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  1. I've pretty much been over dosing on coffee since getting her back! lol
  2. Just to update machine was picked up today from https://espressoclinic.com/. The parts where replaced and it's working perfectly now. Nice guy running it so if in London would defo recommend. He had various machines in his workshop (Lelit/profitec etc) in for repair as well.
  3. Thanks mate, the part is in now so should be able to pick it up today.
  4. Just came across the thread. How are you finding the E65S?
  5. It's coming up to 4 years old now. In the end I took it to the espresso clinic place and they've said its the circuit board, apparently quite a common issue with the earlier Rocket Appartamento models. He had another one with the same issue so had already ordered some boards. The delivery is taking slightly longer than expected though so still waiting for it to be fixed.
  6. So resetting the limit switch didn't work and not getting anything from BB. Has anyone ever used these guys: https://espressoclinic.com/
  7. Thanks for the reply having done a quick google ,it looks the thing to start with is resetting the high limit switch. I'll try that then look into the pstat replacement.
  8. Hello Hoping someone might be able to help. My machine is turning on but I've got zero on the boiler pressure gauge and no hot water or steam coming out of the wands. I've unplugged etc and turned it all back on, but the sound it usually makes at this point with the boiler coming up and a bit of a clanky noise isn't there. When I pull the lever water does come out of the group head though. It's on a wifi timer so this morning it had been on for a good 45mins or so before I checked. Any one have an idea of what it might be? Its coming up to 4 years old and it was bought from
  9. Has anyone used/or know much about the Compak grind by weight grinders? http://www.compakgrinders.com/en/mundocompak-noticias-detalle-71.php I know the Baratza 270w been out for a while but this looks like the first "high end" version.
  10. All fair points mate.
  11. 18g VST for me, just can't get it to work for me. Gone back to the stock basket I got with the machine.
  12. TBH i think there are genuine people willing to help on the forum, maybe their delivery though is blunt, with a side serving of if your "machine doesn't do this then go away' The one thing that is clear is the lack of different topics. Its all I want a new machine etc and by default it's the same two machines. For newbies maybe they should have a survey and at the end just say buy same brand machine A or B from BB. Hopefully as we go through the year there are some new machines/grinders etc that can be spoken about. And yes I do realise I've not really contributed much as a me
  13. Just to follow up, I got the low water light this weekend and there was still some water in the tank, not much mind you.
  14. I swear I've always seen some water in there when the low water light starts flashing, I'll check again on the next refill. @Bigbrownbear - +1 on the booklet 😂
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