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  1. I have a Gaggia Evolution which I bought from ebay a while back. The seller said that she noticed that there were problems with the water getting hot enough when she was getting it ready to send, so I ended up paying almost nothing for it and thought it would be a repair project. When it arrived it appeared to work ok, but I’ve now noticed that the flow of coffee is getting slower, more like a dribble now, as can be seen here: https://youtu.be/Qwxn7Vv8TpY This was with freshly ground beans and actually produced the best crema (using the standard basket) I’ve had for a while, it’s never been good at that, even with the perfect crema device. It doesn’t compare well with this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jo5KZ7YDcEY I’ve tried varying the amount of time I give it to heat up, but it doesn’t seem to make much difference. Does anything need replacing / servicing? I have a Gaggia Baby Dose with faulty electronics that I can cannibalise for parts if necessary.
  2. So I bought the card, connected it all up, fired up the machine and.... all seemed good until I pressed the water button. There was a loud pop and a flash from inside the machine, all the lights stared flashing. When I looked inside, the card had a huge burn mark on it! I replaced with the original card, and now it doesn't start up at all. I think I'll have to sell it for spares.
  3. The seller on ebay has posted some more pics of the board and the machine it came from, which looks to be from a similar vintage as mine, without the Dose buttons. The numbers on the back to the board are the same as on mine. Any thoughts before I make him an offer for it?
  4. Thanks. There's no returns policy, but I'll make him an offer.
  5. Thanks everyone for your time on this. I think it will be more than a challenge for me to repair the actual board! I'm not very handy with tools (really, I have a medical condition known as dyspraxia), it was hard enough to get those two blobs of solder over the joints, let alone removing and replacing components. Also, I don't actually own a soldering iron, I borrowed one from work, but they didn't have a fine tip or flux pen etc. I can buy all this for about £14 on Amazon, but I can also buy the card that on sale on ebay for not much more than that (it's on at £20, but open to offers, so £15 maybe). That's if the board is compatible of course.... any more thoughts on that?
  6. Sorry, not very technically minded, is the SS Relay the component labeled JQX ? I can't see any legs? Or did you mean the pair chip like things above them, with four pins on one side and three the other? In the picture it does look like there is a solder bridge between them, but I've had a close look at the board and it's just the way the light has caught it in the pic, there is no bridge between them.
  7. I've attached a couple of pics. You can see the burn marks and my attempts to repair with solder. The blob of solder below the lowest burn was also I burnt joint, the new burn appeared after I powered it up to see if this had solved the problem. Might be better to move this thread to another forum if a moderator can do this?
  8. Thanks for your reply. I traced the two wires from JP1 and they both go to the power switch (as do lots of others). As to the cause of the burnt board, I think this might be down to me. I bought the machine from ebay with assurances that it was in very good condition etc. Before using it, I thought I'd descale it. I can't remember to exact process now, but it stopped working after repeatedly pulling shots to flush clean water through the system. Perhaps I over did it?
  9. I just saw this on sale: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Gaggia-Baby-Motherboard/113883617672 He hasn't supplied the model number or any other info but looks fairly similar. Some of the components look a little different, and there is something missing on the left hand side, there two of them on mine. but only one here. As the product advertised on MrBean2cup is also compatible with the Baby Twin, perhaps the second one isn't necessary? Will this work?
  10. I just had another failed attempt at repairing this machine. There are burn marks on the back of the electronic board, so it definitely needs a new one. Anyone happen to have one spare?
  11. Does anyone have one of these for sale by any chance? https://www.gaggia-parts.co.uk/Gaggia-New-Baby-Twin-Electronic-Card-V1-230v Need it for a Baby Dose, but I think its compatible with other Baby models. Out of stock at the moment and an expensive repair.
  12. Ok, back from the repair cafe. They found the problem, there were two small burn marks in the electronic card. Not easy to repair. Looks like I'll need a new card, but they are £60. Just wondering if anyone here has an old one they can sell me?
  13. There a repair cafe in my town today, so I'll take it in see if they can do anything. What would you suggest we look at next?
  14. Damn, new pump not working either! Problem must be somewhere else. All electrical connections seem ok. There a slight gurgling in the pipes when I turn it on, but no pump sound. Any ideas?
  15. I finally got the OPV off with the help of some bigger pliers. Boiler didn't start up, so I've ordered a new one. Will try and fit at weekend.
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