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  1. No need to apologise. They are for sale to anyone. I've tagged you into a link for them. Cheers.
  2. Yep. I totally get where you're coming from. They are expensive. There is no denying that. Do that add anything - I don't really know. But they do look better than pretty much anything else that I've used or seen. Both woods are amazing. The checker is awesome though. I'm in no rush. Hence why I haven't revived the thread. Have a think and we can go from there.
  3. They are expensive but I still have pullman big step and chisel for sale. Would never have decided to sell. But got a decent deal on a puqpress. Am open to offers.
  4. Good write up Rob. Always nice to read a review in basic terms. Always loved the EK.
  5. A good offer or well priced DTP and you could afford the Niche. It seems expensive when you first look at the cost of some grinders. But believe me, without a decent grinder it's irrelevant how much moneys worth or how extravagant your espresso machine is, it will not perform as well as intended. The Niche will do you well and still be competent with future espresso machine upgrades. Plenty of people start with a Sylvia or Classic. But if you require something that is a bit more friendly in the kitchen THE DTP is probably you're best bet. It was my first machine and worked well.
  6. I like the look of that. Gives an easier span of control if you want it. Nice that it's upgradeable too.
  7. There has been discussion about it previously [email protected] But no real info as it was very new. I belive adaptions have now been made and there is a version 2.
  8. Planter


    Looks ok, what was the coffee like? 😉
  9. Welcome to the forum. Always good to introduce yourself as well.
  10. Theres plenty of roasters in the UK for him to try. There is a recent thread listing a load and if he has a preference for dark roast they will accommodate that too. There are also, IMO much better origins than Italian beans and I think, most will agree with me on that.
  11. [emoji23] Give everything a try atleast once.
  12. Always said the LM handles needed to be nicer. Especially when I had the LMLM. They were too plasticy and basic. That looks significantly better.
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