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  1. Fantastic, let’s arrange via PM
  2. I have 2x 1kg bags of the George Street blend from kiss the hippo (11/11 roast date). These guys are my local specialty coffee destination in Richmond and are absolutely top-quality, in case you haven’t heard of them. I bought the beans for a charity coffee stall I ran at the weekend, and I slightly over ordered. Looking to sell each 1kg pack for £29 including postage. Happy to split or sell together. Proceeds will be going to charity. Thanks
  3. I have one brand new in box, white model. Can do £360 plus delivery.
  4. Will do, I did see your post but thought it fair to offer to this earlier thread. Will be in touch if it doesn’t go through
  5. Great, let’s move to pm.
  6. Hi there, thanks for your offer - I would be delighted to accept it, however there is just one issue to sort out first before i can sell it to you.. I got the machine out after being stored away for a couple of months now and when turned on, the pump is not sucking water from the water tank to fill the boiler (i drained the boiler before storing the machine) I believe this is because the pump has become 'airlocked'. So i am currently trying to this fix this before accepting your offer I can't see this being a major issue - the machine worked perfectly when it was stored away and nothing has happened to it since, so I'm confident it will be an easy fix... I'm hoping to resolve it over the weekend. I wanted to reply now in full transparency and not to keep you waiting.
  7. Hi Nick, Sorry I missed this. Sounds good. I can drop it off myself (for £1900). I'm tied up all next week and away at the weekend so could do most evenings the week after next (w/c 17th). How does that sound?
  8. This is good stuff too: https://www.ocado.com/webshop/product/Waitrose-Duchy-Organic-Full-Cream-Milk-Ayrshire-176-Pints-Unhomogenised/19958011?param=duchy+organic+milk&from=search
  9. This is still available, open to sensible offers really is a great machine...
  10. Price reduced to £1900
  11. MatBat

    Round Hill Roastery

    This was last months coffee on the subscription (espresso roast). One of the best naturals I’ve had of late (I’ve happened to just have 3 in a row), was tasty and nicely balanced, not too funky
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