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  1. Yep - used to enjoy the Water Margin too! Wasn't too sure about Monkey though, probably didn't give it enough time. In a different vein, anyone used to like Marine Boy as a nipper?
  2. Let's hope it's a good one! (Can't wait to get home for a real coffee...)
  3. River, Blue - Joni Mitchell A sad Christmas song, but soooo beautiful. If you have time to get off the merry-go-round for half an hour, have a listen to this from Radio 4's Soul Music series: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m0001l70 (Not sure if you have to be logged in to BBC iPlayer to listen to it.)
  4. Sorry - off-topic alert: Is @MildredM in the 10,000 Club or the 100,000 Club? (Just how old is she?)
  5. As it hasn't been mentioned - consider the ACS Vesuvius - a beautifully made and highly flexible (pressure profiling) machine. But I like all your other options too (boring or not)!
  6. I don't actually know what caused it to fail. As far as I'm aware I followed the user guide. The odd thing was that it continued to function after it had ruptured and was leaking the magnesium oxide into the brew water. I do prefer clear brew water though
  7. Blink and you miss it! Power to the forum ... and well done @coffeechap
  8. 1. Coffeechap 2. ashcroc 3. Stuartb27 4. PPapa 5. Salty 6. Banjoman
  9. I've got no specific experience of this, but I'd be surprised if the landlord could deny access to any required area. Surely it's a public health issue?
  10. ^^^ oh-oh! Have you got the production line set up Joey?
  11. I don't have an RCD. I only knew it was the element after I opened the boiler up. Perhaps I should get an RCD!
  12. I bought it new from the makers, ACS. It's a beautiful machine, and good as new again now. I'd have no hesitation in recommending them.
  13. Indeed! I don't think it changed the taste significantly - but I'm glad it's not there any more!
  14. I provide below a description of the process I went through to solve the problem of a ruptured brew boiler heating element on my Vesuvius. I’d had the Vesuvius for maybe 2 months when I started to notice the brew water had become very cloudy. When I was sure the water was actually always coming out cloudy, I stopped using the machine and asked for help on the forum. Whilst everyone was helpful, I was convinced the problem was not the obvious: needed a good clean, e.g. start backflushing regularly; what kind of water are you putting into it? The water was just too cloudy for these
  15. In a related vein, I find it really annoying that the Post Office no longer make any attempt to leave parcels with a neighbour if you're not in. They just take them back to the sorting office, with the result that you then have to make a special trip to the sorting office (impossible parking) and queue for half an hour or much longer at xmas. Other delivery services seem to make every effort to actually deliver your parcel and not take it back with them. I'm not blaming the posties. I just think the Post Office is not incentivising its staff to actually make deliveries. Rant over!
  16. I used to have a Sage DTP (but not the Sage grinder) and got good results. Just a thought, which you may have done but not clear. You say you cleaned the group head but did you remove and clean the shower screen? It's really easy to do on the DTP with an allen key. Apologies if that's obvious and you've done it. Good luck with getting there.
  17. Great xmas thread! Is it a surprise present? Suggest giving her the bottle of water beautifully wrapped before bringing out the big box. Have a good one!
  18. Royle Family wafer thin ham: "What is she? – She’s a vegetarian, Nana. ... Could you have some wafer-thin ham? Could she have wafer-thin ham, Barbara?" Comedy classic from the brilliant Caroline Aherne.
  19. My first espresso in about 5 weeks today: Foundry Rio Magdalena 18g:40g in 26 seconds. Tastes really good, smooth and a bit of chocolate - on my second now as a long black 1:2 with water. Machine now working perfectly with beautifully clear brew water!
  20. Real bargain here, surprised there've been no takers yet. Good luck!
  21. An update - I decided, based on the extreme cloudiness of the water, that this could not be a cleaning issue, or a result of quality of water introduced by me into the machine. My only conclusion was there was something which had gone wrong in the machine. The only thing I could think of, and backed up by @Rob1 's comment above, was to drain the brew boiler and have a look inside. To cut a long story short, and with the help of @DavecUK and Paolo of ACS (makers of the Vesuvius), I took off the baseplate and unscrewed the heating element from the brew boiler. The heating element had rupture
  22. One of the Apostrophe Police has broken the offending sign? ... oops Google was responsible after all.
  23. Yes I think so. I never tried pre-ground in mine. But use the double wall baskets and hope for the best. And bear in mind the results should be much better when you get a decent grinder. Good luck!
  24. Just from my experience ... 1. Assuming you mean the plastic insert in the portafilter, I left mine in but others remove it - they may comment. 2. Yes, if you are grinding your own fresh beans, use single wall baskets. 3. There are some tips on the Sage thread on this forum, but my best tip would be: just before making your brew, run a cupful of hot water from the portafilter into a cup and discard. This helps to ensure everything is up to temp to ensure a good brew. Then quickly wipe the portafilter dry and put in your coffee and brew. Hope that helps. It's a great machine
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