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  1. Hey folks. Bezzera machines are back in stock on the site. We have restocked all models we used to carry and some new ones - SBDU Hobby Unica PID Heat Exchange BZ10 Crema Magica PID Mitica PID (new) Galatea Domus (new) Dual Boiler Duo MN PID Duo DE PID (new) Matrix DE PID (new) Lever Strega Some of them are super limited in terms of stock and the demand at the factory is just crazy at the moment. We are not scheduled to have any more Bezzera machines arrive until Q1 2022 so if you have your heart set on a m
  2. Yup I think this will be best after 2 weeks or so although (I sound like a broken record here) this coffee has filter written all over it for me. It is medium light roast, more toward the medium end.
  3. In the UK the Fracino is the best option for sure. Not exactly cutting edge (no gas machines really is though to be fair) but you will get awesome product support and if you do need parts you can get them next day. There are quite a few machines from Italian manufacturers that offer a gas option but I do not know of anyone that offers them in the UK or more importantly supports them. It is no good having a machine unless you can get support for it in a timely manner if it is going to be paying your bills! David
  4. No the ship has not sailed by any means. The issue is finding a good pitch and having the money to support yourself while you build up a reputation. It takes a lot to get people out of Costa and Starbucks etc but it can be done for sure. I have a coffee cart that we use for events and if you are able to get a pitch at the right events it can be very lucrative if you want to go down the even route rather than a regular pitch. It is competitive to get these pitches though and you would need to be prepared to travel. As others have echoed you need the right skill set to make the coffee
  5. Hi folks, This shipped out on Tuesday so fingers crossed will be with some of you already. In terms of recommendations for brewing and resting this is slightly tricky as it landed with us later than expected so our oldest batch is only 7 days or so post roast. It is making great filter at this stage. I will be experimenting with espresso in the next week or so and I will get back to people with what I feel is best but I would really encourage people to play with it and share their experience on here. As I said before I think this is going to be at its peak for filter and espres
  6. Hey folks, Just caught up on PM's (been super busy and neglecting them a bit!!). We want to save a little bit to go on general sale but I can probably squeeze a couple more bags if anyone wants to get on board. Please PM me today. David
  7. Arrived a bit later than anticipated due to delivery driver shortage. It is here now and I will be sending out a payment link shortly 🙂
  8. As far as pressure washers go I have had a Nilfisk and it was very good, eventually it went belly up as all will. Currently though I cheaped out and got an Aldi Workzone one on the spur of the moment and I have to say it has been really good. It does look suspiciously like a Karcher. I don’t know if that was design choice or it is in fact a rebranded Karcher. Either way I have been happy with the performance. I have a drain jetter attachment for it too which is very effective.
  9. Thanks for your kind words. This one has all gone now I am afraid. We do however have Daterra Blossom with us, I just need to find time to get it (and some other new coffees) on the site. I'll try my best for tonight! David
  10. Most JL machines are based off AEG and Zanussi units which are both from the Electrolux group. The reality of the market is that 2-3 large corporations dominate and simply slap lots of different names and logos on very similar boxes. Even worse they pick machines out of a catalogue from the likes of Balay and Vestel and slap a logo on them. I appreciate the concerns with Miele but in my opinion they are still the best chance you have of getting something that will last.
  11. You have to be so careful now. Even the lower to mid end Bosch machines are being made very cheaply by a third party manufacturer called Balay. They are not the same as Bosch machines from 10-20 years back by any means. There is only one manufacturer that still makes quality appliances that are built to last and that is Miele. Yes they are expensive to buy but they last so cost of ownership is probably the cheapest out there.
  12. Certainly can 🙂 I have opened up another 10 slots and put you on the list. Thanks 1. Prezes 2. dfk41 3. dutchy101 4. MediumRoastSteam 5. Systemic Kid 6. Bicky 7. Vash 8. AdmDaveW 9. Winterlight 10. Tripleshot 11. RobDGio 12. BenH 13. ohms 14. Like Medium Strong Coffee 15. Morningfuel 16. Alpesh 17. Mit_hirani
  13. Hi folks, Just a quick one to see if there is interest in a forum group deal for an unusual coffee. We have got our hands on a small amount of an interesting anaerobic ferment natural process Yirgacheffe. I have personally not had an anaerobic natural from Ethiopia before and I do not really recall seeing it on offer lists from importers. It is a pretty unusual one to see as I understand it. The vast bulk of this lot has been scooped up by a single roaster in Europe. Some of the blurb - It was developed at the Worka Wuri washing station working in partnership with Be
  14. RRP is stated to be sub 600 euro for those that have not seen.
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