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  1. Main boiler Capacity0.3 liter / 0.07 UK ga Steam boiler capacity1 liter / 0.22 gal Energy saving insulated Yes 0.3 liters main boiler. Would that be sufficient to make 4 espressos one after another?
  2. rude health oat barista is another option. its quite expensive one but have read people were happy with that too.
  3. Mystery 11 definitely give it a go.
  4. Hi As far as i remember you bought that mignon from me some time ago, after that grinder i have used f64e, mazzer major electronic. To me, i wouldn't swap the ease of niche to any of these two. Workflow fits mine perfectly as i go between caf and decaf constantly plus 1kg of beans lasts me more than a month so i keep beans in separate bean cellars or airtight container. Taste wise, i like medium to dark roasts more than lighter roasts so for me taste is spot on.
  5. Out of curiousity, how many Max were put on sale?
  6. Ok, i have tried mystery 11. Roasted 4 days ago. I know too early but couldn't wait longer 16gr in 36gr out in 45 seconds 6bar no pre infusion gaggia classic 94degress with -3.8 offset, grounded with niche setting 18.5. Still needs resting at least few more days. I d say it is very close to sumatran beans. Earthy and full bodied. Very yum even as a straight espresso which i normally do not drink. These are the best mystery beans from CC i have ever tried so far. Shape and roast wise beans are very very even. Good work Coffee Compass.
  7. I will take these at asking then. But can collect earliest tuesday if ok
  8. Cafelat does it, but i think you need to have their portafilter to be able to attach that spout
  9. That's why i asked first how quickly he gets through beans. If he was like myself, then i would happily suggest Niche over these two. But now an on demand grinder seems to be useful for him more. And she mentioned about if we had another suggestion so mentioning about Niche wouldn't be counter-intuitive IMO.
  10. My experience has been positive so far. I used to have 50mm 64mm 83mm flats. Hopper filled, single dose converted, weighted or with blow-up systemed. And i prefered conical over flats even for light to medium roasts. But that's me. And i drink coffee when i have some time. I do not like to rush it. I am not an 'oh i need coffee to wake up in the morning' type of person. And we dont have many coffee drinking guests coming over. I enjoy the prep process, to play with single dosing tubes, weighing beans and stuff. If he knows that you will be getting him a grinder i think ask his opinion about this, if it is a suprise then you might take Cooffe's advice. He/She seems quite knowledgeable.
  11. Op is asking if we might have another suggestion and these questions obviously being asked to understand her husbands consumption level. If he consumes 250grms of beans in a month time do you really think these two grinders are to go for? I think your comment was aggressive and unnecessary. Some people....
  12. how many cups a day he drinks espresso? does it take long time for him to consume lets say 250grms of beans?
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