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  1. You are not missing out on any features not having access to the service menu I can assure you but if you really are curious for some reason then you will need to discuss it with your retailer. David
  2. I think that would be a very tough sell at that price point personally. Not too long to find out!
  3. If they can bring it to market at a good price point I am sure it will do very well. With regards to the looks I see more Lelit that Silvia but hey lots of machines look alike so I won't hold that against them. I am not a Kickstarter kinda guy but I will be following it with interest and I wish them every success.
  4. How does the coffee actually taste? Sour I suspect? My gut feeling says to keep the grind and dose as it was for your last shot (for now) and stretch the output out to perhaps 3 or 3.5 and see how the affects taste. Don't get too bogged down in the time. David
  5. I have not used this specific grinder but I have used the Cunil Luxomatic that has similar sound deadening technology and they are indeed very quiet (for a coffee grinder). David
  6. Same here. I enjoy blended coffee. Primarily for espresso. For filters 9 out of 10 times I go SO. I think blends are looked down on a little but I think about it like wine. Sure you can get cheapo stuff thrown together to make a crappy blend to hide defects but then there is Champagne! David
  7. Some roasters will offer their coffee in two different profiles one for filter one for espresso with espresso generally being a touch darker. I have a mixed 2 bag subscription from Tim Wendlboe and a few times I had the same coffee in different profile. David
  8. The Pro 700 is a super machine. Perhaps not bleeding edge in terms of design but they make up for it in quality imo. David
  9. We are still trying to master fluctuating demand and a 90 day lead time on machines! Hope you get sorted. David
  10. In all honest I would just be speculating about the cause without being able to look at the machine. Hopefully CI will help you but I am afraid to say there are some less than glowing reports in the equipment retailer reviews section on the forum regarding their after sale support so you may need a plan B. David
  11. There is only one boiler. It is a heat exchange machine. The one boiler serves the brew group, steam and hot water. If the boiler did not run for a couple of minutes when you very first took it out the box and put water in the tank then it sounds like the machine has not filled the boiler in which case it would not heat up. Out of curiosity how was the machine packed when it arrived? Was it just in the Bezzera box or was it palletised? I assume it came direct from Italy given it was from Caffe Italia?
  12. Ok. The bottom dial is the brew pressure. The top is boiler pressure. Given it is at 0 and there is no steam or water pressure I suspect the boiler is probably not heating at all. Any heat you are getting in the brew water is likely the result of it passing through the group as the group is electrically heated and does not rely on the warmth from the boiler. I could not say for sure without inspecting the machine of course. David
  13. So long as there is water in the tank and it is being detected (the orange light is on) then it should just heat up after filling the boiler. I assume you are in Aus given the name? Time to contact the retailer given it is new imo. There is a security seal on the case so I wouldn't advise you inspecting the internals without their authorisation. David (UK Bezzera dealer)
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