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  1. mctrials23

    Mara X

    I do wonder how much of all the pressure profiling stuff is necessary for lighter roasts. From reading around a lot of forums, most people with pressure/flow profiling end up with a couple of profiles, usually ones that mimic a traditional spring lever and then a more traditional E61 pull for the medium/darker roasts. Then for lighter roasts the main thing you want is that slow pre-infusion which the mara gives.
  2. mctrials23

    Mara X

    @Badgerman How quickly are you able to knock out the milk based drinks and what is your workflow. I like the size and slow ramp up of this machine but I fear i would miss the positives of a dual boiler if I swapped to one of these.
  3. Lets be honest, the scumbags of society won't listen to this and the whole thing will be dragged out far longer than it needs to be. The advice has been pretty simple to follow for a few weeks and yet huge numbers of people have ignored it. I was out on my own in a local forest on my bike and there were large groups of people standing around chatting, holding hands and generally ignoring any of the advice. I don't think people realise how shit this could all get if we don't take serious action. Economically this is horrendous but the longer we are on a serious lockdown, the worse it will be for millions of peoples physical and mental wellbeing. All those people who barely exercise and are borderline housebound now will probably never recover from this.
  4. Air in the pipe that feeds the manometer I think.
  5. @DavecUK might be someone who can help.
  6. Its good to see these coffee start up offering such great customer care. Niche, Decent and Kaffelogic all seem to be doing something really cool and offering great customer care at the same time.
  7. What kind of coffee do you like? The L1 seems to be best suited for medium + roasts so if you like lighter roasts I would perhaps look at something else. There is an L1 in the members market along with an LR depending on your budget and requirements.
  8. Have they updated this Dave? I thought the elizabeth was released a year or so ago.
  9. Apart from the malabar that all sounds wonderful.
  10. I know where Dave lives so if worst comes to worst I can go and do some midnight roasting and be gone before the morning. He will never know anyone was there (apart from the fire and what not)
  11. Out of interest, how do you go about doing this? If your business isn't doing that well anyway, a loan isn't going to help. You will start up again with the same issue but a loan to pay back as well. Giving people money isn't really an option. How do you decide how much to give people and who gets that money. What are they doing in Germany?
  12. Isn't the bigger issue: A) Loads of coffee shops shutting for who knows how long so no need for coffee B) Loads of coffee shops potentially closing for good after this. Businesses that have a large private consumer marketshare will probably be OK but those companies that rely mainly on commercial clients will really struggle.
  13. Ebay seems to be making it harder and harder to just set a postage amount you want to charge. You have to pick a service and weight or size and it tells you what that costs. The number of times recently I have lost out massively on postage because I didn't spend 20 minutes working it all out pre-listing.
  14. Mug doesn't even start to cover that. I like the LM but I would never consider getting one brand new for full price and for a secondhand one I would want to be paying around the £2k mark for one in very good condition.
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