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  1. Now that the money is transferred.... You'll be wanting some of this.... Sent from my LG-H930 using Tapatalk
  2. Payment received, delivery arranged mods (@Rhys) please show as sold (again). Thank [email protected] (again...) Sent from my LG-H930 using Tapatalk
  3. igm45

    Two Chimps

    Just a quick update, Reading everyone’s thoughts (including mine) I thought if this were my business I’d want to know that my fancy website isn’t having the impact that I’d hoped for. So I popped them a quick email with a link to this thread to give them the heads up. Fair play to them they took the feedback as it was intended and have asked for my address to send me some coffee as a thank you for bringing it to their attention. 😋👍
  4. @xpresso try clicking on your username top right, do you then get the following drop down menu? if so account choose account settings and go from there
  5. Brilliant, bravo @paul whu! @Bainbridge let us know how you get on...
  6. igm45

    Two Chimps

    I too struggled. It's trying way too hard Sent from my LG-H930 using Tapatalk
  7. We often seem to start threads with a news article. I thought I’d start a thread which can be added to, instead of starting a new one. I saw this: And thought their choice of picture was interesting, given that black coffee can help you lose weight (apparently)
  8. Burger menu (top right 3 horizontal lines) Then account you’ll be met with this: Then click account settings, then you’ll bet met with this... then click signature
  9. Love this one Mildred, what did you shoot it on?
  10. Welcome Mick, As @PPapa said once you've settled into the forum you'll be able to list it over on the for sale section. Might be worth posting a short introduction on the new members section and joining in on some threads. It's a great community we've got here and we always welcome new members, that said I don't think you'll have much success joining then immediately trying to sell a setup before anyone has any 'feel' for the kind of person you are.
  11. Two bases? Have you got the infusion base then? Super easy to remove the plastic handle, just threaded on so just twist to remove (depending on which thread is locked tighter at worst you need a 12mm spanner to hold the base in place - I didn't though). Sent from my LG-H930 using Tapatalk
  12. Some wood! Old handle: New red gum handle with some freebie goodies! Really impressed both with the Eazytamp itself but also Eli's customer service. Handle is really nice and weighty. Very pleased [emoji16]
  13. As and when a space comes up I’m in please
  14. As I walked to work this morning I felt it was time for an AP change. It seems I tried a few when techniques I first got the AP but settled on one and haven’t tried any others for a long time. My method is 12g coffee, 220 ml water, insert plunger in then lift to secure a vacuum. Steep for 2 minutes, plunger out 2 min 30 seconds drip through, final 30 seconds of gently depression of the plunger until you hear hissing at around 5 minutes. What are your ‘go to’ methods?
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