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  1. No problem, thought as much. GLWTS. [emoji106] Sent from my LG-H930 using Tapatalk
  2. How much you looking for with regards to cups? Will you post those?
  3. @cambosheff would you take £650? Sent from my LG-H930 using Tapatalk
  4. Single origin. Denny"s are likely to be using a blend, most probably dark roasted. To be honest you'll find most on here drink mainly light roasted fruity/floral coffee. If I were you I'd check the following roasters out: Rave coffee Redber coffee Coffee Compass Sent from my LG-H930 using Tapatalk
  5. You manage to bag a max? Sent from my LG-H930 using Tapatalk
  6. If you like the idea of a niche but don't like the looks I'm actually selling my HG-1: https://r.tapatalk.com/shareLink?url=https://coffeeforums.co.uk/topic/46510-hg-1-hand-grinder-83mm-conical/&share_tid=46510&share_fid=6813&share_type=t HG-1 hand grinder - 83mm conical Sent from my LG-H930 using Tapatalk
  7. Thanks to those that have posted. A bit more detail about the grinder: I bought it from pretty much as new from another forum user in October 2017. I have made around 3 drinks a day since I've owned it. I have done a full review of the grinder (with the forum update I can't share that for whatever reason). It really is a great grinder with virtually no retention and as such is ideal for both single dosing and swapping between brew methods. This is the model with the numbered notches allowing users to accurately return to previous settings. The bottom burr can be removed with an Allen key cleaned and returned in the same position in less than 5 minutes. The non-slip mat makes a huge difference to the use of this grinder, resulting in a better control of the grind speed even on the lightest roasts. It does require careful grind prep but I use a naked pf for every brew and never have 'spurters' anymore. Clearly this grinders closest competition is the niche, I haven't made a brew with the niche. That said trend should follow that the larger burrs on this (83mm v 63mm on niche) should provide a greater depth in the cup. Only selling because I'm after a e37s and the wife enforces the "we don't live in a coffee shop" one grinder rule.. Sent from my LG-H930 using Tapatalk
  8. I'm back in! Uninstall/reinstalled did the job. Sent from my LG-H930 using Tapatalk
  9. Click on the coffee cup bottom right of a post and you can thank like etc
  10. 'crazy money' is often normalised on here! What sort of budget are you looking at?
  11. Just for transparency I have PM'd Junglebert to discuss logistics only. No sale is being discussed nor agreed.
  12. I don't but know someone who may, will pm you with details.
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