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  1. Lovely machine and liking the worktop as well. Is it marble?
  2. Thanks mate, I was thinking a little hand grinder and then you enter another rabbit hole of options.
  3. Well I've kind of just being using a bit of trial and error with getting it to a temp I like, I've not been scientific about it, just flushed for 5-6 secs and then I'm good to go. I should probably get a temp gauge to see where I'm actually at.
  4. I've never felt the need for one on mine, but have you seen massive fluctuations in the temp?
  5. Thanks for the write up, it sounds like it could fit my requirements perfectly.
  6. Once you've got a hang of it would love to hear what you think and how easy its been to pull some decent shots
  7. Funny enough I did think about powder coating mine as well, after seeing a picture of a black one, but couldn't find anywhere in the UK that might do it. There are more customisation options in other countries that we don't have over here, I'm sure that will change over time as it gets more popular. There are defo a few quirks though but it makes a good cup of coffee. if you don't have one, a smart plug to turn it on 30mins before you wanna pull a shot is a good idea, saves waiting around for it to heat up.
  8. Yeah defo see what you mean, the black sides do make it look a bit slimmer.
  9. Congratulations, look forward to the pictures once you're up and running. Not seen many people with a Serie Nera version either.
  10. Always loved the look of the Robot, just need to take my brave pill and get one.
  11. My Appartamento brings a smile to my face every morning, love the little brute. Appreciate that's not very helpful 🤣
  12. That Helios is something I'm considering but probably will have to wait until I can get it second hand. Lovely setup btw
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