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  1. My taste buds are not refined enough to know whether it was 18, 19 or 20g in the basket, or whether it was 25 or 30 seconds or whatever. Do whatever makes you happy. If you're no longer happy or it tastes off, play around with it. I weigh in and out, but with a Niche one doesn't really have a choice.
  2. So....the parts finally arrived, having travelled to 3 European countries that were definitely a detour rather then en route - lucky parts! Fitted new OPV plus DeAerator and it all works as it should again. Not sure which of the two needed replacing as i didn't fancy re-doing it potentially 3 times if they were both faulty. Thanks for the assistance 👍 The box of wine is holding the water tank from falling out during trial run - and reward to self for fixing it if it works. 🍷
  3. Thanks. That was my non expert thought on it - it was the only thing doing something worth filming - and what it was doing didn't seem right or useful or in keeping with how the machine used to function. Will order, replace and cross fingers [emoji1696] Sent from my CLT-L29 using Tapatalk
  4. So, I have had another look at it... The drip tray spout is connected to OPV and also what i assume is a vacuum breaker - if that's the thingy between the pump and the OPV? Turned machine on. Brew boiler only. Hit 93C in 3m40. Can only assume it was empty/ish? By the 5 min mark it was on 101C before dropping back down to 93. Tried to brew. No water from group. Turned steam boiler on. After a couple of minutes i tried from some hot water from the steam boiler. The trickle came - almost immediately the refill pump kicked in - and my next try at a brew got some bubbling and water c
  5. Thanks for the offer - i might have even been tempted, but situation and logistics conspire against such plans - particularly at this time. Getting a used L1 here from the UK and getting this one back home would be pain.
  6. If i offended with that reply, i really did not intend to - i simply didn't want anyone to waste any more of their time until i was back at the machine and could confirm certain details. I don't have it to hand but i will give it a shot: 1. Are you sure it's the expansion valve outlet, does the vacuum breaker also lead into the drip tray? It's unlikely that the brew boiler can give a stream of water out that fills the drip tray with the pump not running? Memory not perfect, but stream not constant. Strongest after brew lever flipped on/off - it would then eventually tail off.
  7. I wish I could answer even half those clarification questions accurately. Guess I was hoping for an instantaneous reply along the lines of 'yeah, it's this common problem, buy this and also get a widget for xyz'. Given its now clear the puzzle is potentially far more interesting, I won't waste anyone's time without some specifics. When I get back to the machine tomorrow I'll plug through that list to have something concrete to go on, and also El carajillo's points. Lol, any other time I'd consider this a grand excuse to upgrade to an L1 and leave the project to someone else. What wi
  8. So, following a google that turned up mostly US sites i'm almost back at square one regarding my situation, and think i might need to order everything from a new OPV to rebuilding the E61 to getting a 'turkey blaster' and shooting it. Thursday - after a day 'on', like every day, it starts hissing and steaming from OPV outlet. Water splutters out and soon steam gives way to a flow of water that slowly but surely fills the drip tray. Turn it off and go to bed. Friday - turn on brew boiler. Hits 93C soon enough. Some spluttering from OPV but only a few drops come out in total. Then sits
  9. 1. Coffeechap 2. Stuartb27 3. Drewster 4. brabzzz
  10. Interesting. Thanks for the replies and perspectives. Dave, i dare say your review was instrumental in the following Niche got here and elsewhere. Indeed, i was on holiday minding my own business when i read it - with no intention of upgrading grinders - and half an hour later i'd backed it based solely on that detailed (p)review. Very glad i did. It sounds like you're a fan of this new Osmio. Assuming it matches workflow/lifestyle, my interest is definitely piqued. Can't wait to read/see it. Short term solution might still be a cartridge as i need something asap (and only infrequent
  11. Ok, so if the re-mineralisation is a bit of a gimmick and it would work just fine without that, i buy that it still has some real upsides over an under the counter RO. - More or less space neutral if one throws out their kettle...and makes hot water - Saves a lot of water compared to a regular RO. Indeed, compared to a regular RO unit, it's a no brainier, unless one uses that waste water for something. - Over 5 years, if it lasts that long, it works out at £13 a month, excluding the water bill What are its advantages over a semi-commercial Claris / Bestmax / 3MScaleGuard cartrid
  12. I don't want to lose counter space and don't need hot water functionality - so i suspect it's not the beast for me
  13. So... i finally tested my water with one of cheap testing kits. I know my water is hard/very hard - and it indicates 250 ppm, so probably in the right ballpark. The bottled water i use (forum recommendation - not this forum or country though!) looks closer to 500ppm!!!!!!! Might be time to change water and maybe descale the machine after 12 months! Have been trawling the forum and the internet and it seems a toss up between: 1) 5-Stage RO for £150 (£35 filters/membrane). 2) £110 for a Claris Ultra kit (2500L cartridge for £65) ... or BWT/3M equivalent. Questions and co
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