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  1. No problem. Code valid for another 5 days if anyone else wishes to avail of it.
  2. You’re welcome. Good luck with the new machine.
  3. You’re welcome. Glad you could make use of it.
  4. Yes, all codes the same. I meant to upload it only once and correct way up, but my I.T.skills failed me!
  5. I picked up this discount card offering 35% off a brand-new Sage machine if anyone is interested.
  6. As the title says. Includes all coffees except Geisha.
  7. Gmartin

    BB Salt Marsh

    I’m a bit of a sucker for offers like this!
  8. Gmartin

    BB Salt Marsh

    I bought some too. Looking forward to trying it.
  9. Caravan coffee are offering 25% off all their coffees this week in celebration of International Coffee Day which was yesterday. The code is CELEBRATECOFFEEDAY and it is valid until midnight on Sunday 7th October.
  10. I have used a naked PF for Gaggia classic on it and seems ok. Coffee does spray a bit but that's not necessarily the fault of the machine.
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