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  1. If enough water is being purged to overfill the drip tray, before you even pull a shot, then there is something very wrong with your machine. Call or email Sage; you need a replaceement machine.
  2. A sage repair guy came round, after a lot of hassling, though even he had a job to pinpoint the problemt and for a while it was quite embarasing, because it wouldn't leak on demand, until he over dosed it and forced the leak to appear. Fortunately he had a new but damaged DTP in his van and stripped the switch out of that and popped it into my machine. Still a replacement machine is obviously the better/ easier option.
  3. On my old DTP it was a faulty selector switch that caused exactly that problem. The switch was replaced and it cured the problem for about a year, when it reappered I got a BE.
  4. Yup; 5mm min and 10mm max. It was, then, £23.61 with free delivery.
  5. When I ordered mine they were selling the 53mm on its own, but now they seem to have parcelled it up with a bit of silicon, good way to up the price?
  6. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B079Y2TGLQ/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I got this one last week, the depth is adjustable. After decades of doing it the old fashioned way, I'm merrily surprised to discover that it actually works.
  7. Even the instruction manual says to put something under the porterfilter, but that, I'm guesing, is old instructions or just in case.
  8. On my Barista Express all the water from the backflush goes up into the grouphead and then, by ways unknown, into the drain tray. None at all emerges from the protafilta. From the videos I've seen the older BE Machines and the DTP, which I had in the past, pass water through the portafilta. Older machines and DTP have a small hole in the ruuber backflush disk, the newer machines do not. Hope that helps
  9. longhardgrind


    This is all I could dig up? Name CASProportionCitric acid77-92-9>60%Tartaric acidIngredients determined not to be hazardous87-69-4Not required5-10%Balance
  10. longhardgrind


    I just ordered some of this (Cafetto at Home Eco Powder Descaler ) from Amazon, which, if my quick bit of research is correct, is pretty much what sage is selling for a lot more money?
  11. Are you using the Barista express grinder or the smart grinder pro, because in my experience they grind completely differently. But anyway, others will dissagree, I say grind a little coarser one step at a time until it tastes right, and remember, a good cup of coffee is what ypou are after, the science of coffee making is secondry.
  12. Had to use a flashlight and magnifying glass to read mine, four digits, but it was a whole lot easier to read it off the carton, once I knew what I was looking for.
  13. DTP: My partner loves a nice big mug of hot chocolate, so I throw some milk and hot chocolate powder in a mug and steam it for a minute or two and even give her a bit of froth on top. Dead easy.
  14. I had my control dial replaced because of a leak a year or two ago and found the new unit is stiffer than the old one, but it loosens up a bit when it gets warm. Go figure?
  15. I clean my shower screen every week or two ( by removing it and giving it a wash) it always needs cleaning, sugest you try that. You might want to ring Sage about your cleaning disk, the pressure buld up without a hole could possible cause damage.
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