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  1. Noticed these are going to be stocked again. I was always curious about them before I started roasting professionally. Anyone going to order! Any thoughts from users of the older model? https://www.hasbean.co.uk/products/behmor-2020sr
  2. You will be able to train your palate to tell the difference yes. I would give it a go however you would normally drink it for now and see what how that tastes. If you do not normally consume espresso the taste can be very bold.
  3. Out of curiosity do you normally drink espresso?
  4. I have done a LOT of research in to this and as far as I can tell there are no curbside recyclable packaging products on the market. Plenty that say they are eco friendly etc and some say recyclable but the reality is that they have to be processed at a special plants to do so and I suspect the amount of consumers that realise this is very small and the amount of bags that are actually recycled is even smaller. Same can be said for compostable and biodegradable "solutions".
  5. Yup. That is the problem with these sorts of threads. I am sure each individual would be able to help him get the results he wants eventually but when everyone has different ideas of where to start that all contradict each other it makes things very tricky. Still, he said he is enjoying the journey and this is a hobby that is to be enjoyed so that is all that matters really.
  6. You’ll get consistent weights by weighing the output. Either how I suggested or how cuprajake does in his video. You can single dose a Mignon but for now I would use it as intended and worry about that later on. I would honestly suggest going through the routine I posted, you will definitely get there like that. Just keep in mind you’ve got to make small adjustments and keep everything else consistent or you’ll end up in a mess. Cuprajake will be a very good person to listen to, he had an almost identical set up at one point if memory serves me right.
  7. I had a recollection of someone talking about this but I couldn't remember who! I think this'll hit the spot for you.
  8. I have a Malabar on at the moment as it happens: Monsoon Malabar. I will get some Sumatra in at some point in the future for sure. Might be a while though as I have quite a lot of coffee arriving over the next couple of months.
  9. Go back to basics. Empty the grinder, chirp the burrs, back off half to three quarters of a turn. Start from there. FILL the bean hopper, place your portafilter on to some scales and tare to zero. Grind in to the portafilter on manual and weigh the whole portafilter until you get to 18g (I am assuming you can fit 18g in the Sage basket, perhaps someone can correct me if I am wrong) on the scales. Note the total time it has taken to grind and set your double shot for that. In the future your timed grind should be there or thereabouts. You will just continue to weigh the entire portafilter with the coffee in and adjust as needed. Tamp. Do not worry about precision pressure etc. Just be consistent every time with your routine and get a level bed. The 30lbs of force etc is horse shit. Consistency is what matters. Ignore the clogged spout, it isnt clogged at all. If it is clogged you will get NO coffee out of it at all. Now pull a shot (ideally without preinfusion if possible so you do not complicate things) time from the moment you press the go button. Ideally coffee will start to come out form around 6-8 seconds after the pump starts. Pull to a ratio of 1:2 and aim for 25+ seconds. Taste it. Purge the grinder for a few seconds to expel coffee that is at the old grind size. Or pull two shots between changes if you do not want to waste it. If not you will end up with coffee ground at a mixture of settings. Keep ALL variables the same for every shot you do apart from one; the grind. If it is too slow make it more coarse, too fast make it finer. REPEAT REPEAT REPEAT until correct. You will get there I can assure you. A quick note on the lidl beans. I understand it is disheartening to throw decent more expensive coffee down the drain when dialling in but if you do it with lidl beans, you will just have to repeat the process when you buy decent stuff. Buy something reasonable, I am not trying to drum up business but our Chocolate Point blend is under £20 delivered for a KG and there are many options out there if you do not want to order from us. And ultimately if you put crap in you get crap out. When you have spent hundreds on a machine and grinder why save £10 on beans and cause yourself a load of extra work? Just dial in with something decent in the first place. ETA - I am sure this has been covered but make sure you are using the correct single wall basket.
  10. Hey folks, We have a couple of new coffees available. The Costa Rica is a bit different from our usual offerings but it is great! Costa Rica Las Palomas - Natural - Cup Score 87.5 Not balanced at all - it is sweet, sweet, sweet. Has some almond and cherry flavours particularly when brewed in a V60. Yup it is liquid bakewell tart - sold me on it! Brazil Fazenda Terra Preta - Natural - Cup Score 86 Our first Direct Trade coffee. We deal directly with the family owners of this fabulous farm. It has more fruit than you would expect from a Brazil. Notes of tropical fruits, brown sugar and caramel in the cup. It is great value too. Guatemala Todosantarita - Washed - Cup Score 84.75 Excellent value, classic Central America in the cup. Milk chocolate, red berry and stewed apples. It makes lovely espresso and filter alike. We will shortly be introducing 500g bags. A couple of people have said to me they feel that 250g is not quite enough to get dialled in and then enjoy but 1kg is a bit larger than they would like. Hopefully these will be live by the end of the week pending arrival. It was my intention to put a new offer together that would be a multibuy, from talking to a few members they feel that a straight discount would be much better for them. With that in mind I am going to leave the 15% off coffee as a permanent forum offer. The NEW code will be FORUM15 - I will delete this shortly and the code can be distributed via PM as per some other forum offers. David
  11. Look like it is far too fine to me. When you had the 10 seconds of grinding how was it coming out the grinder? It should be a nice steady waterfall at espresso coarseness. Back it off at least half a turn from touching burrs and go from there.
  12. Purely as I am thinking in terms of commercial. I just assumed you were after domestic. 😀
  13. Something beautiful that has been restored and customised with lots of boiler polishing, glass panels and hand turned wood. Definitely a lever machine. I am probably not who you are aiming this question at though! 😁
  14. The PeakaBrew is just over 100g heavier. They aren't cheap but they really are fabulous things. Peakabrew describe it as tamper leveller.
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