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  1. Nice one Nate, thank you and keep up the strong effort.
  2. Agree with a change in skin colour, the white is a bit much for me personally.
  3. True. Although I could probably just about cope.
  4. Not a problem, there are more than enough to play with. I had a look over and then extracted the ones I knew I would like to try based on previous experience. I kind of always preferred the slow ramp up then tail off style profiles and there are quite a few variants on there for that type. But equally plenty of flatter style profiles or quick ramps etc
  5. Fingers crossed there is a big gap where it used to be. [emoji23]
  6. [quote name='MildredM']There’s something on the way to you @Planter[/QUOTE]I hope you accidentally wrapped up your flat grinder for me.
  7. kenny - profiles sent via email
  8. Not got a clue sorry. Most will tell you what they fit when buying.
  9. Now sold and shipped. Mark as sold please mods
  10. Ping me your emails addresses and ill send you the full file
  11. As per title. New or good condition used. Other precision baskets considered.
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