embrace.
  3. I can make a very poor espresso at home which to drink "neat" would be quite unpleasant. When I change beans and the grind needs a dramatic change I will quite often have 2-3 shots where the espresso is poor as I go through the settings. If I put those poor espressos into a latte, they are totally fine and drinkable. The milk and the sweetness in it hides a lot of the errors in the espresso. I've been to quite a few coffee shops and very few do really good espresso yet I have never had a bad latte. Some have been better than others but I have never thought "god this is awful"
  4. Full fat milk hides almost all sins and then factor in the crap that most people add on top of that and you could put instant coffee in most peoples latte and they wouldn't know the difference. I reckon if you drank espresso from all these coffee shops you would have a very different opinion.
  5. I assume you are joking here 🙂 If this was ~£1000 I would be all over it but the price is just a bit too high to make me pull the trigger.
  6. If you want to truly experience the flavours of coffee and especially ligher roasts I have found pourover is the best way to do that by a mile. I do love a milky coffee and an espresso but I am sometimes tempted to bin it all off for a really good quality SD grinder and some pourover gear.
  7. One of the SD flat grinders I would love but I doubt it would be an improvement in the cup over what I have and it would certainly put a big hole in my wallet! Enjoy! Looks really nice.
  8. Yeah, you have to outwit the little blighters. Just steam the milk as usual and then add to the chocolate mixture afterwards.
  9. Bit of an odd one really. I always find that for the first week after a regrease it runs really nicely and then starts to build up a little more friction. Hard to say from the sound but it kind of sounds like it not rubber gripping so as iroko suggests, have a look at the spring position. See if its binding at all at the bottom of the lever where the pivot etc is.
  10. I reckon it will go for close to £1000. More and more people have been getting into coffee during lockdown and these have a mythical allure to some people. They seem to pop up in the US for crazy money reasonably regularly. Someone was asking $2400 for a 1980s one the other day.
  11. Yep, someone will have offered them far less than its worth outside of ebay.
  12. Are you talking specifically of that single archive you can't open? In general Big Sur has been fine apart from a couple of restarts and I haven't had any problems with the archive utility.
  13. Dave must have his mitts on this already no?
  14. Cheers Dave, been looking forward to this for a while! p.s. Whoever chose to use that sway.office for the review should be shot! I hope that wasn't you Dave! If there is one thing that should never be fucked with on the web, its scrolling....
  15. Yeah, the black makes colour choice a little harder I think. I really like the colour though. As with all high end gear though, all the people that make acessories price them accordingly with somewhat of a markup.
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