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  1. I think 32 is way too coarse for 2min brew. But of course it is all about taste. Do one at 32 and do one at 12 and compare.
  2. stamp and ink would be much more environmental i guess. Soy bean ink or sth like that. Because we order online anyway and tasting notes and all the info is already there. I don't know what is written behind the packaging, if there is enough space to stamp all the info there rather than attaching a card with it. Obviously someone is doing that(attaching those cards) they can stamp that info too. Anyway what did postie bring me today was, 3X 6X Brita maxtra plus filter cartridges. I got them from Robert Dyas it is the cheapest at the moment £21.33 and they have free delivery over £50 Arrived in 3 days. Funny thing is delivery was direct from Brita which is £32 for 6 pack on their web page
  3. You should have at least 5 posts to be able to do that as far as i know.
  4. Inspector

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    🦇BAT Tokens? 🦇 No no no, i think we are good. 😂
  5. just checked the bolt on my niche, it is still tight. What i did was applied couple of spins with a bahco mini ratchet against motor resistance. But you mentioned you had niche since 1.5 years so i hope it being undone was just a one off.
  6. Today they announced that they will pay %80 of the average earning over last three years. They said they will contact us to fill a form or sth. Starting in June hopefully but that will be 3 months backdated. As far as know for universal credit you should have less than 16K on savings. https://smallbusiness.co.uk/self-employed-income-support-scheme-what-it-means-for-you-2549988/
  7. Yaaay! I'm glad they arrived. I was already panicking a wee bit. All of them roasted on 23rd.
  8. 100mm at the back, 104mm at the front as chute is not straight
  9. I have ordered from coffeecompass on Saturday, still showing 'unfulfilled'. It happened once before and coffee turned up next day but, i'll see.
  10. dont know if it is related at all but gaggia behaves similar when there is air in the system.
  11. How many degrees your machine set to? Have you tried to use the first recipe but drop the temperature by 1 or two degrees.
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