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  1. Quick pic of my setup Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  2. Thanks guys. Girlfriend is still current ? In fact she is loving the Oracle and I have to say I'm also very impressed, the workflow is excellent. The built in grinder I would say is ok and definitely good enough for a quick coffee. Hard to tell on the clumps compared to the Niche as the Oracle tamps for you also so you just see a nice finished puck prior to placing for extraction. The Niche will be used for other beans in small quantities as the Sage grinders can't do this but currently I using the Oracle grinder more. Having separate grinders is the win for me as we can switch to decaf in the evening so everything is still simple, just need to manually tamp. The Long Black setting on the Oracle is winning for me right now, both me and the girlfriend use this extensively. I haven't even tried the milk wand yet! Will try and get some lactose free barista milk later to give it a go. Sorry @adam85 I don't have a spare wand cap. Sage can be a little frustrating with their spares, they seem to run them down and then order via sea from Aus! I didn't expect to like this machine as much as I am, and the girlfriend confessed the same to me yesterday but we are both loving it. Works so well in a busy house to provide great coffee quickly without having to force others to become barista's or take on a new hobby.
  3. After many Sage machines, I have now bought an Oracle (non-touch). Current prices are pretty good right now and with discount via work, I picked one up from Curry’s for just over £900. Now this wasn’t the machine I would of chosen myself but it’s worked out to be the ideal compromise for me and the gf to live with. Ever since we realised that we would spend more time in one house, our two coffee machines have been a point of contention [emoji51][emoji38] She owned a Bambino Plus with a Smart Grinder and loved the combo for its ease of use, especially the fast startup time. I had the Dual Boiler with a Niche grinder and loved the performance from this pairing. I managed to move my DB and Niche in a week or so ago but after an internal steam leak, I came round one evening to find it had Ben relegated to the garage and the Bambino was back in situ [emoji849] So out came the credit card and an Oracle purchased in the hope that it could bring harmony back to the house [emoji1787] Pocked it up today and installed it, pretty familiar Sage process really. Got it all going and ran some beans through the grinder and promptly binned. Then I ran my first shot through, pretty impressed really. Did a couple more and again all working well. What I was not expecting is that it seems to sense the basket size and dose accordingly! This really shocked me as I thought it was going to be one major issue as the gf single doses mainly. Especially like the Long Black setup as that takes care of my main drink. Ran through it with Emma and she was blown away by it, claiming it to be be far better than expected and most importantly, better than the Bambino!! At last I have supposed that machine in her eyes [emoji38] So now we have the Oracle and the built in grinder for simplify, the Smart Grinder for decaf and the Niche for me and playing with different roasts etc. Now to strip the DB to replace the O ring, clean up and sell on… Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  4. My girlfriend has one so by default I use it quite a lot. I'm really impressed with it to be honest, great little machine. So much so I'm having trouble convincing her to let me bring my DB over to her house! As Joey has said, be aware of the baskets as it only comes with the pressurised versions, I just ordered some non-pressurised ones directly from Sage very quickly.
  5. They are on a good deal currently, keep considering a replacement for my ol' girl ?
  6. Possibly and I can understand why you say that. It's an old machine and I have no idea of it's history really but I was put off the descale but it doing exactly this when the CC engineer did it. He knew how to fix immediately and said this was a common problem on them so I have avoided and used bottled water ever since I've owned it. It's back up and running now. Had problems with the steam boiler not filling, classic 3 bleeps problem and no steam, eventually sorted that. I did see the £700 deals and this is what I am tempted by but this descale issue does make me hesitate a little. Also the one thing I really like about mine is due to it being a Breville machine an not a Sage, it doesn't auto off in 20 mins ? I can set it to stay on if i want but I have it set to an hour I think currently, 20 mis is just retarded...
  7. Well tried a descale and yup, it failed ? First press of the manual button and I got the 'valv' error as I thought I would. Been trying to flush through ever since. Seems to be coming back to life slowly but filling the boilers is painful. Are the newer machines any better? I am tempted to buy a new one and retire my old girl ?
  8. Will do, I think it will take a while for them to be available and currently no UK stockest. Don't have a problem with international order though so will reach out to them.
  9. Great new, want one for my girlfriends Bambino ?
  10. I've not chocked the machine to my knowledge but I am the third owner so who know's about it's history.... It has been descaled by the CC engineer and I will probably give it another go soon, expect a post of how to clear errors post descale..... Just descaled my girlfriends Bambino and that went well, feeling brave ?
  11. The CC engineer that has come out to me a couple of times played down the importance of descaling and didn't recommend do it so often. I use only bottled water in mine but no idea if that helps or nor?? He said the fault with the probes was more a function of the software i.e. it checks to see if they are dry almost immediately after the tanks are drained and invariably they retain a bit of moisture on them so they throw up a fault code as it thinks the tank isn't empty, this maybe why it wants the machine to be off for 40 mins? Useful way to check the fault codes and shot count, will be interested to see mine when I get home. We should have a highest count comp ?
  12. Right, ok, I know what's wrong. Got so used to seeing the lights flashing I hadn't really payed enough attention and noticed that it's the descale warning and not the normal cleaning anymore! Off to do a descale now rather than another clean, that might help.....
  13. With a bit more testing, I can't see how to get my Bambino into the cleaning cycle?? Pressing the 1 & 2 cup buttons I can see start the programming mode for volume but continuing to hold the buttons doesn't seem to change anything? Am I doing something wrong? I think it is a case of holding the buttons for 5 seconds? When I do this I don't see anything change and when I then press either 1 or 2 cup, it just starts to flow in order to program the button flow.....
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