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  1. Glad it is going down well, sounds like your taste is more for the darker roasts. Lots to experiment and try. I am sure some members can throw in suggestions for you. Definitely check out Coffee Compass at some point though.
  2. What happens when you adjust the programming? Does it still just deliver the same volume whatever?
  3. I assume it is the G-Iota DF64 which has been discussed in detail here. DaveC has one on his bench at the moment. Not sure if there is a formal review on it yet but he has posted some thoughts in that thread. The word OK gets used a lot - I suspect the Niche would still be the go to for single dosing but perhaps I am reading in to things that aren't there.
  4. Pressure stat probably. It will possibly fail shortly. I find after they start to get a bit sticky it isn't long until they throw a double six. The good news is they are cheap and easy to replace though. David
  5. I recall reading that too. I read it when considering taking my roasting from hobby to career and it really did give me a shove to commit! There is no way Steve wont be involved in the market in some way, it'll be interesting to wait and see. He will probably have a non compete for a while though so we might have wait to find out.
  6. As others have said, parts are no issue really. Pretty much all industry standard bits. Metal work could be an issue but I am sure if looked after this would unlikely be an issue until a long time in the future. I do not have an espresso machine in my kitchen to be honest! I drink filter coffee in the mornings obviously when in the roastarie I have machines so I can scratch any espresso itch there! If you are thinking of going for one, we are OOS currently but I believe there is one other company stocking them on and off. A word of advice though, get it sent via the pallet network an
  7. The Sage DB is the best of the bunch I believe but you will still have a problem with parts availability and finding someone to work on it when it fails. So long as you are happy with this compromise then it could be a decent option.
  8. We are the UK retailer so I cannot claim to be impartial but I can tell you that they are excellent machines. They are extremely well built and unlike some manufacturers Izzo are smart and are always evolving and refining their machines. The current Duetto may look similar to the very first ones in some ways but they internals have changed a lot! If you look after one well you can expect it to last almost indefinitely. The only real negative is due to their dual wall case they are quite a large machine. David
  9. Yes they have all gone again I am afraid. It wasn't long between our last two shipments so I am hopeful of more soon 🤞 Apologies to anyone that missed out.
  10. Thanks folks. We haven't changed the price of the stainless Minima since we started stocking it. Happy to help @NewDJ if you want to go ahead. We are doing everything we can to expedite arrival of machine and hopefully we will have them in a couple of weeks 😁
  11. Thank you so much to everyone that has taken the time to comment. Really useful feedback for us and I have some ideas to improve how we present our offerings.
  12. For what it is worth I feel as if JH has done a great deak for the industry and I enjoy his videos a lot. I learn new things from them regularly too. Nobody bar the odd few industry folks really knew who he was before he started on YT. The quality and watchability of his videos have made them rise to the top. Clearly he is getting a decent figure through Patreon now but that is what happens when you do something that scales to world wide appeal. Given how well researched and produced his videos are he is obviously putting in some serious time and money to make them which is more than
  13. I think you have just hit upon the problem yourself! When were the beans you are using roasted?
  14. I think you right, but I think some people are craving a simple 'espresso by numbers approach' (I know when I was new I certainly did) and it is about how we express things to people without overwhelming them. To be clear I am not for one second suggesting people should by default use 1:2 or whatever and expect it is a magic bullet, it is just a simple assessment process we go through just like we have a fixed standard for cupping coffee. One thing we do not currently do is test coffee on entry level gear. Perhaps it is something we ought to consider. Maybe a recipe guideline wi
  15. As you say, another difficult thing to express but very helpful comments. 👍
  16. Are you actually able to go finer or is the grinder choking or stopping? If you can just keep going finer. You may wish to up the dose to 18g too. David
  17. Hi folks, We often get asked for a recipe which I totally understand. Who wants to waste the good stuff searching for a sweet spot right? The problem is this for us though - A - I tend to like to keep variables to minimum when I am assessing a coffee and as such I prepare pretty much all coffee we roast to 1:2 28-32 and I will use experience to adjust temperature depending on roast profile. Obviously if I am preparing for myself later on I often change things up, but this often comes down to personal preference. B - Nobody is likely to be using the same equipment as we do.
  18. Very unfortunate but sadly failures occur from time to time on all products. Nothing is infallible. Sounds like the retailer have it all in hand though. It is a simple fix and I’m sure it’ll be back in no time.
  19. Ahh, it would be pretty pointless anyway to be honest, I am just curious.
  20. So in theory you could leave the lever down and pull a shot on pump pressure?
  21. Am I right in thinking when the lever is pulled the cam at the back of the group activates the pump to fill the brew chamber from the boiler? Or does it just fill on pressure from the boiler alone?
  22. I would expect to see a change in the next shot although that will be a mixture of grind sizes due to retention. The following shot should be all the new setting. 100-200g is a little silly to be honest. Never heard anything like that before!
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