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  1. These machines are "B&W engineer" only for repair or servicing. Do a Google for the B&W UK agents ( I can't remember whi they are) who can then advise you......
  2. Vendparts in Skipton repair PCBs: Fairly quick turmaround & cost just under £100 in total.
  3. Just fit a new pumphead....They're not expensive & life's too short......
  4. Error 4: Heat sensor on the steam thermoblock is defective. ( Steam thermoblock is the smaller one, at the front.)
  5. The rubber o-ring is probably damaged. Just buy & fit a new one- it's an industry standard part. Use teflon tape to seal it. Ebay is your friend
  6. Teknivorm Moccamaster filter machines are relatively "bulletproof" imho. Spares & repairs easy to source.
  7. A 17mm socket + long bar can be more effective: Jerk the bar - don't pull it
  8. A faulty solid state relay can be difficult to diagnose, as there's "nothing to see" ,if not fitted with neons (as many are).
  9. As the probe cable goes direct to the pcb and the pcb has been verified OK, then there's an earthing defect somewhere......
  10. If the pump stops when the level probe lead is "earthed" against the boiler casing, then the probe is faulty.
  11. The HX tubes, flowmeters, etc have their own water system which does not feed off the boiler water. The mains inlet manifold splits the water supply into 2 feeds - one for the HX system, the other for the boiler. The boiler pressure = steam pressure @ around 1.0bar.
  12. Red & black are water level probes. The temp sensor is the small grey one (black lead) next to the red probe. The big black rubber cover hides the boiler safety valve.
  13. Either will do. The espressoshop valve doesn't have a "splutter catch tube", but any start-up splutters soon evaporate from the boiler heat.... Use teflon tape when fitting.
  14. The boiler element will have the total kw load stamped on the base flange.
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