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  1. You mean this? It's forum reputation points, interpret as you wish.
  2. Also, I get the circle slips to unread. When it's a 'sticky' it's got a pin. Clicking that doesn't seem to take you to the last unread post. Is there another way of getting there? At the moment I have to click on the thread and then last page button
  3. Is it just me/my phone or does the site keep freezing on people's browser?
  4. Ooh had my first 'like' whilst using the mobile browser. That notification is fantastic! Click on the pop up banner and back on the relevant thread. Kudos
  5. Yes please. I will pm you with an email address if you could ping it over too please?
  6. [quote name='Junglebert']Cheers @igm45 I have been talking to Cambo about this, I’m just crap at making my mind up about stuff :)[/QUOTE]I've never had one but it's always been on my radar of 'like to haves' [emoji106]
  7. @Junglebert you were after one of these were you not?
  8. That is a thing of true beauty it really is.
  9. Morning Kyle, As per the for sale rules you'll need to list a price.
  10. Thought I'd add to this thread as opposed to starting another. I received the Kruve today (thank you @fluffles). There seems to be so much information out there I'm wondering where I'm best to start. Could someone advise what sieves they recommend I start with for: 1) Aeropress 2) V60
  11. Cheers, one of my colleagues has just ordered one too!
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