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  1. Thanks for the link the brushes look like a good idea. For sure I always wipe then steam. Not sure if have enlarged the hole by using a safety pin to big. The brushes will dedo be a safer way to maintain. Cheers.
  2. Thanks both for reply. I wrongly assumed soaking tip in Purley would be enough. I found a slightly large safety pin and this has helped massively, possibly too much, is there any material inside tip that can be damaged? The milk expanded twice its volume in a blink of an eye.
  3. Mara x few months old, takes 2 minutes to steam milk 220mls, pressure usually 1-1.5ish. I am sure it never use to take so long, is this right? Also when I turn the steam off fully it still steams for upto 5 seconds gradually stopping i am sure it never use to do this. I am only heating milk to the point I cannot keep my hand on jug for a few seconds. Any one else have same experience/thoughts?
  4. Less that 2 months use, gone with bottomless portafilter so not an issue.
  5. I upgraded from the a sage DT to Mara x. I wasn't intending to spend that much more, but i couldn't see a worth while way to upgrade with a new machine by spending less. So far I am really happy with it. Been a slight learning curve in using it. BB were on hand to offer support. It certainly gets a thumbs up from me.
  6. what happening with your grinds, do you have both grinders then?
  7. ajohn thanks for your reply. I upgraded from a sage smart grinder and still have it, would feel weird using it along side the Mazza SJ. Ironically I never drank decaf or nearly as much coffee as I do now with the upgraded kit. I think for ease, convivence and consistency I would rather purchase another mazzer or similar and have one for decaf and caffeinated beans. I do not switch between caffeinated beans. What do you grinds cup orientated? I probably would have gone for a Niche if they were available at time I got mazza, but I simply could not use a smart grinder with a new mara x
  8. Thanks for reply RobDGio. I have a mara x and steam wand is a decent length so no issue with using a larger milk pitcher.
  9. How many people use multiple grinders? Having recently upgraded coffee equipment I find that I no longer drink just two coffees a day it is more like 4/5. So as a result I buy Decaf beans as well and switch between the two. I have a Mazzer SJ modified for single dosing. But switching between beans is PITA having to dial in the grinder and leads to extractions that are not consistent. Obtaining a second grinder seems excessive, but cannot think of an alternative. Given that beans need adjusting as they get older I wonder how people manage this?
  10. I have been drinking my interpretation of a flat white 18g of coffee in 36g out in roughly 30 seconds. Glass I use is Duralex glass 220ml according to description. However, they only hold at best 200ml to the brim how does that work then? So approximately 160ml of milk. 140-160ml of milk seems to be the general description of milk volume in a flat white so not too far off. How much head should they have? I have aimed for about 8/9mm in height or there about. Some say only enough to hold latte art, but how much is that? I have been using a 450ml sage milk pitcher the only one I have ever used
  11. Be good to know what you think. All the reviews seem really positive. Niche now have their own website you can order from. I sense a price hike imminently.
  12. Didn't see it Dave, not sure it was posted at time of my purchase. I did get the SJ off a nice chap on the forum though.
  13. I got a second hand Mazzer Super Jolly in the end. I couldn't hang around with new Mara x in the kitchen, wait time on the other two grinders was just to long to keep using the sage smart grinder. Within several uses of it I knew it needed modding due to the mess it creates. Within a week the Daniel Design doserless mod arrived and was fitted, what a difference. Great communication from Daniel and quick delivery. Really pleased with grinder.
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