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  1. Is this the original Aeropress or chengstore one (copy)? As there is no Aeropress label on it.
  2. Calibrated grinder. 17 for decaf beans 16 for Kenya peaberry. Works well. Had a tasty aeropress with Kenyan beans on 28 and 30 for decaf
  3. Same here. Search function gets me zero results.
  4. Never tried that combo. Actually haven't tried arak myself, don't mind drinking Turkish Raki occasionally though
  5. Ebay doing %20 off at the moment @PPapa. Try Ao or Hughes direct on ebay to snap up a blender. There are ninja ones proper jug style (not bullet) for about £120 minus %20 comes about £96, or breville. Have a look mate.
  6. After you pour the coffee from cezve to your cup, there will be grounds/silt at the bottom of the cup. When you drinking your coffee you should not be drinking these(well, if you like it why not) So don't try to finish all
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