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  1. I might want to the white jug and brown handleless one, and potentially a black/white cup of you could provide pictures. Would also need posting please.
  2. For further reading the blog post is here: https://www.scottrao.com/blog/2018/7/18/advanced-mode-on-the-de1
  3. Am I reading this right? You have 30 seconds of 2 bar pressure, without any drops? And no over extraction in the cup?
  4. Oh and I believe @Mrboots2u does a similar thing on his Bianca.
  5. @Obnic yes this is what I do with 80% of my shots now. On the V I have profile 2 set as 2 bar. Start shot with that until the bed starts to offer resistance (normally 7-8 seconds). Move lever to 45 degree position. Bloom for 30 seconds. Switch to profile 3 - 6 bar pressure. Pull remaining shot. Total time around 65 seconds. Allows you to grind super fine and pull really nice balanced shots. That said I'm yet to use the filters. You given it a go?
  6. Whilst I do miss the ability to single dose from the HG1 I don't regret changing to the E37s, that would be my recommendation.
  7. The OP would do well to pick up a 2018 onwards e37s for 1000 euro. @CageyH what roast level do you normally drink?
  8. Anyone tried these? https://www.bellabarista.co.uk/brands/limited-release-salt-marsh-brazil-camocim-roast-coffee-250-grams.html?utm_campaign=86929_Last of the Winter batch&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Time Leisure Ltd t%2Fa Bella Barista&dm_i=57CL,1V2P,16YSBP,5SQJ,1 They look a bit too 'faddy' for me to drop fifteen quid. Anyone given them a go?
  9. And how about @Phobic he also disappeared too...
  10. Don't take it personally, @jlarkin is jus larking about...
  11. Pretty sure the Phoenix has the same burr set but cheaper build materials. The traveller is smaller than the other two.
  12. @rob177palmer I know you were after one of these...
  13. This is what decent de1+ does. Allows control of flow and pressure.
  14. Ditto Sent from my LG-H930 using Tapatalk
  15. [emoji44] me?? Don't you know I've got a postal polishing service?? Sent from my LG-H930 using Tapatalk
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