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  1. I've been really enjoying a kg of these from Origin for both espresso and milk drinks (don't seem to be available directly from the Origin website anymore): https://www.saladmafia.co.uk/product-page/liza-lot-1-4-decaf-origin-coffee
  2. Thanks - was thinking there might be something that could be taken from the world of computing alright
  3. That's probably the bottom line alright... if it has to be cooled to that extent options will be limited. That said it's strange that the fan is enabled even when the boilers aren't. I know from building computers that the same level of cooling can be delivered in different (and quieter!) ways so worth investigating further.
  4. Hi all, The Strada has a two stage powering on process whereby the user: turns a switch (which illuminates the display which then reads "OFF") then presses and holds a button briefly to actually start the machine My issue is that a very loud fan is enabled following completion of step one when the machine is to all intents and purposes still off. I believe the fan is to cool the logic board but I'm wondering can it be safely disabled / swapped for a quieter fan / run at a lower speed. I expect I will have to get in touch with a LM tech to have a look but thought it
  5. RoryM

    Custom Linea

    LOL, right you are... small world here. Was tempted to get a white one in the UK but didn't want to get into the whole courier/shipping thing after a recent bad experience
  6. RoryM

    Custom Linea

    Not at all. I live in Dublin and just bought a used Linea mini in a colour that I intend to change so keen to go and see as many modded machines as I can. I'm not aware of that many non fully standard machines around here hence this is actually of interedt to me.
  7. RoryM

    Custom Linea

    Mmm... might see can I wander out to inspect in the flesh.
  8. I picked that Soviet Bus Stops one up in a shop in LA a few weeks ago. It did strike me as one of the more obscure themes for a book that I've seen Gotta do my homework and finish Harry Potter in Spanish first
  9. Two dream setups... inspiration while I search for a low mileage used La Marzocco...
  10. Can't find the link to the recipe I've been using for the last while but its french press grind, 8-10 hours in fridge with a 1:13 ratio. I pour it througha Chemex filter when it's done. Absolutely love it and its almost effortless. Sometime drink as is sometimes dilute c. 2:1 also. Happy experimenting!
  11. Looks interesting enough to at least sign up to their mailing list... would be great to see a locally designed and manufaxtured device
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