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  1. As a general rule I would avoid oily beans in a BTC machine. They can sometime clog things up. Often when coffee is roasted so dark that the oils appear on the beans surface the flavour can be quite acrid and burnt tasting any way to most peoples palates so I wouldn't worry you are missing out.
  2. Does the pressure gauge sit at operating temperature of 1 - 1.2 bars during one of these fast heat ups or does it go over? I just wonder if the pressure stat is sticky and keeps heating the machine to the point it blew your safety valve at around 1.8bar then failed to reseat correctly. If this is the case your problem is not actually solved, changing the safety valve will have just cured a symptom.
  3. Fracino machines will heat up quite quickly compared to some as they have quite a powerful element. I am not sure why the time would vary so much but I would say after 15 minutes of it heating even a Fracino is unlikely to have fully heated the group to the point it would be suitable for brewing without seeing a large temperature drop. The top of the machine will be warm in normal operation due to heat rising off the boiler. This is desirable as it is a useful way to passively heat your cups. Is it possible the top was becoming hot very quickly before the repair as the steam was leak
  4. Depends on your phone. If iPhone go to settings, display and brightness and toggle dark. If android it could be different depending on the manufacturer. I think in AOSP android it is toggled on the notification tray when you pull down from the top.
  5. 53mm levelling tools back in stock now. Fits certain Sage machines amongst others.
  6. They are still available. I sold one not too long ago. They are a good deal more than £900 though I suspect the price given above is in need of an update. They are a great little machine.
  7. In my experience the type of person that spends money on a quality machine like this intends to hold on to it so I suspect pickings will be slim. It might be worth contacting Bella Barista as they occasionally have display models available. They are likely to show signs of use of course. I think the only way you will find one in AAA condition is to buy a new one.
  8. I do not pay that for delivery from DRW. I guess it must depend where in the country you are. You could of course arrange your own collection from them, it will generally be cheaper but you will likely still have to pay a fee for them to pick and pallet it.
  9. Hi folks! Thanks @Stu Beck We are all out of the Hobby at the moment. They absolutely flew out the door. We have some more on order but not expecting them before Christmas I am afraid to say.
  10. They are lovely! Hope the coffee did it justice.
  11. You will probably end up using both. I do, and a few others plus some direct trade. Personally I tend to favour DRW but I couldn’t really tell you why! I am sure you’ll be happy with either. Go with your gut unless you really favour some samples.
  12. I would suggest ditching the metal filter and using the paper filters. I prefer the inverted method with Aeropress if you haven't given that a go it might be worth a try.
  13. I have done this and I can tell you the following things - Get a gas/dual fuel espresso machine - you will go to some events/places where you are not allowed to use a generator due to noise and fumes and if you have an electric machine then that is the end of it right there. A generator can be handy for some events but it will preclude you from others. Buy a QUALITY inverter, leisure battery and charger rated to WELL over what you need. There is no point in buying cheap, it will go bang at the worst possible time and the days takings you lose from that big event you are at will be th
  14. I think you would be looking for a LONG time to beat this set up for the price! Enjoy it!!
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