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  1. Hi everyone. I figured out the problem. Aparrently the rod on the reservoir, that is not connected to the cable going to the control box, needs to be in contact with the boiler
  2. Hi guys. Thanks for trying to help. I think I found the problem because it's working now. Apparently both of the brass rods in the reservoir need to be in contact with the boiler somehow.
  3. hi Steven. There's only one sensor in this machine and there's definitely something wrong. (See my answer to Dave) I've even tried to tie the to rods together with a cable tie to take the water out of the equation
  4. Hi Dave. You remember correctly. But the low water level sensing system in the ecm giotto uses a pair of brass rods that goes into the water reservoir. When there's water in the reservoir, there's a connection between the rods, and that's how it tells the gicar that there's water in the reservoir. The cable going from the reservoir to the new gicar is connected properly.
  5. Well to be honest i have not tried opening the steam valve because the machine has a depression valve. I Could try it out but the pump doesn't even kick in at all and I don't think that the steam valve is connected to the pump in such a way that it tells the pump not to initiate when the steam valve is closed. But I'll give it a go
  6. Hi coffee Friends. I have my hands on an old ECM Giotto that won't refill the boiler. I've emptied the boiler and now I need the machine to fill it back up, but when I turn on the machine nothing happens. The LED lights up and indicates that the machine has been turned on but the pump doesn't do anything. I've tried many things: 1: unplugging the cable from the water level probe - didn't have any effect 2: changing the gicar (black control box) to a new one - didn't have any effect 3: changing the vibration pump to a new one - didn't have any effect Does anybody have any ide
  7. Hi everyone. Thank you all very much for your inputs. I ended up changing the control box just to check if that would solve the problem. I changed it 1,5 week ago and as of yet the problem hasn't reoccurred, so right now I'm just waiting to see if it does. If it does not, then I'll conclude that it was a faulty control-box. The wires on the appartamento runs from the heating element to two safety thermal switches on the boiler. The wires then run from the safety thermal switches down to the control-box. The pressure-stat also goes into the control-box. Mancbeginner - My machine funct
  8. I have a Rocket appartamento which blows its safety valve if left turned on for some time due to too much pressure in the boiler. When the safety valve blows the pressure in the boiler will have reached between 2 and 3 bar even though the pressurestat is adjusted to switch of a between 1 and 1,5 bar. 1: I have disassembled the machine and concluded that the problem is not due to scale. 2: i readjusted the pressurestat and tested it. When it seemed to work fine i left it turned on for a little while and it blew the safety valve again. 3: I figured the pressurestat was old and worn out
  9. Just to let everybody know, I let the Gicar (Electronics box) dry off and tested the machine again and it worked. So it was simply a matter of the gicar short circuiting due to being wet
  10. Thanks for your answer DavecUK I have had the probe out and cleaned it, and it looks neat and clean. Right now i actually have the box of electronics out of the machine right now. For some reason there was water on and around the box. I've disassembled the box and removed the water. right now i'm letting it dry off properly before testing again. Do you reckon this could fix the problem or would i have to replace the box?
  11. I have before me an oscar that want's to fill up the boiler as soon as i turn it on, but the boiler is already full, which i know because i have the steam outlet open and it lets out the excess water. If i close the steam outlet, eventually the safety valve blows and lets out water. My waterlevel probe is in the right position. It is as if the probe can't sense the water in the boiler and therefore tells the pump to keep filling up the boiler. The waterlevel probe cable is attached properly as well. I don't really know what to do to fix this. Any ideas?
  12. So, i did what you guys suggested and i just wanted to let you know that it worked. I disassembled the pump, cleaned up all the parts, lubricated the moving parts, and now it works again thank you guys for your much appreciated help
  13. Thank you guys, i think you are right, that might be the next step then. I will let you guys know if it works or not. Your answers are much appreciated !
  14. Thank you for you answer. I'm afraid it's not as simple as that, though i wish it was. As mentioned above, the screw on the pump can't adjust the brew pressure any further down, as the screw has come all the way out. The OPV is already set at 12 bar and functions the way it is supposed to. My problem is that even with the screw on the pump all the way out, the brew pressure won't come under 14 bar.
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