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  1. My kit arrived yesterday, just need to get booked in for it to be fitted/have its service. Exciting!
  2. Thanks yes, I did consider it funnily enough. Let me take a closer look.
  3. Sure, that's all fair enough and understood. Its just a stop gap for a week or two, and then will be used very infrequently. I'd really like decent steam - I didn't really even get that from my Sage DB. One of my favourite machines (other than my current machine of course) was my Fracino Cherub. Bit of a old brute, but performed well all round and steamed very well. Perhaps I should just be looking out for cheap one of those...
  4. Sorry it was vague. I just want a cheapish machine to tide me over whilst my LMLM goes in for a service, and then after that I will take it to the office to replace the Dual Boiler that I just sold. It will get very little use, hence selling the DB, but I want to be able to make a nice milk based coffee, so I'd like reasonable steam. I'm not that in to modifying, hence I'd sooner buy the new Classic with its proper steam wand, though I would/and have been, looking at second hand modified Classics as well with wand and PID upgrades. Still happy to consider both. I've always pondered over L
  5. I’ve shortlisted these two. My heart is saying Gaggia, but might be Lelit be a better machine with its PID?
  6. I just sold my not quite 2 year old one, that was hardly used and "almost immaculate" for £700. If it's been well used over 5 years I'd say that's steep. What about a brand new one for just under £800 ish?
  7. I was so impressed with the steam on my first proper coffee machine, the Fracino Cherub. By comparison, I was disappointed with the steam on my Dual Boiler. I’m after a cheap machine for the office, for the occasional coffee, but I want decent steam power. I’ve never experienced the likes of Gaggia Classic, any type of Lelit or say Rancilio Silvia, but I guess they could be contenders? Or perhaps not, if the Cherub is my benchmark. Would only want to spend around £300 ish.
  8. So whilst browsing ebay the other day I found a nice tamper. Looked at his other items, as you do, and he was selling (now sold) an almost new white Linea Mini. I read the advert and it mentioned having the new "connected" kit. Got me intrigued so I chatted to Ruth at LM Home and she said for a limited time you can buy the retrofit kit for just £150, plus any labour charges from your local agent. I'm due to have mine serviced soon anyway so hopefully any additional labour costs will be minimal. The connected app allows: Remote ability to turn the machine on or off Creatio
  9. I’m getting a ZM. Can’t wait.
  10. oh looks like it sold, shame https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/La-Marzocco-Linea-Mini-White-/233888931570?hash=item3674dddef2%3Ag%3AL1gAAOSwWf1gITRK&nma=true&si=iZKxrR9Hn%2BZKLXi0v%2F5eJ5%2Fvw9o%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  11. There was one on ebay last week if I recall...
  12. Sorry I am afraid I only have this one!
  13. In black, excellent cosmetic order, what’s it worth?
  14. Beanbag

    Sage Dual Boiler

    Sorry guys, sold elsewhere for £725.
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