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  1. Note I also have this on ebay and from Friday there's 15% off (max £60). Also note being away next week I won't be able to ship. Thanks
  2. Brand new, not even opened the box. Silver. Came direct from Sage, unregistered so I am guessing you can still claim your white glove service. If not I will do so on your behalf! £825 delivered or £800 collected from TN33 0YD. Off to Bournemouth and Brighton next week too as it goes...
  3. Two. I wasn’t sure if I wanted silver or black. Opened the black, love it, so haven’t even opened the silver one. Boys and their toys eh?
  4. No but I have a spare DB if that's what you're after? £800 delivered. Brand new, silver.
  5. For me this will be a "nice to have" so I'll offer £30 for it.
  6. Ah but I bought mine for when I work from home so I got a 20% saving straight off...
  7. IMO, Fracino Cherub or better still Fracino Classico
  8. Spoke to LM - they have recently started rolling out the cool touch wands. Yes, it shouldhave a cool touch steam wand? We have just began rolling this out as a standardfeature on all Linea Minis: ThePro Touch Steam Wand is made of twoconcentric tubes; high temperature steam flows through the innertube while the outer tube remains cool to the touch thanks to thermalinsulation.
  9. Is the Heavenly like a Cherub in a different dress?? I had a Cherub, and a Classico and rate them both very highly with incredible steam power. I can’t see an Apartmento being any sort of upgrade other than aesthetics. I spoke to John at Fracino a month or two ago and they had a refurbished Heavenly for sale. I wonder if they might do a swap out exchange service on your one? Just a thought. Incidentally, I find fracino a pleasure to deal with. The ACS minima is similar in cost to Apartmento isn’t it? Get one of those I reckon.
  10. i noticed that one the last time. Has to be the best deal as Sage sell it at the same price as everyone else, unlike all the other machines which are considerably more expensive when you buy direct.
  11. Sorry no, its at the office so I can’t. It basically is a different steam wand to the one in EVERY picture in google images! It’s listed on the spec label on the outer brown box that it arrived in.
  12. Just wondering if I should raise this with LM before I start using it.
  13. If anyone is considering a DB, i just got the Truffle Black one and its sooooo much nicer than the sesame black. IMO of course. I wonder why truffle black is so rare?
  14. So I have just taken delivery on my Linea Mini and noticed the steam wand is different to the marketing blurb, and the box says "Pro touch wand upgrade". From what I gather this particular machine has the non burn steam wand on it. But i'm not sure how much of an "upgrade" this really is.
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