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  1. Hi Phil, Sounds good to me! Drop me a pm, I should be flexible on time tomorrow anyway. Regards, Aled
  2. @RamonyCajal no plans to head towards London unfortunately, I’m away at the minute but i’ll Look into postage when I’m back next week. Obviously collection would be preferred due to potential damage.
  3. Macap MXD Xtreme - £290 75mm Titanium coated burrs which are still in good condition. I bought this from eBay about 18 months ago and the previous owner replaced the burrs before he sold it. I believe it was used in a commercial environment for a short time so there are some signs of wear and tear, but all works as expected. Selling as I have just switched to an Atom 75. Any questions just ask. Collection preferred from Stroud or happy to deliver to Bristol as I'm there a lot. Pics Below:
  4. Haha anything about violence in the forum rules?
  5. Lol, I’ll take it if you’re looking for a get out bluebeardmcf
  6. Yes drop me a pm :-) Now sold assuming we can work out collection Thanks, Aled
  7. No sorry, I can get some shipping quotes though if the milage is an issue
  8. Sorry for the slow reply just been a bit busy! I would take £270 collected Regards, Aled.
  9. @steveholt If there is noone local I will consider shipping. Would rather see if there is any local interest first though
  10. Hello, OPV (Over Pressure Valve) - to adjust brew pressure, not standard on the Oscar for some reason! This is set to around 10 bar but can be adjusted. The process is a bit of a faf due to the location. Vacuum breaker allows use of the machine with a timer / wi-fi plug. Without this the steam wand should be opened on startup to equalise pressure in the boiler. Giglers restrict water flow through the thermosyphon, these are omitted from the Oscar but present on the musica - this just helps a little with thermal stability. Regards, Aled
  11. I have just upgraded to a Minima dual boiler so I'm selling my Oscar - £290 ono! Mods: OPV, pressure gauges, vacuum breaker, Gigler's (3.2/3mm) and IMS shower screen. Comes with: Double spouted portafilter, bottomless portafilter, double basket. Always run on good water and regularly back flushed. I bought this about a year ago from another forum member. Collection from Stroud, Gloucestershire preferred or I can deliver around the Bristol area. Any questions just let me know!
  12. Its a 2015 Model, bought from a forum member last year. Certainly not mint condition but it has been looked after!
  13. I have just upgraded to a Minima dual boiler so I need to sell the trusty Oscar. Mods: OPV, pressure gauges, Gigler's and IMS shower screen. Always run on good water. I was thinking £290, sound reasonable?
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