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  1. 1. Coffeechap 2. Stuartb27 3. Drewster 4. brabzzz
  2. Interesting. Thanks for the replies and perspectives. Dave, i dare say your review was instrumental in the following Niche got here and elsewhere. Indeed, i was on holiday minding my own business when i read it - with no intention of upgrading grinders - and half an hour later i'd backed it based solely on that detailed (p)review. Very glad i did. It sounds like you're a fan of this new Osmio. Assuming it matches workflow/lifestyle, my interest is definitely piqued. Can't wait to read/see it. Short term solution might still be a cartridge as i need something asap (and only infrequently pop back to the UK to avoid international delivery costs on this kind of thing), but i'll be following this new development for sure.
  3. Ok, so if the re-mineralisation is a bit of a gimmick and it would work just fine without that, i buy that it still has some real upsides over an under the counter RO. - More or less space neutral if one throws out their kettle...and makes hot water - Saves a lot of water compared to a regular RO. Indeed, compared to a regular RO unit, it's a no brainier, unless one uses that waste water for something. - Over 5 years, if it lasts that long, it works out at £13 a month, excluding the water bill What are its advantages over a semi-commercial Claris / Bestmax / 3MScaleGuard cartridge based system + a kettle? I'm not asking to be a dick, i genuinely don't know. I could be sold onto Osmio countertop, i do actually like the idea and have no real emotional bond to my kettle (and in white it would match the Niche and kitchen), but my current thought process has the following niggles: - A cartridge bases non-RO system is £50 of parts and up front and £80 a year or so. No wasted water like traditional RO either. So there's the £350 up front cost difference and 'more stuff to break' that's hard to fix after that 1 year RO warranty expires. - Removing the Osmio water tank, filling under tap, replacing, removing to empty last third, lifting 5kg of refilled water tank to back to kitchen counter...to repeatedly filling low jugs to gradually fill coffee machine tank seems...inelegant?
  4. I don't want to lose counter space and don't need hot water functionality - so i suspect it's not the beast for me
  5. So... i finally tested my water with one of cheap testing kits. I know my water is hard/very hard - and it indicates 250 ppm, so probably in the right ballpark. The bottled water i use (forum recommendation - not this forum or country though!) looks closer to 500ppm!!!!!!! Might be time to change water and maybe descale the machine after 12 months! Have been trawling the forum and the internet and it seems a toss up between: 1) 5-Stage RO for £150 (£35 filters/membrane). 2) £110 for a Claris Ultra kit (2500L cartridge for £65) ... or BWT/3M equivalent. Questions and concerns i don't have a succinct answer for: - Is RO water good for coffee? I'm no super-taster, but i seem to recall reading the almost total absence of minerals is bad. But then i read the opposite... - How often does one change that £35 filter set in the RO? - BWT/Claris/3M cartridges. I recall reading that if they'r not used every couple of days they need to be flushed, or binned if not used for a few weeks. But never on any official documents. True? Any insight much appreciated
  6. Indeed. And valued to a UK audience. Any CoffeeGeeks in Prague would give their left arms for the range and value of gear we have on offer second hand.
  7. So, the story ended 3 hours ago. Local buyer via Facebook Marketplace. £210. Bought for £290 new. £80 depreciation over 18 months. I think that deserves a beer
  8. Yeah, box and papers and all that I have. What with it not being a commercial/semi-commercial grinder it was never going to hold value like its bazooka sized brethren (not that they do either from new - only used). I suspect I'll end up sticking it on ebay with a BIN at 200. If it doesn't sell, just keep it for if/when the niche misses a beat so I'm not left hanging.
  9. This is the normal version, not the fancy problem-plagued "W" version. Used for the 18 months that i've owned it since new. Has worked flawlessly, with a perfect volcano-cone of fluffy grounds after a few seconds of noise. Currently i have it abroad - but the coffee scene here is minuscule compared to the UK...and given average wages, the market for anything that isn't a hand grinder/Aeropress seems to be very slow. Despite the faff, i suspect it will be UK bound after the new year to find a new home. Just curious what one might expect to sell for, in the post-Niche era?
  10. Bald hairdressers, vegetarian chefs cooking meat, coffee disliking baristas, government ministers with no experience of the department they head... I think only the latter is real a problem
  11. Amen to both the above. It seems that whatever Ambiente Group touches turns to gold Brilliant business.
  12. I'd be looking either East or West just outside of Prague 1. Public transport and uber are both fantastic and cheap, and the city very walkable - so as long as you're even remotely central location isn't really all that important. Mala Strana on the left bank is charming and there's all sorts of boutique hotels in lovely buildings. Seems like half of the housing stock in central Prague is AirBnB too. Prague National Gallery (many locations), walking to find all of David Cerny's odd sculptures, up Petrin tower, lunch at Nase Maso and Cafe Louvre, brunch at the Alcron Hotel or Eska, dinner at Mincovna and a CZ tasting menu at V Zatisi or La Degustation. Prebooking recommended for all but Nase Maso and Louvre. Cafes concentrated in Karlin and Vinohrady - there are lots 4Square is pretty on point. Lobkowitz museum is worthwhile, St. Vitus / castle a must, boats a waste of time (but a pedalo is cool). guy on YouTube (Honest Guide) is irritating, but some of the videos are worth a watch - points out a few 'hidden' places.
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