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  1. crabman

    Sainsbury Coffee

    Ok just updated the Rok which pulls more pressure and is easier to do and smoother. As to coffee I will be sticking to a coffee supplier I use , bit more money but worth it. Tamped Sainsburys coffee down, turned portafilter upside down and it fell out. Done the same with coffee supplier coffee no problem. I like the details of coffee supplier, when roasted etc and more choice.
  2. crabman

    Sainsbury Coffee

    Modern Standard stuff, what's that? I do have a grinder that does not grind fine enough, hence waiting for a Rok grinder but have tried beans yesterday with little success. Looking for slightly stronger than Sumatra Mandheling and not as strong as Brazilian Catuai. I will be trying Colombia Excelso Huila dark roast.Has anyone tried it and what is it like. To preheat the Rok I will be trying a tip bung tyre dust cap on the porter filter tip to preheat and see how that goes . That's the beauty of the Rok dialing it in and the coffee.
  3. crabman

    Sainsbury Coffee

    I would like to know as I am trying different coffee to get right for my new Rok and have a nice coffee. The sainsbury brew is not great but not bad. The two that I like are Brazilian Yellow and Sumatra Mandheling but I would like more than just two. The Nicaragua Matagalpa I do not like as it is acidic. Water temperature is correct . Tamp is correct when brewing. Colombia Finca Sofia is not bad and in test mode for results.Brazil Yellow Catuai I like. Guatemala Antigua to be tested. The Rok gives a good clean cup of coffee.I am trying espresso grind at the moment and will use beans and dial in the grind myself next.
  4. crabman

    Sainsbury Coffee

    Hi Would any one know what bean this is? Would like to know if possible.
  5. crabman


    Ah just found out espresso grind is the finest grind. Thank you for the reply. Time to experiment.
  6. crabman


    Is Espresso grind finer than fine grind?
  7. crabman


    Happy New year to everyone . Santa has been and I have received a Rok coffee maker.Very pleased. In other machines I have been using Sumatra Mandheling and Brazilian yellow Catui. With the Rok I would like to try different. Do I use espresso or fine grind for good crema with the Rok? I realise grinding my own bean is good and I am waiting for a Rok hand grinder. I have used Redber and I know they do taster packs. It all comes down to the grind , espresso or fine. Thanks.
  8. Yes it says the stainless steel pods can be used for Lavazza but not the mini machine. I contacted one of the manufactures and they only made for nespresso. If you see stainless pod for Lavazza could you let me know the details. And yes the machine has gone back.
  9. Hi Thanks for the reply . Plenty of Nespresso reusable pods but none in stainless for Lavazza . Its gone back . Will stick with portafilter. Just have to decide which machine.
  10. Hi Have just been given a Lavazza coffee pod machine . The pods are A Modo Mio. Before I try it I am looking for a reusable stainless pod , any ideas where I can get one ? Thanks.
  11. Thanks for the reply,coffee sorted, grinder? that's for another post. I am currently using a Bodum travel press as a back up. 60-100 quid machines I am done with . First saw Lelit on a business trip to Italy. I think I will go with a Lelit.
  12. Does anyone have any experiences using the Lelit Anna Tem? Whats good ,whats bad about them. I am tired of seeing soo many plastic machines on the market and its time to upgrade and look at all options.
  13. Hi Looking at Lelit PL41TEM. Had to buy a stand in machine £40.00 Sainsburys for the time being. As to a grinder any suggestions welcome.
  14. Hi me trusty espresso machine has died. Should I go for ooh natural or pressurised portafilter when buying a machine ?
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