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  1. I know, was just trying to play the game with his rules
  2. Well, Brexit went ahead with only %4 difference. Just saying
  3. if you contact the seller I am sure you would get some discount. Even if you get a fiver, you can spend that on some beans
  4. I rather keep the tank full before I leave and have a robotic arm installed front of it to press twice daily and dispense some water until I come back lol Kidding. This shouldn't take more than 10mins to do. But what happens if you leave it off with water in the machine not the tank, then on your return, fill the tank and discard a liter or so water away?
  5. They have a cafe in Richmond, yes. Kiss the hippo. On George Street next to Zara home.
  6. Mine does as well. I don't think you have faulty basket. It's more about fines in the grind and kind of bean I reckon. As not all beans does this for me.
  7. How does magnet works on a brass portafilter?
  8. Mine has been doing it since day 1. Called boiler fart. Don't worry about it. 😃
  9. If you are looking for a small footprint mara X is 950 quid. If you would like to play with profiling there are two Vesuvius' for sale here for £1600&£1800. Grinder is depends what do you want from it to be honest. If you are doing 4-6 cups a day, you would like to keep the hopper full, an on demand grinder seems to fit to this purpose. Have a look at mignon specialita.
  10. Get genuine GP or Eneloops as mentioned above. They are really good.
  11. Yeah. He liked the taste tho.
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