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  1. The crono is now has brew specific burrs so the Manuale is the entry point for espresso
  2. Hi. We are a Fracino dealer (and offer other manufacturers too). We can do a straight sale no problem. Feel free to contact me directly through our website. We can offer very competitive deals. David
  3. Fracino actually offer a battery, inverter, flojet etc. It might be wise to buy direct so you then know it is all compatible and you have one port of call should things go wrong. You will however need to sit down and work out the wattage of your specific grinder and of the fridge in order to be sure you are getting the correct gear. Grinders vary from 250w up to perhaps 1000w so nobody will be able to tell you precisely until they know you specific requirements. You also need to think about how long you need the batteries to last. We are Fracino dealers and can offer guidance if you wish to contact us directly. David
  4. A couple of points as the retailer of the Hobby - build is excellent, I have never seen a sharp edge on all the many units I have bench tested. If you look hard enough you will find a bad review for any product you care to mention. Consensus is much more useful when looking for a machine in my opinion. That said though, if you already have a Sage machine the likes of the Hobby, Classic, Pippa etc are going to be more of a sideways move than a big upgrade. Build and reliability will be better but ultimately I think you would end up a touch deflated. My advice would be save some more and pick up an Hx machine or dual boiler or keep your eye out in the classifieds for something. Aware I could well be talking us out of a sale but I like to be honest 👍 David
  5. Different machine but very similar procedure. Super easy to do and wont take you long once you've done it a couple of times. Use Molykote 111 or similar food grade silicon grease. I think Silverhook make a suitable one too.
  6. @Cuprajake has a Bianca and has had a Londinium so would be a good person to hear from. I would also suggest you think about the ACS Vesuvius Evo Leva.
  7. When you say you give the boiler time to heat up until the light goes steady do you mean from switch on? If so that isn’t really enough time for the machine to be fully up to temperature. It really needs around 20-30 minutes to be ready to go from off. I could well have misunderstood here and if so feel free to ignore me
  8. Air is the enemy of coffee. A process called oxidation will degrade fresh coffee from the moment it has been roasted. You need to keep your coffee sealed in an air tight container with the minimum amount of air within it in order to keep it fresh. When you grind coffee it suddenly has a much larger surface area and it is much easier for oxidation to take place and for all your lovely coffee flavour to disperse. Ground coffee starts to degrade almost immediately, it doesn't really matter how great it is in the first place if it is preground and sat in a bag for a few weeks it isn't going to be a patch on the fresh stuff!
  9. I am not familiar with the Franke filter system. The easiest way to get a pretty decent indication is to look in your kettle. If there is scale in there then your machine will scale too. David
  10. We aim to keep stock all the time. Unfortunately we didn’t factor in the summer break in Italy and our latest batch was stuck without a haulier to bring them over for about three week but they will be with us very shortly now 👍
  11. We are the U.K. dealer but I’ll give you my thoughts and experience on the Minima and hopefully some current owners can chime in too. There were some niggles in the early batch which was mainly related to the service boiler overfilling. ACS are very proactive with this sort of thing and found the cause very quickly and this hasn’t been a problem since. We have sold a lot of Minimas now and whilst no electrical or mechanical device is infallible, the issues we have sorted under warranty are in line with other manufacturers we sell. The last thing we as a company would want is a ‘problem child’ machine with lots of unhappy customers - if we had any concerns about it we simply wouldn’t offer it anymore regardless of how good they are when functioning. The design is not for everyone (although they look way better in the flesh than pictures I feel) but the build is great. Yes the water tank isn’t quite as sturdy as I’d like but it gets the job done and it is ultimately a small niggle. The gauge of steel on the Minima is on par with commercial machines. It is rock solid. In terms of are they worth it in 2021 - I do not know of a machine on the market that can match it for the price. Bang for buck it is IMO still the top of the tree.
  12. 1. You will hear the grinder noise change when it is empty. This will not cause any damage to the machine. You will not be able to clear the machine entirely of any retained ground. You will just need to make a few coffees and accept they will at first be a combination of new and old. 2. Don’t waste your money on preground. The only reason I would use this is if you want to make a decaf late at night and you have a hopper full of regular beans. 3. No. 4. I am not sure what you mean by reduce flavour. Any method of bean storage whereby you can reduce exposure to fresh air and the beans oxidising you is almost certainly better than leaving them in the bag. I’d use it if you already have it. Some other pointers about b2c. Do not use dark and oily roasts as this will cause problems with the machine. Equally you will likely find light roasts to be disappointing. If you wish to buy from independent coffee roasters then get in touch with them, tell them you use a b2c machine and ask for a recommendation. If I were you I’d be looking at medium and medium dark roasts (as above not oily) roasts and most likely blends. David
  13. Hi folks, As promised you can now preorder a Mignon SD on our site. As it says on the site this is a preorder and we are hoping to have units by the end of October but this is by no means a certainty. Eureka Mignon Single Dose 65mm Flat Burr Grinder | Black Cat Coffee Price is £495 delivered. Not too bad for a quality large flat single dose grinder I think. We had chance to assess the grinder not long back and although I would still like to spend some more time with a retail unit I think it has a lot to bring to the table at this price point. David
  14. We are hoping to start pre orders for these very shortly. We will have stock of both white and black to kick off with chrome to follow. As yet we do not have firm date but we are hoping it will be the end of October but to be frank things are a bit crazy with shipping at the moment and subject to change. Price will be £495 delivered. David
  15. True. You could get an Osmio, Minima and a flow control kit and possibly have a handful of change for the same price as the Bianca.
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