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  1. Expect a slew of @joey24dirt accessories to be coming to a forum near you as well. Hes just got one so I reckon you will be able to replace the crappy magnetic tamper with a nice, well fitting one soon!
  2. I agree with your sentiment towards the competition but im not so sure about the "art of roasting". Surely that is something where the end goal is the extract the most out of a bean via your roasting so if a profile from someone half way across the world does that then isn't it all the same thing. A lot of people (myself included) simply don't have the desire or time to get to grips with roasting on a slightly less forgiving roaster so something that does 99% of the work would be perfect for me. I wouldn't necessarily be claiming that I have any roasting skills but my main desire for it would be to reduce the cost of beans a little, play with roast profiles that are easily repeatable and give myself a super simple way to keep myself in beans without having to think about ordering every few weeks and keeping stock of whats left vs how much I am using.
  3. Ooh yes please! To the starter and the recipe
  4. There is something beautiful about these massive, simple lever machines that I love.
  5. I think we can probably agree that it wasn't 100% transparent but it is now. @Polly - for some reason there is quite a lot of suspicion whenever anyone plugs a new product on here. It happened with the Niche, the Minima and is probably something to do with the coffee market being a little stale for a long time and suddenly the market is getting a lot of new products. Some good, some bad. In general its a great forum but sometimes people just get into little arguments about semantics. I would love to get a little roaster like this personally. The Gene cafe seems quite involved and I think I have read too much about things like mods, smoking your house out when you make a mistake or your mains voltages being slightly variable effecting roast. That being said, loads of people love theirs. I want a small roaster I can use in the kitchen that can reproduce roast profiles accurately and accept profiles from people who know what they are doing. The Ikawa sounds good but its literally a 2 double shot roaster. Too small for me. @John Robson When these come to the UK, do you have a rough idea on pricing vs importing one.
  6. Shame there isn't an importer of these as they do sound like an interesting product. I would love to roast my own beans but the information on lower end roasters is so variable. Some claim to get amazing results from the Gene Cafe and others seem to really struggle.
  7. Mine arrived earlier today. Will get into these in a few days. Thanks to anyone and everyone involved in sorting these out!
  8. Every high end phone manufacturer does exactly the same thing Dave. That P30 you have is no more repairable than an iPhone. It might be a bit cheaper to repair but at least with Apple you get 5+ years of software updates instead of 1 or 2 if you are lucky with 95% of android devices. They are creating cutting edge devices with a huge amount of functionality that needs to be squeezed into as small a package as possible. Phones have literally gone from being a mobile phone to being a top class camera, a pocket movie screen that is better quality than your TV, something that organises your entire life and much more in the span of less than 10 years. If we had the right to repair and made phones repairable easily then we would still be in the place we were 5 years ago. Its literally the ability to create a new processor, memory management system coupled with the latest and fastest storage every year without worrying about your last phone that has enabled us to do this. I think all top end phones are overpriced but the hate Apple get is unjustified in most cases. I don't quite know why people who like android feel the need to try and persuade everyone who uses an iPhone that they are an idiot and android is clearly the better choice. I have used both over the last 10 years and both are good but I prefer iOS to android. You pay your money and take your choice but we are on a forum where some of us have £15 worth of coffee equipment. Coffee equipment, even at the cutting edge is basic as hell compared to even the simplest of smartphones. Its all about what people feel is value for money and what they are happy to spend their money on.
  9. They look and feel lovely. Its one of the things that I haven't even considered upgrading/changing but I guess the really nice Torr tampers are kind of the end game of tampers.
  10. Pringles lids have been found to be the most useful useless accessory.
  11. 1. Hairy_Hogg (Chris) 2. mctrials23 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.
  12. I did very little other than some grease on the thread and o ring. Its a complete replacement of the top cap part of the group and then the little knob can freely rotate 360 degrees. One thing that isn't quite right however is that its not completely halting the flow of water through the group when its completely closed. Its still letting about 2.5ml/s through which I don't think is right. If I leave the valve completely closed it has a really slow ramp up but still hits about 8 bar without me opening it. If I put a blind basket in and open the valve fully the pressure gauge reads 11 bar. Should I be tweaking the OPV to reduce that?
  13. Any movement on price. I can collect but I need to get this past the missus.
  14. I ordered the profitec one from BB in the end. Just seemed easier and better value than the Lelit one. So far, the two shots I have pulled with it have been better than usual. I am nowhere near getting the hang of it yet as I seem to get no flow and then when I turn it up to try and get a low pressure pre-infusion it seems to just climb up to full pressure albeit quite gradually. I assume this is due to the control coming too late in the system in order to be very responsive. Basically I will need to get better at identifying roughly how to operate the paddle to get my desired pressures without just reacting to the gauge change. That being said, its immediately produced better shots than before even though I am awful with the paddle control. The slower ramp up is definitely making a difference. Will report back once I have mastered it a little more.
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