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  1. Wow people are desperate for the Niche Zero. Paying best part of £800 for it and there are still 5 days left on the auction.
  2. Sounds like the seller is making it up. Even at commercial prices, coffee shops won't be chucking 100g of coffee away after every grind change. I have a Mythos and whenever I change the setting I either pure a shots worth or simply use it in a milk drink which hides any horrors of a bad grind up to a point.
  3. Oh no, everyones worst nightmare! If my partner knew how much my kit cost she might murder me so I try not to pull on that thread too often in any way. Only takes a sniff before they are onto you!
  4. I know that filter isn't going to change the caffeine intake much, its more than espresso is something that seems much harder to do if you only use it at weekends. I also have about £3k of espresso gear that would be sitting here being wasted. As to what method I will be using, probably V60 and french press for the most part. I'm somewhat temptd by the Lagom P64 but thats quite a lot of money for a brew grinder.
  5. I've realised recently that I don't really get on well with drinking too much caffeine and it tends to give me brain fog and generally has quite a lot of adverse effects on me. As a result I am getting rid of my espresso machine and grinder and downsizing to a brew setup that I can use at weekends. My question for you guys is what grinders are you all using if you don't have to worry about espresso. I have a Mythos Pro which is a great grinder but its not very low retention and if I am drinking the occasional brew in the week and only a couple on weekends its not the right grinder. I
  6. He knowledgable and has access to a wide range of coffee equipment that most people can only dream of. I like him in general. Makes a nice video.
  7. Sounds good. Send me over your address in a private message and I will have a look at the cost.
  8. Roasted on the 4th Jan so just over 3 weeks rested and unopen. Looking for £18 delivered. Selling because I have been cutting down a lot lately on my caffeine intake due to a couple of health issues and this won't get used before its well past its best. Will post same day as sold.
  9. Yep, all happens very quickly and with a powerful steam boiler its just too much for a small quantity of milk even in a small jug. The steam just hit the bottom of the pitcher and reflects back with too much force and makes it almost impossible to control.
  10. I've been doing this for a few years and I still don't make really good micro foam every time. Very small changes can make a big difference. I find there does come a point where too little milk is almost impossible to texture as the power of the steam either absolutely hammers it and adds too much air or it simply heats far too quickly. The smallest amount of milk I usually get away with is usually 150ml in a 350ml jug.
  11. Haha, I never thought you were being rude, I just assumed you knew they were grindz. I they weren't you would be right! Very Anaemic! That being said I have seen some beans on here that look like they have been shown a roaster and then bagged without ever feeling its warm embrace.
  12. I can make a very poor espresso at home which to drink "neat" would be quite unpleasant. When I change beans and the grind needs a dramatic change I will quite often have 2-3 shots where the espresso is poor as I go through the settings. If I put those poor espressos into a latte, they are totally fine and drinkable. The milk and the sweetness in it hides a lot of the errors in the espresso. I've been to quite a few coffee shops and very few do really good espresso yet I have never had a bad latte. Some have been better than others but I have never thought "god this is awful"
  13. Full fat milk hides almost all sins and then factor in the crap that most people add on top of that and you could put instant coffee in most peoples latte and they wouldn't know the difference. I reckon if you drank espresso from all these coffee shops you would have a very different opinion.
  14. I assume you are joking here 🙂 If this was ~£1000 I would be all over it but the price is just a bit too high to make me pull the trigger.
  15. If you want to truly experience the flavours of coffee and especially ligher roasts I have found pourover is the best way to do that by a mile. I do love a milky coffee and an espresso but I am sometimes tempted to bin it all off for a really good quality SD grinder and some pourover gear.
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