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  1. I can possible help to make it absolutely clear. Partially so anyway. This is just one aspect and the one I can easily explain now. Two members caused repeated disruption throughout the summer, for various reasons. A small number of sycophants joined in the ‘fun’. The main perps repeatedly 'broke' the rules, and were eventually banned - one permanently, and one for 1 week. This member flounced off to their own forum where they made many crass comments there about this forum and some of the members here. One of those members being my wife. The backlash she experienced from sanctioning
  2. We are living in difficult times. It’s no wonder that mental health affects so many. The causes are many and varied but the cause that really infuriates me is Bullying. Bullying is toxic, poisoning your self-esteem, infiltrating your happiness and joy, and attacking the very person making you you. The perpetrators invariably have their own issues and seem to delight in hurting others. It’s an issue that has disgusted me for many years, ever since I ‘sorted out’ the school bully in the playground. Thankfully my approach has changed somewhat as my understanding and emotional intelligence develop
  3. Wowsers! Can’t wait to read your in-depth review!
  4. Yes, from memory this issue was raised in early august.
  5. It makes sense to seek out impartial reviews by experienced testers and where possible weigh these against comments from actual users. There are a lot of options open to you but the choice ultimately is yours. Enjoy the journey!
  6. Looking forward to your review Dave. Oooops, sorry, just realised that you bought it! ?
  7. A lot of Forums do this. It makes a lot of sense.
  8. Those pics look brilliant. I for one never get tired of feeling envious!
  9. Interesting to see that sexism is alive and well.
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