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  1. I wouldn't let it put you off, just one of those things. Bella Barista will look after you.
  2. I am not sure I recall directly posting about Lelit in the open forum to be honest (I have tried on occasion to help people with problems and posted some objective things of course) but there are definitely some brands I have a preference for and will actively recommend like ECM
  3. I’m a bit confuses as to what the problem is. Perhaps I have misunderstood. When you say the gauge is in the green are we talking about the brew pressure gauge? If so it will be sitting at around 9 bars when brewing. Is that correct? You do not need to worry about the pressure it says when it is not brewing. How long do you normally aim for a shot to take when the machine is working correctly?
  4. If you did a pure, objective, head to head on spec and ignored price then the Bianca would take it but these kind of decisions rarely come down to just that I find. When you factor in the OP said he is not set on flow profile then i think the 600 shouldn’t be disconnected. Personally I would take the Profitec for sure.
  5. Profitec out of those two for me. They are perhaps a bit more stayed in their design but ECM machines have a quality and simplicity that I think an engineer will appreciate.
  6. Hi I used your website to gave information as I recently bought your beans. The website reccomends the g and extraction time, but do you have  a temp suggestion for best taste? 

    Appreciate any information.


    Regards Chris 

  7. My honest opinion is there is a lot off marketing guff in there that makes absolutely no sense and I would have concerns about their comprehension of the roasting process. The target amount is absolutely miniscule which I find confusing and slightly alarming but that could be me. Personally I would pay the extra for a Sandbox from BB or get the Behmor from HasBean for a similar price.
  8. Is this not long after you switch the machine on? Doesn't the Bianca have some super overheating cycle to start off with to get the group up to temp quickly?
  9. Yes I have used them. It is a slightly smaller aeropress with a cup essentially. If you think the cup will be handy then it is a good option. For me I take a normal aeropress with a small grinder that fits in it so it is a neat little package.
  10. We use Kokoa collection when we do events. They are lovely. https://www.creamsupplies.co.uk/kokoa-collection-venezuela-58-cocoa-hot-chocolate-tablets-1kg
  11. As this is an AMA I feel I ought to ask - Which would you rather fight: one horse-sized duck, or 100 duck-sized horses? In all seriousness though, I think it is a great thread and an excellent way of increasing transparency and getting people interested in roasting 👍 I have been meaning to order some of your coffee for ages and this has given me a shove. David
  12. I watched the video too and it is difficult to draw conclusions from it without knowing more history. If the machine genuinely hasn’t been switched off for 2 years I am not surprised by the wear it is showing. I have seen quite a few people talking about faulty toggle valves on ECM models recently but I think generally they are very well put together and designed machines. I think much like with a lot of appliances it is how they are looked after and serviced that makes the difference in the long run. David
  13. My pleasure. ☺️ Thanks again and I hope it brings you many years of service. David
  14. Is it the Mk2? The newer models have the anti-clumping device but the older ones were renowned for being quite clumpy!
  15. Very limited on this offer now. I expect it to be sold out in the next few days. If you are thinking of going for it, now is the time to do it! David
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