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  1. Morning all, I'm interested in purchasing a E61 Grouphead Thermometer and was wondering if anybody is keen to move theirs on. Thanks
  2. Non-weighted version. In good working order. Cleaned regularly. Purchased from Coffee Hit back in May 2017 and used daily since (for two double shots). Complete with original packaging. Based in London. Looking at upgrading to the Niche Zero.
  3. monish

    Flat White

    Terrible Horribly inconsistent. Some days the results it lovely. Others, I won't finish the cup. Hoping to have some time on the weekend to stand in-front of the machine and just practise.
  4. Could I please grab one (58mm) as well? Thanks!
  5. monish


    Currently using an Iberital MC2 but will be looking to upgrade. Open to any suggestions!
  6. monish

    Flat White

    Hi Farravi, I've recently purchased an Rocket Appartmento. It's a HX machine and doesn't have a PID. I've played around with ratio of 1:1.5-3 and tend to prefer the 1:3 when drinking straight up. I'm currently using a Ibertial MC2. I have plans of upgrading Using bottled Tesco Ashbeck water at the moment with standard full fat milk. Greatly appreciate your help!
  7. Could somebody please PM me the code I'll be sure to use the link on the first post when ordering. Thanks in advance
  8. monish

    Acaia Lunar

    Anybody have one of these bad boys that they no longer want? I'd be happy to take it off your hands.
  9. monish

    Iberital MC2

    Still looking?
  10. Can't wait to get my hands on the non-weight version. Will be keeping a close eye on this thread for release tips!
  11. Greetings, Anybody have a 58mm dosing funnel they would be keen to part with? Thanks,
  12. monish


    Hello all! I am an Australian living in East London. I've recently decided to up my espresso game. I've recently upgraded from a Gaggia Classic to Rocket Appartmento much to the detest of the wife!!! Haven't yet been able to justify the massive expense and am hoping to learn a lot from you guys!
  13. monish

    Flat White

    Hello, hello! Long time lurker, first time poster! I've just far too much money on a new espresso machine (which I LOVE). However, I haven't been able to produce a decent flat white yet and the wife is questioning the purchase... Anybody on here recommend a good value forgiving blend to make a flat white? Thanks,
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