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  1. I keep jou updated, but i think i never recieved it. We still waiting and let jou now
  2. Ok, But it is a fact that i have not recieved my package simpel is that. On the question on mail they respond after 6 a 7 days. And then they tell me it has to do with christmas, but that is simpel a lie. I order a few weeks before.(2 Dec) They have no Track and trace nr. I have ordered a couple of times from UK and Ierland and i recieve my package always in 2 weeks.
  3. L&R I have ask them (mail) where my package stay, i got answer after 7 days. They tell me it has to do with christmas days but this is not true i have order well ahead of it. They have no track Nr
  4. I have order the Ims 200 competition screen, 4 weeks ago. I have never recieve my package. -- Edited to add, package now received. Likelihood was probably due to seasonal postage backlogs. Rhys --
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