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  1. Yes you will. Water chemistry is very complex and I am by no means an expert but I can tell you it is not just hardness you need to think about. Plain unfiltered tap water is rarely a good solution from either a taste or scale perspective. A company like Aqua Cure or Osmio will likely be able to help you. David
  2. The Unica PID is an E61 group. They do offer some machines with their own proprietary group, it has its advantages but doesn't offer the nice tactile experience of lifting up the lever to brew and classic looks of the E61. David
  3. If it is still going well after this long, whatever you are doing is obviously working well. I would probably suggest a new screen and seal on the brew group but by the sounds if it there is no need to pay a professional to look at it.
  4. @SbugIf I remember correctly you are an espresso guy? Check out the Bezzera Unica PID all the looks and build quality but single boiler so sub £1k price. @Cuprajake I have one only - Although I kinda feel like you just need to go for an absolute end game machine and get a Decent!
  5. I am afraid I am not able to share anything at the moment - only that is coming in the next month or so. No idea if Dave is writing a review on it but I know he has had a prototype. David
  6. Not until the Mignon SD arrives in a month or two I don't think. David
  7. It is quite complex to fully understand the rules and retailers are able to offer different terms (ie extending return windows) providing they adhere to a minimum standard. As I understand it - You can cancel for any reason within 7 days after receiving the goods You have the right to remove the goods from the packaging and to inspect them but not to use them You must return goods in saleable condition with all original accessories etc but they do not have to be in the original packing if you have discarded that You cannot return special order items or customised i
  8. Definitely not Minimas but not sure what they are. The standard Vesuvius comes crated in wood but they could also be a side on view of commercial machines.
  9. Drop me a PM with your name / order number. David
  10. Generally this is because the group seal is perished and needs to be changed / the portafilter is not being put in tight enough / there is coffee on the group seal and or rim of the portafilter. David
  11. Not sure re price but I have been bugging them and pointing at other single dose grinders on the market. I am told it will be very competitive with established players.
  12. Not long now! https://fb.watch/5hwxMo6Vg9/
  13. They should be about for a while don’t worry! David
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