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  1. As people have noted, there's not much that can go wrong with a machine to the extent that it would screw up the deal. Rust is not really the issue; the most common issue for a machine of that age will be that the boiler is corroded. It's not that easy to detect though. If you really push it, you can ask the seller to open the top and you can peer into the machine. The giveaway of a really corroded boiler will be the four boiler bolts being rusted and corroded. However, even a corroded boiler is 'fixable' outside of the extreme case. Basically, as long as the machine looks like it's
  2. A number of people have noted issues with unreliable temperature control in the MeCoffee PID, particularly as it concerns the steam operation. From @davidk21770 @JeanDit and @EdsEspresso had long discussions about issues with steam operability, for example, this post wonders why the PID has such issues stopping the boiler at 125 vs. 100. In the first post of the German thread linked by @JeanDit Recently @Daniel R provided a wonderful clear picture of the temperature sensor: I've reviewed the data sheets, and the LM35DT does not seem to act
  3. I'm sure most people are a bit bored of these discussions that are about the components, but anyways. The pink sheet underneath is a heatsink transfer sheet which avoids the use of thermal compound: "Heatsink Transistor Mount Kit for use with TO-220" via RS 712-8225
  4. No replies to this because I suspect it is quite difficult to answer. Basically, water filtration through ion exchange (Brita or similar) is cheap but not extremely effective. You can see the short notes by James Hoffman here. The standard reference is usually via an alt.coffee post by Jim Shulman. Unfortunately it is pretty long and slightly rambling (not unusual for the fact it was written for a usenet). Fortunately there is a precise statement that applies to your question. Firstly, as it pertains to standard Brita filters: The intake filters that you are referencing are t
  5. Ahah! That must be it (I stand corrected as I noted, it's difficult to tell the difference between 'D' and '0' on mine). Here is the data sheet for it (It is rated from -50C to 150C): https://www.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/lm35.pdf?HQS=TI-null-null-digikeymode-df-pf-null-wwe&ts=1601127332616 It's an analog sensor. I'd be keen to know what is the pink sheet they use underneath the sensor...maybe some sort of thermal bonding double-sided sticker?
  6. @Inspector Great! It would be nice to get the warmup vs. steady-state values if you can somehow obtain them. It would be good to know how much more expensive it is to keep the machine on vs. constantly warming up. I think that your approximation of 0.1 or 0.12 kWh for the 30-45minute warmup is good. If you can obtain the figure from say, that point on for an hour that would be useful.
  7. £160 for stocked re-furnished +£10 Silvia wand +£70 PID +£20 gauge +£10 dimmer (dimmers are super cheap but what is expensive is the pump replacement) =£270 Keep in mind that there is good argument to go down to £250 and also up to £300.
  8. What is holding the spring in? The way the OPV works, the spring needs to be held under tension. Once the fluid exceeds a certain pressure, the spring compresses, letting water flow out. So your spring needs to be held at the start and end points. An adjustable OPV allows you to move one of these two locations. Compressing the spring lowers the pressure while keeping it uncompressed elevates the pressure. http://www.espressomyespresso.com/opv.html So I'm super confused about what you wrote then. As you said: On the ad it is clearly written: So... Edit: Oh, I think th
  9. Simple question: can anybody with an energy monitor plug or smartplug provide energy usage In the first 30 minutes of warmup In the 30 minutes once the machine has reached steady state Preferably with a PID (but non-PID numbers would still be interesting).
  10. @fly3k maybe a dumb question, but did you not just get this one from shock_waves_shop? That one is fully adjustable from 8-14bar. Is the one you bought not the same? Can the central cylinder not be disassembled, yielding an inner spring with an adjustable bolt?
  11. From a fluid mechanical perspective, I don't think gravitational forces (and hence the importance of the machine being level) make a difference on that scale and at the pressures involved. Interesting question that might not be hard to test though, by preparing a number of identical shots and putting your machine at progressively larger tilt angles.
  12. Good deal. I was tempted to ask for a post as well.
  13. Wow. Unique. Not sure I like it, but it's pretty cool. I wouldn't be surprised if that one got way over asking by private message and the seller ended the sale prematurely. You probably know that in theory you can get yourself a stainless steel boiler from the Gaggia Classic 2015-2018 models (the ones with the push buttons), which are arguably not as in demand. That said, if you can get a good condition Silvia in the £200-250 range, I think it's a perfectly good purchase (all the caveats of the Silvia remain with its temperature issues). Put it another way, you can probably bu
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