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  1. The 480ml milk jug that comes with the sage dtp is only suitable for making one drink, any suggestions for a larger jug that will work with the dtp, it only needs to do the milk for two flat whites. Concern is that if the jug is much bigger the tip will not touch the milk.
  2. Slightly off topic,however, I have a smart pro grinder being delivered next week. Currently using this for grinding coffee beans. http://www.krups.co.uk/coffee-grinder-gvx231 thinking I might use it to replace the spice krups spice grinder which is on its way out which is this model http://www.krups.co.uk/coffee-mill-f20342 the difference if that the spice grinder has blades, any reason why the top coffee grinder would not work for whole spices including cinamon sticks?
  3. Yeah I know I do not have the hang of it yet but I am trying. Any ways I rather like the outcome of the design so I am passing it off as an abstract tulip. .
  4. I have noticed that some people are successfully using a 53mm tamper for the DTP, is this the best size for a 54mm basket that is supplied or should one consider a 54mm tamper up-grade. Also what is it about the supplied sage tamper that people do not like?
  5. first batch of Rave coffee, now I just have to wait a week before I can use.
  6. thanks forum, 2 weeks ago I did not know I would be weighing and timing my coffee "extraction"!!! did not even know the word extraction in the context of making a coffee!
  7. We have just upgraded from a Maggimix expresso machine and never knew have the stuff I did until I researched coffee machines and found this forum. We were using pregound mainly etc, didnt know about weight/extraction times, so the sage pro grinder and our newly found knowledge will be a huge upgrade from where we were to keep us going for plenty of time.
  8. Thanks Wes78, frustraing, got the new coffee machine and want to play with decent beans. Previously we just used to buy lavazza ground coffee and sometimes their beans to grind in the krups, but some valid points there. Got scales and timer due to be delivered tomorrow so havent done any proper timed/weighed extractions
  9. think its out of stock with supplier, guess the krups will have to keep us going.
  10. How frustrating the sage smart grinder is now not available until June, this is too long to wait!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Let me start again, any good recommendations for beans good for expresso coffee, I do not have any particular taste notes that I am looking for as of yet, just good beans in which an expresso can be made from. Thanks Dylan I will have a look at Rave coffee
  12. Any recommendations for good expresso beans from a supplier that does their own roasting, oh and that might even do next day delivery too.
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