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  1. Removed the hopper and the gubbings behind it. Put a sticker over the hole. Removed the portafilter fork and covered the holes with a new Mazzer badge. I’ve carried out the clean sweep mod and fitted half an egg timer insider the dosing chamber. Applied copper effect film to the clear Perspex inside the chamber (easily removed). The timer had already been replaced when I bought it.
  2. Customised by myself as you can see, but I have all the bits still, including the hopper. Titanium burrs. In very good order.
  3. I'm about to sell my beautiful Mazzer Major. Served me well single dosing for a few years. It's the polished chrome one with titanium burrs.
  4. Well, that's their mistake then isn't it?? I wouldnt have that.
  5. So he didnt seem too up for changing the boiler pressures but he was very helpful showing me how to set the machine, maintenance etc. He was upfront and honest but not terribly enthusiastic. He told me that the Oracle I'm about to sell has only made 250 shots tho which is good news.
  6. Great, but the best bit has to be the fact that you smiled at your extraction. Good man! (1min24secs)
  7. On another forum, albeit across the pond, someone was complaining of the Brevilles steaming ability, to which someone said the service boiler pressure can be increased to give more steaming power. Perhaps this is specific to the Breville version. I'll just have a chat to the guy. I will also size him up on reducing the brew boiler too - see what he makes of that. Thanks for the other suggestions too.
  8. I have the chap coming out to set up my Dual Boiler today. I’m pretty sure I read that the service boiler pressure can be increased slightly so I am guessing I should ask him to do this. Is there anything else I should ask him to do? Thanks
  9. And then you upgrade your coffee machine and the grinder needs dialling in again, or so it seems for me. Had it nailed, now I am using a different machine the extraction came through almost instantly!
  10. Note I also have this on ebay and from Friday there's 15% off (max £60). Also note being away next week I won't be able to ship. Thanks
  11. Brand new, not even opened the box. Silver. Came direct from Sage, unregistered so I am guessing you can still claim your white glove service. If not I will do so on your behalf! £825 delivered or £800 collected from TN33 0YD. Off to Bournemouth and Brighton next week too as it goes...
  12. Two. I wasn’t sure if I wanted silver or black. Opened the black, love it, so haven’t even opened the silver one. Boys and their toys eh?
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