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  1. Foundry are have a presence at the new cutlery works food hall at kelham island (near that big Wickes). They open at weekends in there. Steam yard is still a fairly good choice tho. I've gone off most of the donuts but the sandwiches are good and the staff friendly. It's a very trendy place.
  2. I would suggest holding onto the machine for a while if possible, there's been loads come onto the market recently and they don't seem to be selling that quickly. It's certainly worth than 125 pound.
  3. So it could improve my coffee but pour overs are not as sensitive to water as espresso. Thanks. I will play around at some point.
  4. I've been using unfiltered tap water for my coffee at home, I've seen recommendations to use Tesco ashbeck water for espresso, would this still be ideal for pour overs?
  5. Sheffield has a few decent enough coffee shops and I've not got much to complain about, but here are a few annoying things... Snobby judgement staff. Buns and donuts uncovered with flies all over them. Crap coffee in a cafe that's trying to look like it serves speciality. Hipsters. There's loads of new places to try on Sheffield but I just stick to foundry now as the staff, food and coffee is always on point. There's also no pretension, it's not a hipster cafe, it's just a nice place to be. Relaxed.
  6. I've not really used the grinder to be honest. Only thrown a load of older beans through it to help the burrs bed in.
  7. I had a MK1 feldgrind and currently have a aergrind. My feldgrind hopper was a very tight fit. On the aergrind I have had the same issue your having.
  8. I've been brewing this bean in my v60, it's a very good coffee. As for my cup today... Been to foundry cafe and had a flat white o believe it was a Kenyan coffee. Very good but doesn't top my favourite rocko mountain. Pretty much all the coffee I drink comes from foundry (nothing wrong with that, plenty to choose from) but if anyone has any suggestions for a coffee to try from another roaster I would be grateful. I'm going to buy a few extra bags for over the Xmas period just to add some variety, not fussed on price I would happily pay for quality.
  9. Wow lots of action on this thread, none of which has sold my grinder lol. Grinder is still for sale. I will reduce price to 90 pound shipped. Any less and I will just keep it.
  10. I just weigh out my beans, throw them in and hold the grind button until they are all ground. For 15g if coffee it only seems to take seconds. I'm not bothered about using the timer. Seems a good grinder tho. Happy with my purchase
  11. I owned a feld v1 which was good. They all use the same burrs right? Judging by the reviews on YouTube the feld 2 and aergrind 2 results are pretty much identical. Only difference I've noticed is the aergrind V2 is very small.
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