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  1. All my vst baskets have that markings on the rims. And a qr code on the side.
  2. I will likely order from la machina as it comes £200 cheaper and says full manufacturer warranty. But if sth goes wrong is there a lelit UK that I can send machine to be repaired?
  3. For light/medium use I d say 1/4 would suit very well. They chew up 18mm MDF no problem. Trimming laminate etc... For lap joints, material and thickness plays a huge role. Trend t7 is about £119 only £30 more than T4 variant. It really depends on your future projects.
  4. No I am not familiar on how to dismantle it but I remember @coffeechap had his mignon dismantled ages ago, maybe he knows 🤔
  5. You have drips coming from side of portafilter, it means either you need to clean gasket/leaving grounds on basket rim or your gasket is giving up.
  6. Tried it but that doesnt work unfortunately. New posts stuck on Tuesday 23:59 as newest.
  7. Well, 8 days post roast I opened mine today. Smells totally different than mystery 12. Slight cacao then slight spice a bit of barley.( I assume) I might do a cupping later on. Take these with a pinch of salt tho 🤣 I think it still needs resting as stream coming from naked portafilter is 'dancing' ( if you know what I mean) for now it is acidic but slightly, there is no dominant tasting notes I can pick. Last two weeks I have been enjoying mahogany roast Brazilian blend from them I don't think I will ever like any other beans lol. They are ace. Took a picture for co
  8. It also works on teas. I recently bought Earl Grey and it is top quality.
  9. There is no performance difference between them according to this article and few others. https://medium.com/swlh/espresso-baskets-vst-ridged-vs-ridgeless-89ac52767f13
  10. Yes I wanted to comment about it on YouTube
  11. no even with v3. On youtube there is a guy i think his name was Stefanus he uploaded few videos about latest lelit Elizabeth and his one really loud. watch after 7:45 Maybe it is all about where he placed the camera. I can only tell when i buy it
  12. I watched his other videos while he was making coffee. Machine is totally quiet. In other videos I watched online, machine was almost louder than my gaggia
  13. Even tho I was careful, mine has a bit of paint damage too. And also put a tape on where I pictured. Magnet on the lid rubs the paint off otherwise
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