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  1. So a few hours later (I took the boiler apart thurs evening and now Saturday), it's not tripping the fuses any more, though the electricians comments worries me slightly saying it was unsafe, so checked the chassis for any voltage leak to ground and seems safe, anything else safety wise I can check with a voltmeter?!
  2. Thanks for the advice, it's currently in the airing cupboard for the weekend!
  3. Sorry, should have stated I have a Classic, I just read a thread that it can blow on baby. Now edited my original post, [emoji846]
  4. So after a while of a group head that kept drying up on my Classic I used the flipping the steam gauge on/off to get it going. Finally got round to strippjng it and cleaning the remaining scale from the boiler. On reassembly though it blew the breakers in my fuse box. Turned out I had another issue (dodgy wiring in a light) that this exacerbated meaning an electrician was called out. He has condemned the Gaggia ( my partner was in and didn't remember the reason), however I'm wondering what could have cause this? The flipping of the switches, or possibly water on the heating elements (read this is common on baby gaggias that got wet during cleaning). He reckoned would be not worth repairing Any advice on the way forward?
  5. So have cleaned my solenoid out, worked great, but then kept jamming up though with little bits more limescale (I'd don't a descale before) , so may have to take the boiler apart and do a full clean!
  6. Cheers Sounds like a job for an evening, is there somewhere you can get all the seals together?!
  7. Yeh, have used that regularly, didn't think you could backflush without one!
  8. So I've had my Gaggia several years and yes every few months (especially if I hadn't used the steam want for a while), it would dry up (I.e no water through the group head), a bit of swearing and back flushing with Caffiza it would be fine for several months. However a couple of months back I did the OPV mod, and since then this has become a very regular occurrence. I seem to get it working fine, then a couple of days later (1-3 coffees per day), the pressure drops off and stops. When I lose the group head, the wand is fine, and if you empty the wand with the pump off (and then close off), you can hear the motor running until it hits a 'stop' then a little water comes out the grouphead. Can anyone point me in the right direction, or just a case of having to pull it apart and give the solenoid a good clean?!
  9. Thanks for the update, if you ever want to donate it to the cause after I'm sure it will be gratefully received!
  10. On gumtree down in Sevenoaks, apparently fully working, 2yrs old La Pavoni Europiccola Lever Coffee Machine Black Base https://www.gumtree.com/p/for-sale/la-pavoni-europiccola-lever-coffee-machine-black-base/1325171985?utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=app_ios&utm_medium=social&utm_source=sms
  11. Just had a check, tamp is 56.5mm (actually the same size as the cheapo one that came with the Gaggia), but still leaves that untapped rim. Am I just being too specific?! Inside of my basket is 59mm, same as the standard Gaggia double basket too.
  12. I've got a Gaggia Classic, along with a LaPavoni Zip (aka Obel Bregant) grinder with built in tamp. The built in tamp is a bit smaller than the portafilter for the Gaggia (not sure on the size of the tamp), so when tamping it leaves a small rim of less compacted grounds, how important is it to have one that fits tightly?!
  13. Just done my own OPV, taste is a little changed, big difference is with the cream and process. Before I was having to tamp down really quite hard to stop the water spurting through, now even a gentle tamp allows the water to pass through more slowly.
  14. Well that was quick! Took all of about 5mins (which is lucky as the glass started steam up). Was originally reading around 15bar (off the scale), turning the OPV 270deg took it to to around 10.5, so a small tweak and I'm ready to go. Before I really had to tamp quite hard to stop coffee from just pouring out (espresso in under 5secs), so now it's much easier to get a nice cream! Will try and get it sent off early this week (edit: posted off 21st Jan) Biggest problem I had was the direction the glass faced when I put it in! Rofl I had to put my phone in there with the selfie camera pointing backwards to see the needle!
  15. Picked up the gauge from the post office today, have PM'd Simontc
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