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  1. I've been enjoying this on a daily basis since it arrived. It's fruity, bold and clean in the way that the best naturals are to me. My money is on this being an African naturally processed coffee. Ethiopia seems like a strong contender for its origin but I wouldn't rule out Rwanda or Kenya since Crankhouse have both of those in stock at the moment.
  2. I've received my bag so thanks for organising that. I had my first brew of these today and my first impression is that we have a naturally processed coffee as it reminded me of Foundry's Rocko Mountain
  3. Great to hear we're being treated once again to Crankhouse.
  4. Definitely enjoying this one a lot. I agree with the descriptions people have given so far. I can understand the parma violet descriptor but in my filter brews that note is not that prominent to me. I'd describe my brews as fruity and floral with notes of orange, blueberry and maybe juniper on the finish. The coffee's finish reminds me of gin and tonic for some reason. The beans are pretty small so I wonder if these are peaberries. I think its more likely to be a naturally processed coffee. As for origin, this is difficult. I'm gonna go with African and say the coffee is either a natural Rwandan or Burundian.
  5. I had my first brew of this today. It reminded me of Foundry's Rocko Mountain. I got bergamot and chocolate notes.
  6. My bags have arrived and I'll be digging into them soon. Can't wait!
  7. I am coming to the end of my last bag of these. All in all I've really enjoyed them. I think the tasting notes are on point and I agree with most people's experience of these. One of the most citrusy coffees I've had I think. Thanks to all!
  8. I've started on this now and after a few filter brews of this there is one word that describes this coffee best for me: Zesty. Its so zesty! It is the zestiest coffee I can remember having. I get prominent citrus notes with a nice fruity tang like grapes. I agree that this is likely a washed process coffee and with the suspicion of it being Columbian. I'd also suggest Rwanda.
  9. I've received mine. Thanks folks, looking forward to trying these.
  10. Following this I've ordered two bags from Steampunk too. I went for the Tanzanian and Ethiopian. Thanks for the discount.
  11. Looking forward to this one. I've had some great coffee from Origin recently.
  12. I've been really enjoying this one - definitely a LSOL highlight. My own notes are boozy pineapple and berries with cocoa on the finish. My money was on it being a natural from the Americas either Costa Rica, Brazil or Columbia although I wondered about it being from Sumatra as I had a boozy natural from there roasted by Crankhouse, which this reminded me of. Anyway, thanks to all for a real banger.
  13. Oh wow, this coffee has really opened up after resting. I totally get why people are likening this to that Foundry natural Costa Rican. Right now I'd describe this one as boozy pineapple and galaxy milk chocolate. Its really a natural lover's natural and up there as one of the best LSOL in my opinion
  14. I've got my beans and had my first brew this morning. My first impressions are that we have a natural
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