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  1. The same thing happened to me, until I started making sure not to tip it too far when flipping it over. so, just turn it over carefully into the vertical position and no further. Now it very rarely happens.
  2. I'd like to convert the steam and hot water knobs on my ECM Barista to levers. Has anyone done this, or know if it's possible / straightforward? Thanks.
  3. I'm in my mid-60s and agree with you 100%. Well said.
  4. Agreed. I had a Classic for about 12 years before upgrading to an ECM Barista a couple of years ago, and I lost count of the number of times I had to strip down the solenoid valve to remove blockages. It's an annoyingly awkward procedure!
  5. I think it's a combination of cheap robusta beans and the contents of any convenient ashtrays!
  6. Currently very much enjoying their El Salvador Los Nogales and the Honduras Clave de Sol Honey. I think both would fit your criteria.
  7. I'm in Oxfordshire too. There's a roaster based in Wheatley called Colombia Coffee Roasters (I think), and they're about to open a café/shop in Summertown.
  8. I'm outside Oxford, just near the M40 if that's more convenient. Also have the Niche. Used to have a Classic, but upgraded a couple of years ago to an ECM Barista.
  9. Yes it was a bit of an old curmudgeon response!
  10. Does anyone else find the snowflakes on Rave's website intensely irritating? Maybe twenty years ago that sort of gimmick was fresh and amusing, but I think we've moved on...
  11. Dammit! Forgot about Black Friday and ordered mine yesterday.
  12. Ordered a kg today. I'll report back after they've arrived and rested for a few days.
  13. As I recall he liked coffee from fairly obscure places. Big Eyed Beans From Venus being a case in point.
  14. My bad, didn't scroll down far enough.
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