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  1. I upgraded from the a sage DT to Mara x. I wasn't intending to spend that much more, but i couldn't see a worth while way to upgrade with a new machine by spending less. So far I am really happy with it. Been a slight learning curve in using it. BB were on hand to offer support. It certainly gets a thumbs up from me.
  2. what happening with your grinds, do you have both grinders then?
  3. ajohn thanks for your reply. I upgraded from a sage smart grinder and still have it, would feel weird using it along side the Mazza SJ. Ironically I never drank decaf or nearly as much coffee as I do now with the upgraded kit. I think for ease, convivence and consistency I would rather purchase another mazzer or similar and have one for decaf and caffeinated beans. I do not switch between caffeinated beans. What do you grinds cup orientated? I probably would have gone for a Niche if they were available at time I got mazza, but I simply could not use a smart grinder with a new mara x
  4. Thanks for reply RobDGio. I have a mara x and steam wand is a decent length so no issue with using a larger milk pitcher.
  5. How many people use multiple grinders? Having recently upgraded coffee equipment I find that I no longer drink just two coffees a day it is more like 4/5. So as a result I buy Decaf beans as well and switch between the two. I have a Mazzer SJ modified for single dosing. But switching between beans is PITA having to dial in the grinder and leads to extractions that are not consistent. Obtaining a second grinder seems excessive, but cannot think of an alternative. Given that beans need adjusting as they get older I wonder how people manage this?
  6. I have been drinking my interpretation of a flat white 18g of coffee in 36g out in roughly 30 seconds. Glass I use is Duralex glass 220ml according to description. However, they only hold at best 200ml to the brim how does that work then? So approximately 160ml of milk. 140-160ml of milk seems to be the general description of milk volume in a flat white so not too far off. How much head should they have? I have aimed for about 8/9mm in height or there about. Some say only enough to hold latte art, but how much is that? I have been using a 450ml sage milk pitcher the only one I have ever used
  7. Be good to know what you think. All the reviews seem really positive. Niche now have their own website you can order from. I sense a price hike imminently.
  8. Didn't see it Dave, not sure it was posted at time of my purchase. I did get the SJ off a nice chap on the forum though.
  9. I got a second hand Mazzer Super Jolly in the end. I couldn't hang around with new Mara x in the kitchen, wait time on the other two grinders was just to long to keep using the sage smart grinder. Within several uses of it I knew it needed modding due to the mess it creates. Within a week the Daniel Design doserless mod arrived and was fitted, what a difference. Great communication from Daniel and quick delivery. Really pleased with grinder.
  10. It was lipless, quite amazing much less mess there is with the mod
  11. Hi Newdent, Thanks for reply, the mod is on its way, I left it too late to choose before it was shipped, so it will be a surprise. I love the mazzer SJ but do not know how people put up with the doser and mess without a mod in the domestic environment. Should be here Monday cant wait!
  12. Daniel Wong sells two doser cups one of which has two ridges, are there any particular benefits to this one over the one without?
  13. I could not work out how to do that, I think joined indiegogo but that's as far as I could figue it out. How you enjoying the grinder?
  14. Thanks Dave, read review and would consider this model, however, only available in a carbon wrap at present which is a definite no for me.
  15. Hello, Upgrading from sage equipment, now have a mara x. Cannot decide on grinder. If I could buy one now I would be tempted with a Niche. However they are not available. It has been suggested by staff at BB to buy a Eureka Mignon. I mainly grind light to medium beans. Am I missing other models in the new market that I could be considering? Obviously open to single dose or hopper.
  16. I have a 3 year old Sage DT for sale. The steam function doesn't work but still extracts an expresso, not sure what it is worth? open to offers. Can post in its original packaging.

    • FOR SALE
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    3 year old Sage Duo Temp for sale. Steam function has stopped working but still extracts an expresso. Open to offers, can be sent in post in original packaging.


    , Herefordshire

  18. Sage DT with faults for sale View Advert 3 year old Sage Duo Temp for sale. Steam function has stopped working but still extracts an expresso. Open to offers, can be sent in post in original packaging. Advertiser muffs Date 09/04/21 Price Category Machines  
  19. The 480ml milk jug that comes with the sage dtp is only suitable for making one drink, any suggestions for a larger jug that will work with the dtp, it only needs to do the milk for two flat whites. Concern is that if the jug is much bigger the tip will not touch the milk.
  20. Slightly off topic,however, I have a smart pro grinder being delivered next week. Currently using this for grinding coffee beans. http://www.krups.co.uk/coffee-grinder-gvx231 thinking I might use it to replace the spice krups spice grinder which is on its way out which is this model http://www.krups.co.uk/coffee-mill-f20342 the difference if that the spice grinder has blades, any reason why the top coffee grinder would not work for whole spices including cinamon sticks?
  21. Yeah I know I do not have the hang of it yet but I am trying. Any ways I rather like the outcome of the design so I am passing it off as an abstract tulip. .
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