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  1. https://coffeehit.co.uk/products/rhino-short-dosing-cup?variant=31234585231425&fo_c=1166&fo_k=234393757cd1c094d2cbb3f650da1a3c&fo_s=gplauk&gclid=Cj0KCQiApaXxBRDNARIsAGFdaB9V1ZxLCpgAuWyZlc0D2p25ZMtAGjC87RGSjoq3mP3RPXprCqSbMJsaAirrEALw_wcB Might be a little bit expensive with delivery tho.
  2. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F372862803509 This should do the job nicely.
  3. I have removed adjustment ring fully prior to problem 3 times in total. (Whenever i did cleaning) Now probably 10
  4. https://www.home-barista.com/grinders/eureka-atom-issues-t54083.html Post number 5 had the same problem as yours but no one offered a solution.
  5. Inspector

    PTFE Spray

    What brand have you used if i may ask? I have been looking action can dry ptfe as it is food grade, was ready to buy on amazon for £10.85. Then just googled the product and found toolstation sells it for £4.84. Just bought one.
  6. that damaged part is at the end of the thread. because it screws from bottom to top. Try to clean threads on both parts really well. your calibration should behave normal then.
  7. Quick update with my issue. I have removed adjustment ring and cleaned it very very well back to its factory condition as well as threads on grinder itself. I have screwed them together it went down all the way but didnt still feel right. Then i put back the upper burr carrier, screwed it back down again quite stiff on last turn especially starts from past 30 towards 20s. I didnt screw it down more i removed the adjustment ring cleaned the threads once more as there were metal burrs like fine powder. I had a close look on adjustment ring and i noticed sharp edge on very top of thread. It was very sharp that it did split open my index finger skin when i rub on it. With a fine sand paper i tried to sand it down slightly. Not much just few little passes on it. It wasn't as sharp as before anymore. Then i thought maybe i should try oil rather than silicon grease. I rubbed couple drops of olive oil just on the adjustment ring especially on the part where i sanded very slightly. I screwed it down without burr carrier attached, just to see if oil made a difference. A bit of back and forth between 30 and 0 mark (where it was stiff ) voila! It became quite smooth again. I attached burr carrier and tried it once more and no problems. Even my original calibration dot stopped on calibration mark again as it should be. I cleaned up threads again as there were a bit of metal burr. I am attaching few pictures of it. Motor noise is still different than it used to be. But as i said on my previous post, there is no play at all on shaft whatsoever. James from Niche asked me if i can send the grinder back to them for inspection so they would fix it or send me brand new grinder. He assured me to get it done one way or another. Very quick replies to emails as well. So i will let him know and will hold on to send the grinder to them for now but i will keep and eye on it following months.
  8. Thanks for the picture. Seems like your one has that deformation as well just above spring holes. So this leads to one thing. It has happened on manufacturing process when they were drilling the holes and was already there when i got the grinder. So i shouldn't worry about these. But i dont understand where that stiffness coming from. My fingers literally did slide on the adjustment ring when i was trying to change the grind setting. And all of a sudden calibration mark moved by near 4 clicks. I told james from Niche as well, i will open it up later this evening and will give threads one more good wipe inspect and re grease. Will let you know how i get on.
  9. Yes i did try that last night there was no movement on shaft itself. When i tried to turn the shaft it turns with a bit of resistance which i think normal.
  10. I have contacted with Niche. Lets see how we get on.
  11. That might be the case. True. But still don't know why motor noise has changed like it is rubbing on sth( even without burrs attached) and calibration mark has moved to four clicks backwards when calibrating and ring has stiffened. Thing is, just before xmas i binned its box thinking i wont sell it nor sending it for repair anytime soon
  12. Yes and yes After every cleaning i did push the top burr carrier down to see if it is moving freely on springs before i screw adjustment ring down. As i said it just happened recently. Adjustment ring also screws freely when the top burr carrier not in place. But when i put everything together it feels stiff like it has never been before. I only do espresso and occasional aeropress so use settings 13 and 20 only. It has been a very easy life for it so far
  13. Thats the thing. Apart from locking threads nothing is touching to that deformed area. Upper burr carrier has plastic spiggots which sits on springs and they dont have a scratch on them. What i am thinking is constant upward pressure on springs caused that deformation on that area. And everytime i cleaned it i could easily calibrate it to same spot, i know it is same spot because i marked the adjustment ring with a marker.
  14. Thanks for replies. It is 7 months old. I look after my gear like apple of my eye this was the 4th time i have cleaned since june. And everytime i wipe clean threads and re grease them. When i inspect adjustment ring yesterday i didn't see any deformation on threads. I will send an email to niche later today to ask what's happened or happening.
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