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  1. Hi. I'm afraid I can't help with that. I'm trying to decide though if it's safe to order a MeCoffee (my current one just died) as Jan has been hard to get hold of. Do you mind if I ask how long ago you ordered yours?
  2. I just heard back from Jan and he's sending out a replacement meCoffee. He's a bit behind on his support emails but I'm delighted I'll have this back up and running soon. The meCoffee is a lovely little piece of kit and I wasn't liking the idea of replacing it with a bigger, more expensive PID from somewhere else.
  3. Thanks. Do you know enough about the meCoffee to offer an opinion on whether it has died, or if the problem could be with my Silvia?
  4. I don't know if it has re-setable fuses. Here's a pic of the circuit board: Here's a higher-resolution version: https://cl.ly/0m0N1i3p280R
  5. I've been a happy http://meCoffee.nl PID user since a year ago. As of a few weeks ago, it seems my meCoffee has died (more on that below) and despite several attempts to contact meCoffee through email and their contact form, I've had no reply. Does anyone know if they are still in business, or a better way to contact them? Failing that, can anyone recommend an alternative PID that is as simple to install and doesn't require making permanent mods to my Silvia? And just in case someone recognises this as an issue with something other than the PID… The problem On the day my PID died, I used my Rancilio Silvia twice successfully. On the third attempt, hours after earlier uses, I encountered a problem… At first, the machine heated up as normal. After an unknown number of minutes, it stopped heating up. The boiler light was completely off. I flipped the brew switch on and although the light turned on, the machine did not do anything. I tried connecting to the meCoffee over Bluetooth (which I do frequently) but the device does not show up at all for connection. This leads me to think the meCoffee is not working or not powering on. I have checked each of the buttons on the Silvia: All buttons will light up when flipped, including the power button. The brew button does nothing when flipped, other than turn on the light. When I flip the hot water deliver button, the pump kicks in as normal. The steam button does nothing, other than turn on the light. I've opened the Silvia and examined the meCoffee and associated wires. None of the wires appear to be damaged. The meCoffee case is slightly heat-warped, but the warped portion is not touching any circuits. The circuit board has some discolouration around a few of the chips. I'm not sure how significant that is.
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