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  1. A lot of Forums do this. It makes a lot of sense.
  2. Those pics look brilliant. I for one never get tired of feeling envious!
  3. Interesting to see that sexism is alive and well.
  4. Congratulations - you’ll love the HG1, it is a superb grinder. May I respectfully suggest, though, that you use alternate arms when grinding, left on Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays and right on the rest to ensure your muscle development will be even. You may also wish to increase your intake of spinach *popeye* :)))
  5. Wow - your creativity goes from strength to strength.
  6. You have Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome MildredM. It makes black on white, or white on black difficult and sometimes painful to read. Tait, If you must choose one theme Dark Roast is much kinder on the eyes for all of us and has the added benefit of being coffee related.
  7. Looks as if there’s soon to be a vacancy in Downing Street MildredM.
  8. I reckon the next Forum Day should be a Kafatek Grinder event round at yours MildredM!
  9. Blooming heck - you kept that quiet!!!!!
  10. Along with the power tools suggested, invest in a good quality set of chisels and keep them sharp.
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