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  1. Thanks for posting, I‘ve just ordered a small one ?
  2. Hi, I would go with 1 pair for asking price. Thanks
  3. Cruz

    It's a mystery

    I added one kilo of mystery roast nr 8 to my order and I really like that stuff.
  4. Good evening everyone, I would be happy if someone can pm the discount code to me. Thanks in advance Tobias
  5. My cups arrived today, very happy with them. Thanks!
  6. Hi, I would take the 200ml red and 300ml brown one for asking. Regards, Tobias
  7. I use two grinders at the moment. The Mythos for regular espresso and the Kinu M68 as single doser for aeropress, filter and some espressos that I want to use in parallel.
  8. I've went through the 3 blends from the starter kit now and my favorite is the white dwarf. Red and black were not bad at all but for me they could not keep up with the white dwarf.
  9. I'm happy as well with my recent purchase at BB. Got a bottomless ECM Portafilter, a Motta Competition Tamper and 2 bags of coffee. Very good prices, quickly delivered and well packed.
  10. I have the choice between French Press and Nespresso, most of the time I try to use the French Press and when I'm in a hurry I go with Nespresso.
  11. As I had a Dual Boiler before I wanted to go for a Dual Boiler again, but this time with a rotary pump and a larger brew boiler. After seeing the design and inspecting the build quality I knew that it had to be the Syncronika. The Insulation and the stainless steel boilers made it perfect for me. Together with a decent offer for a showroom mashine I went for it and do not regret it at all.
  12. Hello Everyone, I just joined this forum as I want to learn a little bit more about the coffee world around me. I started quite some years ago into the world of espresso (and later aeropress) with a Jura porafilter and made several steps and mods on the way to my current mashine, a ECM synchronika together with a Mythos one. I'm hoping to enhance my knowledge here (as I believe the journey never ends) as well as to contribute with the knowledge I allready have. Best regards, Tobias
  13. I spent some months reading some threads here and there. Joined to explore the british coffee world in more detail and hopefully contribute as well.
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