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  1. This is a new vid the gent that I followed made and is very instructive, just let auto translate on Google switch it from Polish to English. Disregard the steam switch section. Happy coffee making! Let me know if I can help further. https://gaggiaclassicmods.blogspot.com/2021/05/kitchenaid-maa-modyfikacja-i-montaz.html
  2. Hey Annabell, I will dig out a link and the website I found useful, it will take some modifying with tools but it does definitely improve the quality of steam. The only major annoyance I have is opening the machine up.
  3. Hey all Just a heads up, seen this on Facebook market place, a little too far for me! But at £120 it's a bargain https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/269897337855558/
  4. The lady I acquired it from brought it over with her when she returned from Aus
  5. I've just acquired this sunbeam em6910, apparently is pid and thermo block controlled seems like a lot of higher quality specs. Has anyone got much experience? Looking for seals etc and baskets too.
  6. So my v3 rancilio silvia wand arrived this afternoon. Bad news it was not a direct swap! After rooting about on aussie forums I found some practical guidance! So after a trip to wolmsley plumbing shop (absolutley essential). I bought a 3/8 male to 1 /4 inch bushing, got back home had the KA in bits again and with a bit of ptfe tape and a couple of o rings and a damn funtime with a file! The new wand is fitted and is so, so, so, so much better than the panello wand!
  7. It's already way more consistent
  8. Hey all Having been kindly loaned a better grinder and my new beans being delivered today, I was gutted to find water leaking all over and my opv being the likely source. So! I know the opv is there to engage once pressure reaches in my case 12bar. But kitchenaid being the bane of my life, the opv discharges and leaks all over the housing because it doesn't have the some set up as the classic (booooo). Has anyone modded the discharge chute on a kitchenaid? The brew solenoid seems to be engaging burning pulling a shot too, I can't recall if this was normal or not, any advice? I will get this machine consistent! TIA
  9. Thanks again mate I'm playing with the grinder now!
  10. Yes I can attest no sale or selling has been been arranged and therefore not breaching community rules. @dfk41 I wouldn't have blamed you! Plus I'm 100% pityacker.
  11. That would be amazing mate. Having a try would be really helpful, I'm actually from Seghill originally! Or if you and @JesmondJesterwant. I could collect from either of you. I'm near Central Newcastle.
  12. @dfk41Hey mate, yeah it's more of a size vs cost game for me. I've got a pour over grinder so this would be for espresso only. I've read the pros and cons, I know people laud over the sage but I don't need it's stepped range. I used to have a MC5 and the size was ridiculous haha. There was a mazzer down darlo way but the seller isn't responding. Any thoughts are always welcome
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