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  1. Here's the link to the pump I purchased... https://www.thebottomlesscoffeeshop.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&path=63_67&product_id=174 You can get the pump online at many places though. These guys were good, quick delivery, price seemed competitive.
  2. So, new pump fitted (ULKA). The old one was not repairable, as there was no way to open it up (sealed unit). Good news - we have coffee again! Throughflow doesn't seem noticably stronger, which is odd, although obviously enough to push the valve and spring down. Pump is much quieter too. Coffee tastes lovely, good crema, used coffee puck much drier than previously, so all good. Thanks all for the tips.
  3. I've not stripped the pump down fully yet - thx for youtube link, looks like there are a few more bits that could potentially be clogged up inside the pump then. I'll strip it down later on if I have time. I have tested output again though, direct from pump the water comes through at c.100ml per 10 seconds. Hopefully a good clean will increase the pressure...
  4. Here's a pic of the inside prior to cleaning. I've now taken the pump out and checked all tubes and outlets - nothing blocked. Anyone any clues about the water flow - does 100ml in 10 seconds sound about right? And if so, why is it not shifting the spring valve (the addition of this part is the only change that stops water flowing out)?!
  5. Hi, first post here and can't find anything similar to the problem I have - any help appreciated. I have an old Gaggia Coffee machine (about 18yrs old). It's been maintained well, descaled reasonably regularly, etc. A few replacement parts (gasket, brew head, etc). It's worked so well for 18 years, I'm loath to buy a new machine which will be less repairable. A few days ago water stopped coming through the brew head. Steamer still works. I've checked for airblocks using usual methods and can't find any problems. So I did a full teardown of the machine (boiler and group head) an
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