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  1. I have a friend who's just bought a Barista Express. It came with a single basket only. Does anyone have a double they fancy moving on Cheers
  2. 6 grey tulip cups and saucers left. Any offers before I get the other bits shipped off and do it all at once.
  3. Not quite @DavecUK Still have the set of grey acme tulips and saucers for sale........
  4. Red cups and saucers Espresso cups Just posted
  5. All priced up and would be too expensive sorry.
  6. Pm me so I can just check address for shipping please. I will check before agreeing if that's OK. And don't want your address in public.
  7. Hi Karka Yes it is. I'll PM you Cheers
  8. Hi Keith. I believe they are 180ml Cheers
  9. Money received. Please mark as sold.
  10. To be fair it came with the LM wand. To me the wand isn't really worth much. I'm happy to split but as for the price I won't change too much. Hope that helps.
  11. Yes, will accept that. Pm me Cheers.
  12. This is a bit more niche. Almost impossible to find online. The sproline foam knife sells for aboit £200 of you can find it. Which I agree is ridiculous. However this is the coffee industry and the fact you're looking probably means you have an expensive coffee machine worth thousands in your kitchen for that 1 cup of coffee you make a day [emoji6] I had this with my precious LMLM but now have a new machine and it's not compatible. Would love to keep it as it does an amazing job of texturising milk. The foam knife can easily be unscrewed from the current La Marzocco wand and I believe
  13. Brand new 6 grey tulip cups and saucers. Boxed. 40 posted All remaining now sold.
  14. As per title. It's used but very little as I tend to only dose 15gm. £22 posted
  15. I have a pullman leveller if you're interested. Will do 85 posted
  16. Cool, send me your details on pm and I'll sort Sent from my SM-G988B using Tapatalk
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