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  1. Provided that sais what I think, that it does fit vst baskets, I take it at asking price.
  2. Have to say I was a bit shocked by the amount of interest it had! Sent it to Korea in the end... eBay Global shipping is crazy. Appreciate your honesty @DavecUK ;) It was actually a nice machine in my view, but I do kinda prefer a rancilio with PID in several ways for my modest morning coffee.
  3. Credit where credit is due, I also had email correspondence and Jan was helpful and never took more than 36h to reply. The MeCoffee has also transformed the Silvia to something that is able to make great decent espresso and steam milk with very little fuss. Of course I have only had it a month or so, and it might still break. So far though nothing but praise for it.
  4. After about a week of use I have to say that I am incredibly impressed. The temperature control is of course a game changer (who knew just how annoying temp surfing really was). The unexpected hero though is the dimming function of the pump.
  5. So slightly scared I bought one, and I have to say Jan responded quickly and shipped the next day. Installation was easy and took about an hour for all steps. One day in its working really well and has dramatically improved my coffee (especially my girlfriend's coffee).. hopefully it will stay that way.
  6. I bought one of the new batch and we shall see how it goes...
  7. A friend of mine needs a real coffee maker, would you accept £100?
  8. Is this still available? I'm keen at asking price of £250 for the heavenly. Sorry - missed above two posts somehow
  9. Do you know year of manufacture? Looks sweet
  10. Plasse

    La San Marco

    Thanks for that idea, if I can't work this out I will register and put a post there as well! Now that you say it that seems like the obvious next step.. now on to find a 49mm double basket in London on a Sunday.
  11. Plasse

    La San Marco

    The prettiest is how it lights up with a red light from inside; it looks like a dalek. Also love how the heating element has two settings (with the highest one being way too powerful). If I find a double basket my joy will be made..
  12. Plasse

    La San Marco

    I was given a vintage San Marco Tipo junior from a house clearance, so I put a modern fused plug on and changed the group head gasket (a la pavoni sized one fitted well). I also gave it a good clean and descale and just tried pulling an espresso. It tasted pretty well for a random first shot (I also don't have a tamper of the right size). Basically it looks as it hasn't been used at all for the last 60 years or so, and that it otherwise seems to be in pretty mint condition except a few scratches on the green enamel. Does anyone know how I could get hold of a double basket that would fit? I don't think it ever came with one, and I doubt the manufacturer would have any spare left anyway Also I'm not planning on selling it but does anyone have any ideas about value? [ATTACH=CONFIG]34397[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]34396[/ATTACH]
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