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  1. I had a mistake turning good today. Was doing my normal 240/15, 6 pours after bloom, a Kenyan. I got distracted after I'd added 135g and the brew was left for about a minute. All the water had drained and to make up for it I added the rest of the water in one pour. I didn't notice the dry bed time, but I'd guess somewhere between 3:30-4:00. The cup wasn't perfect, but had some more clarity and acidity than the rest I've made. Last one I measured with a normal brew was around 21.50 EY. DD has been around 3:15-3:30. With my error, did I extract more? Less? If I wanted to make a proper
  2. I adjust grind size or pour regime if needed, but never temperature. That is always used straight off boil. On V60 my usual recipe is bloom, then 35g every 20 seconds. If I want to change extraction, I can increase or decrease the amount of water at each pour.
  3. A stick blender is fine, but only a few short bursts.
  4. You can make a strong, concentrated brew, but it's far from an espresso.
  5. If you got access to Oatly, I recommend the Oatly Barista. It foams quite well and we actually prefer it over milk now after having used it for some time. I think it adds a very nice, but not overwhelming flavor.
  6. I've been trying some more recently, using the C40, and starting to get the hang of things. I'll add more at a later time. One thing is the applied heat. I've always been keeping it on the stove for the entire brew, but I've read more about removing it 5-15s after it starts brewing, and it is promising. It brewed for longer, but no sputtering. Don't know how this affects temperature in the water passing the puck. Another is ratio. I've been brewing ~150g with 19g dose, but I see many brewing for ratios of 1:2-1:4. The cup today with 19g dose had 100g output and very interestin
  7. I enjoyed it! I've been two a few cuppings, but never tried one at home since I don't want to buy 5x250g coffee. I used tap water since it's pretty good here and what I usually brew with. I guessed the origins of the natural and Kenyan and, unsurprisingly, preferred the Kenyan beans. In order it was probably D, C, E, B, A. Since they shipped 30g of each, I can do the cupping three times, or make a V60 with some of it. I only used 10g for the cupping. My palate is not spectacular and I often struggle to identify flavors. Having side-by-side comparisons is very useful, and
  8. It feels like this sometimes works, sometimes not, but maybe I'm just imagining things. I want the New Posts function to only list a topic with new posts once. Now I see fi. "What's in your cup this morning?" multiple times on the list of new activity.
  9. Thanks, Bacms. Where I think this subject is relevant for the topic is if when using RO, distilled, osmosis or whatever across the globe and adding the TWW pack, will everyone be getting the same water? I understand that when it's purified there will be differences, but are those differences negligible when you add the amount of minerals you get from the TWW pack?
  10. Weeell, a V60 and a Kalita produce different tasting brews, so I don't know if that's a good comparison. Or if it is, the different methods give a different result. The question is if the different methods to produce H20 ( destilled, osmosis etc.) produce a similar enough H20 where you can't tell them apart when using them to brew coffee.
  11. 100% Caputo Pizzeria 00 62% water 1-4% starter (depends on fermentation time and temperature) 2.5-3% salt (depends on preferred taste) That's all. Different kinds of flour work better for longer and shorter fermentations. If you got Italian flour, they list the strength in a W value (eg. W260), where a stronger flour can more easily handle longer fermentation. Still usable for shorter fermentation. I usually ferment in a wine cooler at 15C, but sometimes in room temp too. Normally between 24-48 hours.
  12. Going by your description I'm thinking more Hario Slim or Porlex Mini than the $150-350 grinders
  13. Even if you do find it, there will still be differences around the world.
  14. I also like the Brewista scales. Got one v1 and one v2. Both works great and last forever on a charge.
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