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  1. Currently none of the coffees that we sent out are available for sale. This is market research going in to a new product. Appreciate the interest though. If and when we decide to market one of these coffees we shall update you.
  2. Hi, we sent beans out around a week ago and we have already had some feedback. Although we didn't make it a rule, I think people realise we are trying to get an opinion that is not biased by anything so I suspect that is why people haven't posted their thoughts so they don't influence others. We appreciate this. We did this across a number of social media outlets and sent out a good few packages, off the top of my head I think we chose 6 members from here. There is a picture from a very senior member a while back in the thread with their packs of beans. We would have loved to have had a bigger sample size and included everyone that asked from here but we have a budget to stick to! If we do this again (which is highly likely based on the quality of feedback so far) then we will chose a different group so others can have an opportunity should they wish. We appreciate the interest from everyone that commented, thank you all 😊
  3. Hi Glenn. We would appreciate being added to the list. Black Cat Coffee www.blackcatcoffee.co.uk Many thanks
  4. Many thanks for all the comments we shall make a list and notify the people we wish to help us out. We have rather neglected our website in the past couple of months as we are a very small team and have had a tremendously busy summer with events and serving our wholesale clients. We will be updating over the next week or so with new coffees we have had arrive recently. I would also like to thank a couple of members that have raised something with me about our website that may well be a little ambiguous re our roasting style. We do say on our site that we believe in the righteousness of the medium roast.....and we do! However I don't think we have explained the context particularly well. I would say that our roasting style is medium for a 'third wave' roaster and not medium as would be sold in a supermarket which in our opinion is too dark to appreciate the character of a coffee. I think we can update the copy on the site to much better reflect this and I would like to thank those that have mentioned this to me. For the roasting nerds out there we tend to find the sweet spot for us is generally between Agtron 60-70. Look out for a PM over the next few days and thanks so much for offering your taste buds!
  5. Sorry we couldn't tempt you. Would you mind me asking why? Thanks
  6. Hello all. We are a small coffee company in Norfolk . We mainly sell to wholesale clients but we would like to sell more coffee enthusiasts like yourself. We would love some volunteers to try our coffee in domestic/prosumer espresso machines and a filter method (Aeropress ideally) then complete an online survey for us. We are looking for experienced coffee forum members that can give us genuine, honest reviews. We will not be using this in marketing, it is purely for our own research and nothing more! You will receive 3 different 250g bags of coffee posted out to you. This is all totally free to you. We only ask you fill in the survey in an honest, detailed and timely manor. As we are offering this for free we will obviously be limited in numbers and it is only open to long standing forum members; regular posters with experience is ideal! Please comment if you would like to be considered. We will pick some members and let them know via PM in the coming days. You will need a grinder as we will ONLY be shipping whole bean. We will start to send out the end of next week after roast day. We would love to know what your set up is that you intend to try it on. Tell us below. Many thanks. David
  7. Not much to write home about behind that screw! See the link below. Not a fracino but pretty sure it is the same head. https://www.coffeeparts.com.au/wega-home-spare-parts-2-group-head-e61-solenoid-operated
  8. Sounds like it doesn't need to move home to me!! Get those seals changed.
  9. For the entire assembly you will be looking at around £90 each off the top of my head.
  10. Wowsers. Good descale in order. Leave it a decent amount of time. If you go to quick you can end up dislodging bits of scale that go off and block the pressure stat, gauges, solenoids etc. Seems like you have it all in hand now!
  11. Ok well it is either a blockage through the pipe from the boiler to the hot water tap or the tap itself. Other slight possibility is that there isn't enough water in the boiler. This could be down to either a faulty fill probe or it is covered in limescale. You take it out see if it is covered in scale. This is unlikely as it would have to be super low but for the sake of a few turns of a spanner probably worth a look. It is probably most likely a blockage though.
  12. What exactly do you mean by the term looking at the pressure stat? As in the pressure stat is not engaged? Just a couple of questions. When the machine is on and finished its heating cycle where is the front pressure gauge sat? Does the steam arm work correctly? Do you here any hissing coming from the boiler?
  13. So with the assembly attached to the machine and knob off. If you get some pliers and actually pull the spindle do you get water out?
  14. Hi Beanbag. Just my two cents as someone that has been in the hospitality industry for around 16 years firstly as a chef, then a barista and now owning a business roasting beans and supplying machines...... Honestly, don't buy 2 3 group machines unless your footfall is around 2000+ per day. Your servicing bills alone will be around £600+ per year and the energy to run them will be eye watering! I am sure a few coffee geeks such as myself would be impressed to see two machines but the average joe that will make up 95% of your clientele wont bat an eyelid. I worked in a well established quality coffee shop with a swanky Rancilio Classe 11 machine for a while and I can honestly recall the number of people on one hand I had a conversation with about the machine. As for second hand machines......unless you actually PERSONALLY know and trust the person you are buying them from and they can PROVE they have been serviced and maintained correctly I would much rather go with a lower RRP new machines. Used machines can be an absolute money pit and will let you down at the worst time! It is tempting to get a funky looking machine or one with La Marzocco on the back but it has to be a business decision and not an emotional one (I speak as someone who has made similar mistakes!). A good quality well maintained new machine will be much less likely to let you down, will cost you far less in the long term and will still produce awesome coffee. People wont come back to your place because you've got a cool machine but they will come back for great coffee, great service and great surroundings. You gotta invest in the right places. I can supply and install machines from a couple of manufacturers. PM me if you want some more info. I can do awesome package deals. Good luck, David
  15. I could do you a deal on a Fracino 2 Group electronic machine with a grinder for a very similar price installed with a 12 months parts and labour warranty and training. They are super machines, nice and easy to maintain with great part availability and will go on forever if maintained. Just let me know if you want a detailed quote. Cheers
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