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  1. That is exactly what my problem was/is. But If that happens I undo filters and let the air escape then put them back in, it fixes the issue for a while. But it happens eventually again. I learned to live with it. Not a biggie
  2. Our tap water is 130ppm and OZ gives us 20 ppm with reminalizatiion cartridge in at the moment after 4 months of use.
  3. I always make sure my steam boiler topped up before use of the machine, when I switch it on, if it doesn't refill I get some water out to refill the steam boiler. Anyway long story short, I have no issues or refills in between making two cups of coffee and steam 160ml X2 cold milk at the same time, I use bloom pre infusion tho. I might try steam pre infusion and report back. Ps: I don't brew and steam same time usually. Just occasional. I find brew first, stop the shot then steam more convenient rather than keeping eye on the scales haha.
  4. Depends how hard your tap water is really. Some of us getting year or more from filters.
  5. i already forgot how loud classic was lol. Second shot looks very nice. Hope it was tasty also.
  6. I have been looking to purchase one of those ones Dave, since about 6 months, but never managed to find one. Do you have some sort of model number underneath as they might have been rebranded.
  7. I find spouted tastes smoother than bottomless even though i stir my espresso quite well, dont know if anyone else thinks the same, it could be only me lol. But much more faff to clean and drips a lot on to worktop or to floor.
  8. Rest them minimum of two weeks I'd say.
  9. i believe it is @Badgermans. His grinder had its numbers worn off (purchased from @Buster)so i am pretty certain Niche sent him a top part and he replaced it and now selling the old part if someone needs it. Or i am making all this up lol
  10. Not for the entire shot. Initial pump run for 6 seconds so pressure builds up to just below 8 or so, then another 6 seconds for bloom. Pressure gradually drops to about 4 bar at the end of bloom phase then when the pump kicks in it goes back to 9.5bar for the rest of the shot. Same as in this video minute 2:45 afterwards.
  11. Inspector


  12. If my BLP less than 6-7 seconds in the beginning, pressure doesn't reach to 8, depends on the coffee dose I think.
  13. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NICHE-ZERO-Coffee-Grinder-BRAND-NEW-White-UK-Plug-Next-Day-Courier-/383959546309?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292 Another one up now. Maybe the same one, dunno
  14. I believe I solved the issue by tightening the screws on each side. I still get occasional buzzing noise if I hold the top front corners of the case and try to twist whole machine left or right but why would I do it in normal use 😃
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