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  1. Welcome. it will soon become second nature😊
  2. eddie57


    Ah right please cancel my request
  3. eddie57


    @scots_flyer If you'll post them i'll take the 6 12 ounce mint and 3 white espresso
  4. eddie57


    Hi, and welcome
  5. eddie57


    Hi, and welcome to the forum
  6. Beautiful machine. you are spoiled rotten😊
  7. Great news. it's a such a basic function, but when your searching for answers that's probably been asked before, it's a nightmare without it.
  8. eddie57

    Hi from NZ

    Hi Craig, welcome from me
  9. eddie57

    Hello all

    Hi Jon, welcome to the forum
  10. Its a shame this has been a great forum. but if they cant even get the basics right don't hold out much hope for the future😞
  11. Same here, whats up with the search function Ron? cant find anything anymore. sorry if you've been asked this already
  12. Ah right mine does that as well has done since i've had the machine. never bothered me before, it's only since I bought the smart plug that I noticed that when I turn the machine off on the wall socket with toggle state left on, then turn it back on it goes to standby or off mode.
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